Ecuador Volcano and Jungle AdventureTapir

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For an extraordinary way to see mainland Ecuador, the 'Tapir' is packed with exciting and varied activities, wonderful scenery, and the chance to meet the local people. You’ll hike through virgin Amazon rainforest, around high volcanic plateaus and the fertile highlands surrounded by ‘The Valley of Volcanoes’. You’ll cycle down Cotopaxi, one of the world’s highest active volcanoes, visit an indigenous family, and soak in hot springs in an incredible Ecuadorian highland setting. You’ll go on a waterfall hike in the Amazon jungle, and explore Quito – Ecuador’s cosmopolitan and colonial highland capital city – it’s all here!


Amazon lodge view

Highlights & Map



  • Bike down Cotopaxi volcano
  • Explore the Amazon jungle
  • Waterfalls hike Hike Cayambe-Coca Ecological Reserve
  • Visit an indigenous Amazon family
  • Explore Baños Visit a traditional hacienda
  • Soak in hot springs
  • Explore Quito

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Sunday — Arrive Quito, explore Ecuadorian ranch

Your trip begins in Ecuador’s capital city, Quito. If you’re flying in today, your Active Adventures South America trip leader will meet you at the airport or your accommodation in the late morning. This afternoon, we’ll head to Cotopaxi, one of Ecuador’s most spectacular mountains in the heart of the Valley of the Volcanoes. Here we’ll make ourselves at home at Hacienda La Alegria, a typical, family-run Ecuadorian ranch, and meet our hosts, locals Gabriel and Patty. Try your hand at milking the cows, wander around and check out the amazing scenery, or just relax inside this beautiful home and enjoy Patty’s incredible cooking!
Hacienda La Alegria, Cotopaxi (Lunch, Dinner)

Monday — Cycle down Cotopaxi volcano

Today is definitely a highlight of the 'Tapir' trip. The centrepiece of Cotopaxi National Park is the perfect cone-like, snow-capped peak of Cotopaxi at 5897 metres (19,347 feet). If you’re game, we’ll hike up to the snowline of this majestic volcano for some of the best views in Ecuador. This afternoon we cycle down one of the world's highest active volcanoes! You can ride downhill at your own pace through the volcanic landscape and beautiful lakes that encircle Cotopaxi, ending your ride at about 3000 metres (10,000 feet). The scenery is magical. Afterwards, we’ll drive through the 'Valley of the Volcanoes' to Baños, a beautiful mountain village in the Rio Pastaza Valley.
El Marques Posada, Baños (All meals)

Tuesday — Free time in Baños

Baños, nestled between the Rio Pastaza canyon and Tungurahua volcano, is a playground for adventure activities. There are lots of optional activities here, including canyoning, biking, rafting, horse riding and even salsa dancing lessons! The magnificent, subtropical cloudforest here offers incredible hikes and the town is charming too. There are hot springs, great cafés, a beautiful town square and rows of little stores along the sidewalk where the locals weave melocha (toffee).
El Marques Posada, Baños (Breakfast, Dinner)

Wednesday — Amazon jungle hike, visit an indigenous family, night hike

Today we’ll head out of Baños and down the Rio Pastaza Valley. The high cloud forest gives way to lush rainforest, sweeping all the way down the canyon walls into the river below as we descend into Ecuador’s Amazon jungle lowlands. We’ll get straight into the action when we arrive at our jungle lodge, with a hike through an area of primary rainforest. You’ll learn about the forest and medicinal plants from a specialist guide while we hike along. We’ll also take the time to visit a local family. This is a real highlight of the trip – you’ll learn how these small indigenous communities maintain their traditional ways of life and get some sense of the important role the rainforest plays in their lives. After dinner, we’ll have the opportunity to return to the forest for a night hike where we will observe the wildlife that comes out after dark, including a curious assortment of insects.
Iyarina Lodge, Upper Napo River (All meals)

Thursday — Waterfalls hike, soak in hot springs

We’ll travel deeper into the rainforest today and hike along a stream to a series of waterfalls. With our guides by your side, we’ll safely pick our way up through the plunging water. This is a wonderful chance to cool off and it’s a lot of fun! Once we’re above the waterfalls, we traverse a rainforest ridge to the trailhead. After lunch, we head back into the highlands to Papallacta, taking in the cloud forest and mountain views along the way. Tonight, we’ll soak in glorious hot springs that sit right outside our rooms.
Termas Papallacta, Ecuadorian Cloud Forest (All meals)

Friday — Hike in Cayambe-Coca Ecological Reserve, Quito

This morning we’ll hike in the wet Andean grasslands, beginning at the South American continental divide around 3000 metres (10,000 feet) and make our way back down to the lodge. The weather here is changeable, so we have a variety of hikes to choose from depending on the conditions. This reserve, full of grasslands and little lakes, is the natural habitat of the spectacled bear, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for the chance to see one. Then we’ll travel back to Quito where we’ll have the afternoon free to explore the city. We’ll meet again this evening for our final celebratory dinner in Ecuador.
Hotel Sebastian, Quito (All meals)

Saturday — Quito, depart for home

Today is the last day of your 'Tapir' trip. If you have time to spare, we’re happy to help with some ideas for what you can do for the rest of your time here. You’ll return home relaxed and refreshed from all the great activities, fine food and friendly people you’ve met while travelling with us in Ecuador!

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Trip Date Status
May 4th 2014 – May 10th 2014 Filling up Book this trip
Jun 1st 2014 – Jun 7th 2014 $300 OFF - limited seats Book this trip
Jul 27th 2014 – Aug 2nd 2014 Filling up Book this trip
Aug 24th 2014 – Aug 30th 2014 Great Book this trip
Sep 21st 2014 – Sep 27th 2014 Great Book this trip
Oct 19th 2014 – Oct 25th 2014 Great Book this trip
Nov 16th 2014 – Nov 22nd 2014 Filling up Book this trip
Dec 14th 2014 – Dec 20th 2014 Great Book this trip
Dec 28th 2014 – Jan 3rd 2015 Filling up Book this trip
Jan 11th 2015 – Jan 17th 2015 Great Book this trip
Feb 8th 2015 – Feb 14th 2015 Great Book this trip
Mar 8th 2015 – Mar 14th 2015 Great Book this trip
Apr 5th 2015 – Apr 11th 2015 Great Book this trip
May 3rd 2015 – May 9th 2015 Filling up Book this trip
May 31st 2015 – Jun 6th 2015 Great Book this trip

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Useful Info

Useful Info

Trip start:
If you arrive on the first day of the trip, an Active Adventures South America representative will meet you at the airport at 11am. If you’re already in Quito, you’ll meet your trip leader and the rest of your group in the lobby of Hotel Sebastian at 12 noon.

Trip end:
You can fly out at any time on the last day of the trip.

Recommended flights:
You can fly into Quito first thing in the morning on the first day of the trip, but we recommend you arrive anytime the day before. On the last day of the trip you can fly out any time. If you need to fly out earlier, you can fly out of Quito anytime after 7pm on Friday. If you want to arrive earlier or leave later, we’re happy to help you out with extra hotel accommodation bookings.

The 'Tapir' is an active adventure trip that takes you to some wild and remote areas of Ecuador. We’ve chosen accommodations for their comfort, cleanliness and charm – not the number of channels available on the television. Having said that, even the remote jungle lodges have private rooms with mosquito nets, a hammock outside and great views!

For more information on accommodation, fitness and experience requirements and what’s included in the trip fare, see ‘What's Included' and 'General Trip Information’ under FAQs.

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  • So much fun stuff in one week!

    “Mountains, then Jungle, then back to the mountains. This sums up Tapir. Everyday I found myself challenged and had fun doing it. A MUST for anyone who wants an active trip in Ecuador.”
    Jason Waitkins – New York, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Jam-packed with a variety of activities and sights

    “We sandwiched this trip in between Galapagos and Peru just to fill the gap but it turned out to be one of our favorites. Jhayro is an excellent guide and made sure we experienced much of what Ecuador has to offer. The geographic and bio-diversity of Ecuador was amazing - snow covered volcanos to Amazon rivers, roaming llamas to tarantulas jumping from their holes. This trip was also one of the most active - biking, hiking, horseback riding, white water rafting, zip-lining, reverse-canyoning, water-hole jumping, local village exploring, river boating etc. WOW, all in 6 days!”
    Marian Walrath – New York, United StatesSeptember 2013
  • Tapir trip

    “It was an amazing trip with our guide Jhayro and the eight members of our group. I liked the fact that most of the decision making was done by Active Adventures and they seemed to know exactly what we wanted to do. It was nice to have someone else take care of all the details including lodging, meals and transportation. All we had to worry about was to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the adventure, and the comradery of our group. Our guide was all that we could ask for and more. He clearly had us and our enjoyment in his best interest. I loved the fact that this flatlander from Kansas could spend time and bond with interesting people from Russia, England, Singapore, Venezuela and Colorado. The conversation around the dinner table each evening was incredible. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!”
    Chuck Thomas – Kansas, United StatesAugust 2013
  • Great experience!

    “Tapir was a great way to explore Ecuador, from the Cotopaxi Volcano to the Amazon Jungle. The highlight of the trip was being able to taste home-cooked Ecuadorian cuisine made by the wife of our guide - Jhayro.”
    Joyce Lim – , SingaporeAugust 2013
  • Couldn't stump our guides!

    “As hard as we tried to by asking obscure, random questions, we were unable to stump Jhayro and Jessica. They were by far the most knowledgeable guides I've ever had on a trip!”
    Jennifer Van Houten – Oregon, United StatesJuly 2013
  • Tapir trip review

    “I'd say it exceeded my expectations!”
    Richard Wohl – Ontario, CanadaMarch 2014
  • Traveling Tapir

    “Lots of varied activities and interesting cultural experiences on this mainland Ecuador trip. This is a good adventure for those wanting to experience various eco-systems in Ecuador.”
    Laura Johnston – Colorado, United StatesDecember 2013
  • From Volcanos to the Amazon Jungle

    “This trip was quite good and Jhayro was great! The highlight for me was the hike up the river climbing up the waterfalls. The active piece definitely pushes you, but not beyond what you are capable of. Would have enjoyed slightly less driving around, but overall a very good trip and I'm glad we tacked it on to the Galapagos (Tortuga) trip.”
    Lisa Fagan – California, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Amazing Trip!!!!!

    “Great Vacation!!! Great Guide!!! Great Places!!!! Great Food!!! Great Organization!!! Highly Recommended!!!”
    Cosmin Coza – Alberta, CanadaJune 2013
  • Overall trip impression.

    “I really enjoyed our adventure and visit to Ecuador. Jhayro, our guide, was always helpful, considerate and concerned. We had a bad experience with our airline and messed up flights resulting in not having any luggage when we arrived. Jhayro worked tirelessly and with much effort to obtain our luggage for us. After three days he was able to obtain our luggage by sending someone to pick it up for us. When reading the itinerary for our trip I didn't realize how extreme some of the activities would be. As a matter of fact, on the bicycle ride down from the Cotopaxi volcano I didn't realize the conditions would be so cold and damp at such a high altitude. I was really enjoying the ride when I had an accident and fell when we encountered some loose sand. The fall caused the brake lever to puncture my clothing and also my skin. The first aid I received on the bus was very good. Jhayro stayed in contact with a doctor and when we arrived in Banos I received medical attention and I am doing fine. As a result of my accident I was not able to participate in some of the other activities, but I still enjoyed my time in Ecuador.”
    Vic Canella – Louisiana, United StatesJune 2013
  • Tapir Trip

    “This trip is a taster of what Ecuador has to offer, it is a fun packed week, which leaves you wishing you had another month to see more!”
    Nina Parnaby – London, United KingdomJune 2013
  • Hang on, I'm booking the Monkey

    “The food, the people, the activities, the guide the friends and yes, the monkeys were all parts that made up whole awesomeness of the Tapir trip. Locals welcomed us into their homes and submerged us in their wonderful culture. The activities were fun and plentiful; the memories and friendships were made for a lifetime.”
    Cinde Porter – Colorado, United StatesMay 2013

    “Tons of fun! Jhayro was awesome and so was the group. LOVED it!”
    Florence Dixon – Alberta, CanadaMay 2013
  • Fantastic to see mainland Ecuador.

    “Fantastic to see mainland Ecuador.”
    Ken Laidlaw – Alberta, CanadaApril 2013
  • Awesome Ecuador

    “We really enjoyed the trip, the activites were excellent. The Hacienda was supurb and Gabriel was an excellent host (we even had a wood burning stove in our room, which was lit for our return from horseriding in the Cotapaxi foot hills and the jacuzzi hot tub was a fantastic suprise). Orio the dog was mental. Cycling, rafting and canyoning were great fun. The rest of the accommodation was very good, especially the Termas Papallacta, and the scenery walking in the Andean hills was breathtaking. We had a fantastic, if not a bit knackering, holiday (and we still had the Galapagas Islands to come)!”
    Tina Lewis – Norfolk, United KingdomApril 2013
  • I had a brilliant time with a lovely group of like-minded people

    “Tapir is a great mix of activities and covers one of the main Ecuadorian tourist routes. I had a brilliant time with a lovely group of like-minded people - and it has whetted my appetite for more exploration of the Ecuadorian mainland. The locals we met were friendly and I liked that it covered both the highlands and the Amazon.”
    Jenny Hemming – West Yorkshire, United KingdomApril 2013
  • Overall our trip around Ecuador was really enjoyable.

    “Overall our trip around Ecuador was really enjoyable. Some high points. The Ranch on the first day, and the Spa at the end were both truly spectacular.”
    Gerry McDermott – California, United StatesApril 2013
  • Incredible

    “The Tapir trip was by far the highlight of our 25 day venture throughout South America. The trip was perfectly planned and the adventure never stopped. Our guide was by far the best that we had as well (we had a few guides in Peru as well). He promised us in the beginning that if we were willing, we would rarely have any free time and he kept his promise. His knowledge of the environment and history of the area was extensive and he consistently ensured that each of us was enjoying our trip to the best that we could. The challenging activities, beautiful landscape, and beyond exceptional tour guide truly made this trip a once in a lifetime experience and further motivates me to not only visit Ecuador again, but use Active for other worldly adventures. Overall amazing, thank you.”
    Kayleigh Wallace – Hawaii, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Awesome Active

    “Traveling solo and never having done a tour before, I was pleasantly surprised by the easy, comfortable atmosphere of the group and the detailed planning on Active's part. It truly was an adventurous, organized experience that I would recommend to anyone who likes to get out there and enjoy the outdoors!”
    Mary Kate McCormick – California, United StatesFebruary 2013
  • Once again met friends for a lifetime

    “A great trip by active. Love the waterfall day the best. It is a beautiful place to see and once again met friends for a lifetime”
    Rachel Niccoll – New York, United StatesFebruary 2013
  • Bob Larson Active Tour - Our guide was great.

    “Our guide was great. He did a wonderful job of informing us about Ecuador and about the areas we visited. His family provided a wonderful meal for us and great support as well. I regard Hirow as a great example of the young people in Ecuador who are mapping a bright future for themselves and for their country. It was great to have someone who participated side by side with us in all the activities and took so much joy in doing it!!”
    Bob Larson – Colorado, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • We highly recommend the trip.

    “Great trip. Excellent mix of adventures. Lodging was super. Food local and tasty.”
    Kim Caroline-Strange – , PanamaJanuary 2013
  • Be ready to be active

    “This trip was a challenge but tons of fun. The variety of activities was great and provide a good work out. Our guide, Jhayro, was knowledgeable and very good.”
    Lex Maccubbin – Virginia, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Tapir with Jhayro - We had a great time.

    “We had a great time. Jhayro was an informative, fun and flexible guide.”
    Ed Weiner – Massachusetts, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Another incredible trip courtesy of Active!

    “This was my third Active South America trip and again it was another trip of a lifetime. The guide was phenomenal. The activities endless. Loved every minute of it!”
    Kristy Woodward – California, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Tapir, Jhayro and Eduardo our driver were great.

    “Jhayro and Eduardo our driver were great. Always friendly and happy to adapt and be flexible.”
    Genevieve Kautz – Colorado, United StatesDecember 2012
  • Tapir - serious adventure!

    “If you're looking for some challenging activities and stunning and varied landscapes this is the trip for you.”
    Honora Bauman – New York, United StatesDecember 2012
  • Great Adventure

    “Lots of various activities and Jhayro was able to improvise to make the trip special. The hacienda and horse back riding was great as was the descent of
    Cotapaxi. We chose to do the white water rafting, great fun. The accommodations and food were very good. Don't forget to take a side trip to the Equator, worth the trip.”
    Hilda Weiss – New Hampshire, United StatesDecember 2012
  • Amazing Ecuador

    “An amazing adventure. The trip included a great mix of singles and couples of all ages from all over the world. Eveything was very well organized. Our guide Jhayro was great and really tried to give us both a taste of adventure and a chance to learn about the culture and the people. Highly recommended.”
    Janice Chisholm – Nova Scotia, CanadaNovember 2012
  • Trip was great, everything I expected.

    “Trip was great, everything I expected. It was well organized, accomodations were good, transportation was excelent, local food was good and interesting.”
    Andy Hellenbart – Michigan, United StatesNovember 2012
  • Great active trip

    “It was a great way to see & participate in all the activities Ecuador has to offer.”
    Lee Ann Halpin – Ontario, CanadaNovember 2012
  • Great time with great people

    “The best way to discover Ecuador is with Jhayro and the best local guides. We visited places, we saw things I don't think we would have without Jhayro. Having a guide that loves his country like he did made me see the place through his eyes, and what a beautifull country it is. Thank you Jhayro. You are the best.”
    Sylvie Di Chiaro – Quebec, CanadaNovember 2012
  • Will never forget this trip!!!

    “I was looking for something different to celebrate my son's graduation from high school and we definitely found it!! This was the perfect compromise for my "nature boy" son and his "not quite as adventurous" mom!! We will never forget it!!!”
    Wendy Keller – North Dakota, United StatesJuly 2012
  • Do It.

    “Get off your butt and do the trip, you will have the time of your life.”
    Lee Spencer – Florida, United StatesMay 2012
  • "I am suffering from over exposure to pure awesomeness"

    “That was the quote from our 11-year-old after just two days of this trip. The activities provided us the adventure we were looking for on this trip. From cycling down a volcano to horseback riding in the Andes and climbing up a waterfall, this trip epitomized Active. And our guide, Jhayro, was great with our kids.”
    Brad Hoeschen – Wisconsin, United StatesApril 2012
  • Tapir with Jhayro

    “Bill and I did feel this trip tried to do to much, we spent alot of time driving arround, and often felt pushed to keep the schedule not a great feeling when on holiday. Wish I had more time at Cotopaxi to explore terrian and wildflowers for example. Two days at the lovoly ranch would hve been nice more hoseback riding.Banos was great for one day not two.Amazon jungle was great lovely hut, would have liked to have spent more time exploring that area.The Termas Papallacta was to much a resort feeling for my taste.Jhayro was a very nice man,certainly looked after us well, he did make one feel we were on a trip and not having an adventure however always pushing us to keep the schedule.This trip would have been nice to a guide that was a naturalist willing to point things out to us.”
    Beth Long – Maine, United StatesMarch 2012
  • Tapir - 2 people do not make a trip

    “I enjoyed most of the trip the views were awesome and the local people very friendly. The few activites I did were amazing and lots of fun and the accommodation apart from Banos. I joined this trip for the activites and meeting like minded folk so find 2 people do not make a trip and my one travelling companion although very nice was lacking in fitness so I ended up missing out on a few activities of which I was looking forward to. Next time I suggest you are more honest as I would not have booked.”
    Sophie Adams – Devon, United KingdomMarch 2012
  • A Land to be Discovered

    “This is a high adventure experience. From quiet gardens and fireplaces to challenging days on volcanoes and hikes in the jungle, we experienced a country of beautifu natural resources and warm hearted people.”
    Vic Hunter – Wisconsin, United StatesMarch 2012
  • Ecuador - awesome diversity

    “We loved the ever changing landscapes & great roads made driving several hours a day a pleasure. Jhayro was very flexible & when he & the group (3 others) found that Rick could not do the strenuous activities, he changed the agenda (ie went on a panga trip down the river & hiking around Papallacta). The food was varied and tasty and Banos was a very charming town.”
    Jane Schmitt – Hawaii, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • Liked the country and variety of the trip.

    “Liked the country and variety of the trip. Guide responsive to group needs.
    No reason to spend 2 nights in Bagnos though.”
    Jesper Groenvold – n/a, United KingdomFebruary 2012
  • Never bored for even a moment.

    “Never bored for even a moment. This trip is just non-stop. The itinerary can only tell you so much and everything happened as promised, but how do you describe the wonder of a mob of wild horses passing you while riding down a volcano? How do you share the laughter when falling into a pit of mud in the middle of a jungle. It's what's not in the brochure.”
    Sarah Rivette – Western Australia, AustraliaFebruary 2012
  • Tapir - This trip was a blast!!

    “This trip was a blast!! Every day we had an exciting and active experience - bicycling down a volcano (rather scarey at first), river rafting in the rain (wonderful, we never even had to paddle except for the rapids), trekking through the jungle, up streams, through dark caves with bats (it was so exciting), and the best was reverse canyoning (what a thrill).
    Hiro was a great guide and Christian was so funny and informative, just like a kid!

    Awesome experience.”
    Patti Beaver – California, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • Ecuador - A great introduction...

    “A great introduction to the beauty of Ecuador; left me wanting more!”
    Sharon Phillips – Essex, United KingdomFebruary 2012
  • Very active and fun adventure but no tapir

    “I loved this super active adventure from riding down Cotopaxi to climbing up to the Antisana Glacier! Climbing the waterfalls was awesome! So was the canyoning. Even liked the bats which were buzzing overhead. Our guide Jhayro was so attentive and generous! And the local guides were hilarious and extremely knowledgeable. Could do with a return to the thermal baths at Papallacta. So restful after a week of streeeeeeeeeeeeetching my "talents"!”
    Vivian Rich – California, United StatesJanuary 2012
  • Jay's thoughts

    “This was the first guided trip (of this variety) that I have taken in a foreign country. Ultimately all my expectations were met and my overall reaction was and is quite favorable. I expect that I will be joining Active in the future. Thank you for a memorable experience.”
    Jay Stack – New York, United StatesNovember 2011
  • Very good itinerary.

    “Very good itinerary. Saw a nice swath of the country. Wonderful food day in and day out. Rafting was great!”
    Larry Stack – California, United StatesNovember 2011
  • From Jungle to Glacier

    “The trip was filled with excitement and challenges. The guides were all delightful. By noon time one day, we had already done a bike trip, a zip line and white water rafting. It was amazing. Being afraid of heights as I am, I still did things like climbing waterfalls and the reverse canyoning. Food and accomodations were great. Even the weather co-operated fully.”
    Bev Steffler – Manitoba, CanadaNovember 2011
  • Great trip! Would do it again.

    “Great trip! Would do it again.”
    Grant Barnes – CA, United StatesNovember 2011
  • Wanting more of Ecuador after an amazing week

    Jenn Welc – New Jersey, United StatesJuly 2011
  • Fantastic!

    “When I went back to work after a week in Ecuador on the Tapir trip, my colleagues expressed concern about how exhausting it must have been spending a week cycling down a volcano, reverse canyoning, hiking on a glacier and white water rafting. Actually, I went back to work full of life after a great week travelling around fabulous Ecuador with a knowledgeable and fun guide!”
    Becky Powell – , United KingdomJune 2011
  • My trip to mainland Ecuador was the greatest.

    “My trip to mainland Ecuador was the greatest. Jhayro did an amazing job of introducing us to the culture.”
    Suzie Bovine – Texas, United StatesJune 2011
  • Overall experience

    “I went into the Tapir trip expecting a relatively mild, sedate "adventure" tour. Pleasantly I found a lot of adrenalin producing moments in the beautiful country of Ecuador. Jhayro evaluated the fitness of our group and the need for adventure and he fulfilled all of our needs. My extreme compliments to Jhayro.”
    Edward Erway – Kentucky, United StatesJune 2011
  • Terrific Tapir Trip

    “This trip covers all the bases--mountains, rivers, jungles--with a good mix of hiking, biking, paddling and cultural activities. Tapir Rocks!”
    Thomas Ress – Alabama, United StatesJune 2011
  • Amazing

    “When friends ask me to describe our trip that's about as explicit as I can get! This was such a wonderful experience for all of us it's hard to know where to begin.

    From going to our guide's home to experience amazing home cooking, to the beautiful accommodations, to the flexibility the guide had in when and where we went, to watching avalanche, volcano and local individuals. This trip created some life long memories my kids, my father, my husband and I will cherish.”
    Sara Spery – Colorado, United StatesMay 2011

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