Galapagos Land and Sea AdventureTortuga

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The 'Tortuga' is a fantastic way to discover several of the Galapagos Islands, especially for landlubbers. In a relaxed and active manner, you’ll snorkel, dive, hike and cycle, and cruise between the multitude of stunning islands in our comfortable dive boat, the ‘Pacific’ while staying on dry land each night. Starting with a short flight to San Cristobal Island, highlights of this incredible trip include snorkelling with turtles, rays and tame reef sharks, kayaking in a beautiful calm bay and hiking up an island volcano with one of the largest active calderas in the world. You’ll get up close to some of the most intriguing and docile wildlife on the planet, with visits to tortoise breeding grounds and iguana colonies, and even sharing the beach with inquisitive sea lions. We explore amazing lava tunnels, cycle through local townships and learn the mysterious history of Floreana Island.


Bottlenose dolphins on the way from San Cristobal to Floreana

Highlights & Map



  • Meet giant tortoises and iguanas
  • Swim with turtles and rays at Kicker Rock
  • Snorkel with reef sharks at Floreana Island
  • Optional Galapagos diving
  • Cycle on San Cristobal Island
  • Hike Sierra Negra volcano and Santa Cruz Island
  • Explore lava tunnels
  • Visit pirate caves on Floreana Island
  • Kayak Isabela Island

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Friday — Arrive Quito

Your trip begins in Ecuador’s capital city, Quito. If you’re flying in today, your Active South America trip leader will meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation. You’ll have the rest of the afternoon to explore the beautiful town squares, quaint cafés and colonial architecture of this amazing city. Quito sits in a beautiful valley surrounded by towering volcanoes just 22 kilometres (14 miles) from the Equator, giving it a mild, spring-like climate year round. In the evening, you’ll meet your trip leader and the rest of your group for a full briefing and our first dinner together.
Hotel Sebastian, Quito (Dinner)

Saturday — Fly to the Galapagos, cycle San Cristobal highlands

This morning we’ll take a short flight to San Cristobal, the easternmost island of the Galapagos Islands chain and home of the provincial capital, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. After lunch, we’ll head to the town of La Soledad to bike down through the lush highland cloudforest that blankets the top of the island. With stunning views of the coast, we’ll ride all the way to La Loberia, a beach that is home to a large sea lion colony and nursery. You’re not likely to see this many sea lions in one place anywhere else in the world! This evening, we’ll dine on local produce and fresh fish.
Casa Blanca or Bella Vista Hotel, San Cristobal (All meals)

Sunday — Snorkel with sea lions, turtles and sharks at Isla Lobos and Kicker Rock

Today we’ll cruise to Isla Lobos off the coast of San Cristobal, where we’ll don wetsuits, snorkels and masks (and tanks for the divers – diving option add US$199) and explore the underwater world for a close up view of sea lions as they fish for their dinner! Isla Lobos is home to one of the main sea lion, frigate bird and blue-footed booby colonies in the area. After a swim with the sea lions, we’ll get back on our boat and head for Kicker Rock, where we’ll either snorkel or take two dives around the remains of an underwater volcano with a rock face rising 150 metres (500 feet) above the surface of the water.

Your trip leader will give you a full briefing and then we’ll take to the water to explore the walls of the volcano. There will be chances to see beautiful tropical fish, turtles and sharks as they skirt the edges of Kicker Rock! Afterwards we call into a picturesque bay to have lunch and a rest before returning to port. Then it’s off to the Interpretation Centre to learn a little about the history and biology of the islands. Later there will be an optional hike to Frigate Hill Lookout to see the acrobatics of the local frigate birds as they dart around the cliff tops stealing the catch from other birds.
Casa Blanca or Bella Vista Hotel, San Cristobal (Breakfast, Lunch)

Monday — Snorkel and hike Floreana Island

After an early breakfast, our boat will take us away from San Cristobal Island towards the magnificent Floreana Island. Floreana is the sixth largest island in the Galapagos chain and one of the least inhabited (by humans at least!). With a population of around 120, this place has a pretty relaxed atmosphere. On the way, we’re often visited by friendly dolphins, so keep an eye out! Later, we’ll hike into the highlands of Floreana, where we’ll learn about the mysterious history of the islands as we visit the pirate caves and the area where the first inhabitants once lived. Then it’s back down to our accommodation in the tiny port of Puerto Velasco Ibarra – a fantastic hideaway lodge with incredible sea views and a great sunset!
Hotel Wittmer, Floreana Island (All meals)

Tuesday — Journey to Isabela, snorkel Tintoreras

This morning we’ll head to Isabela Island, the largest of all the islands in the Galapagos archipelago. After lunch, we’ll head out on small local boats to check out the crystal-clear waters of the Tintoreras rock outcrop. Keep an eye out for rays, marine iguanas, reef sharks, herons and the Galapagos penguin – the only penguins found close to the equator. Later, we’ll don our snorkels and masks again to explore the clear waters of this great snorkelling area. This calm and shallow body of water is home to sea turtles, and a multitude of colourful fish species.
San Vincente or La Laguna Hotel, Isabela Island (All meals)

Wednesday — Hike Sierra Negra volcano, Volcan Chico lavafields

Our hike today will take us to the summit of Sierra Negra volcano, rising nearly a mile above the ocean. See the lowland vegetation change before your eyes as we ascend through a lunar-like landscape on our way to the top. It’s quite a hike to the top of the volcano, but the views across the seven mile wide crater and surrounding coastline are worth the climb! This is one of the largest volcanic calderas in the world, and one of the most active. As we hike, we might be lucky enough to see Galapagos hawks, short-eared owls, finches and fly-catchers that inhabit this region. When we get back from our hike, we’ll head to Beto’s beachside bar to toast the setting sun over the Pacific.
San Vincente or La Laguna Hotel, Isabela Island (Breakfast, Lunch)

Thursday — Kayak Isabela Bay, visit giant tortoise breeding centre

This morning we’ll start with an early morning kayak in the calm waters of Isabela Bay. Here we’ll have the chance to see some of the island’s most amazing wildlife up close. Marine iguanas bask in the sun, blue-footed boobies sit in pairs on the rock tops, and Sally Lightfoot crabs scurry out of our way along the water’s edge. In the clear waters below us, rays gracefully swim by and turtles pop up for a breath of air. Later, we’ll head to a Galapagos giant tortoise breeding centre where we can meet these majestic prehistoric creatures. There will be a bit of free time this afternoon to find a hammock on the beach, or explore on your own.
Isabela accommodations, Isabela Island (All meals)

Friday — Hike Santa Cruz highlands and Tortuga Bay, visit giant tortoises

We’ll depart Isabela Island early this morning bound for Santa Cruz Island, where we’ll hike into the amazing cloud forest highlands. Once there, we’ll have our only chance to see giant tortoises in their natural environment, along with intriguing birdlife like the vermillion flycatcher. And we’ll take a look inside the lava tunnels scattered throughout the highlands. These tunnels were formed by molten lava flowing beneath the surface, which left behind large tube-like caves, some almost a mile long! This afternoon we’ll hike to Tortuga Bay, one of the most stunning beaches in the Galapagos, where we’ll have the option of trying our hand at bodyboarding or surfing, or just lounging around on the incredibly fine sand. Tortuga Bay is accessible only by foot and is home to hundreds of prehistoric-looking marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies and pelicans.
Mainao Hotel, Santa Cruz Island (All meals)

Saturday — Charles Darwin Research Station, return to Quito

This morning, we’ll visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about the breeding programs that are saving vulnerable species of tortoises and land iguanas. Also there will be a chance to see different types of carapace that help differentiate the tortoise species. Afterwards, we’ll take a short flight back to Quito on the mainland. This evening, we’ll share our final celebratory dinner together in Ecuador.
Hotel Sebastian, Quito (All meals)

Sunday — Quito, depart for home

Today is the last day of your 'Tortuga' trip. We’ll make sure you return home relaxed and refreshed from all the great activities, fine food and friendly people you will have met while travelling with us in the Galapagos Islands. See the itinerary for the 'Tapir-Tortuga' trip if you want to take a few more days to see more of mainland Ecuador as well.

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Trip Date Status
Apr 25th 2014 – May 4th 2014 Almost full Book this trip
May 9th 2014 – May 18th 2014 Almost full Book this trip
May 23rd 2014 – Jun 1st 2014 Filling up Book this trip
Jun 6th 2014 – Jun 15th 2014 Filling up Book this trip
Jun 20th 2014 – Jun 29th 2014 Great Book this trip
Jul 4th 2014 – Jul 13th 2014 Great Book this trip
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Aug 1st 2014 – Aug 10th 2014 Almost full Book this trip
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Aug 29th 2014 – Sep 7th 2014 Great Book this trip
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Oct 24th 2014 – Nov 2nd 2014 Great Book this trip
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Nov 21st 2014 – Nov 30th 2014 Filling up Book this trip
Dec 5th 2014 – Dec 14th 2014 Great Book this trip
Dec 19th 2014 – Dec 28th 2014 Filling up Book this trip
Dec 22nd 2014 – Dec 31st 2014 Filling up Book this trip
Jan 2nd 2015 – Jan 11th 2015 Great Book this trip
Jan 16th 2015 – Jan 25th 2015 Great Book this trip
Jan 30th 2015 – Feb 8th 2015 Great Book this trip
Feb 13th 2015 – Feb 22nd 2015 Great Book this trip
Feb 27th 2015 – Mar 8th 2015 Great Book this trip
Mar 13th 2015 – Mar 22nd 2015 Great Book this trip
Mar 27th 2015 – Apr 5th 2015 Great Book this trip
Apr 10th 2015 – Apr 19th 2015 Great Book this trip
Apr 24th 2015 – May 3rd 2015 Great Book this trip
May 8th 2015 – May 17th 2015 Filling up Book this trip
May 22nd 2015 – May 31st 2015 Great Book this trip
Jun 5th 2015 – Jun 14th 2015 Great Book this trip
Jun 19th 2015 – Jun 28th 2015 Great Book this trip

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Useful Info

Useful Info

Diving in the Galapagos:

Kicker Rock is one of the most interesting dive spots in the world. Our dive guides are all highly qualified with years of dive experience. If you’re a diver and would like to dive on the trip, there is an additional fee of US$160 for two dives plus a safety dive, including all the necessary gear. Please note: due to strong currents, the Galapagos is not a destination for novice divers. We recommend you have logged at least 10 dives before diving here and you must bring your PADI or SSI certification to dive.

Kayaking in the Galapagos:

The sea conditions in the Galapagos can be pretty varied, so we haven’t named a specific time for kayaking. If you’re keen to kayak, rest assured you will at some stage, when the conditions are right.

Recommended flights:
You can fly into Quito any time on the first day of your trip, but we recommend you arrive before noon. On the last day of your trip you can fly out at any time. If you want to arrive earlier or leave later, we’re happy to help you out with extra hotel accommodation.

Trip start:
If you arrive on the first day of the trip, an Active Adventures South America representative will meet you at the airport at 2pm and take you to your accommodation. If you’re already in Quito, you’ll meet your trip leader and the rest of your group in the lobby of the Hotel Sebastian at 6:30pm.

Trip end:
You’ll wake up in Quito on the last day of your trip, so you can book a flight home departing any time that day – we’ll be happy to drop you off at the airport any time before noon.

The 'Tortuga' is an active adventure trip around the Galapagos Islands, not a tour of the fanciest hotels! We stay in clean, comfortable and interesting accommodation and, unlike many other operators, we prefer to stay on the mainland rather than on live-aboard boats. This means you can interact more with the local communities and have better opportunities to hike and cycle as well as snorkel and dive. Many of the places we stay are off-the-beaten-track and truly spectacular. For instance, Isabela Island isn’t known for its glamorous lodgings, but has stunning beaches, an abundance of wildlife, off-the-beaten-track flavour and rustic charm. While we do our best to stay at the hotels we’ve mentioned in the itinerary, some of the locations we stay in have limited accommodation options, so we may need use other equivalent hotels from time to time.

Galapagos National Park is a fragile wildlife refuge and as such is sometimes subject to sudden rule changes that minimise potential damage through tourism. We may occasionally need to make itinerary changes in response to this. The Galapagos Islands are in a developing part of the world and we can’t tell you that everything runs like clockwork there. What we can tell you is that we are experienced adventure travel leaders, and our Galapagos operator is a local specialist who knows how to keep things operating as smoothly as possible, even when conditions are challenging! Often, because of changing sea conditions, we may need to make small changes to our itinerary for your safety and comfort. If you bring flexibility, an open mind and a sense of humour, you’ll find your trip is everything that adventure should be.

Details of what’s included in your trip fare are available on the 'What's included' page under 'FAQs'. In addition, on our 'Tortuga' trip your fare includes all ground transportation (including boat transfers and domestic flights Quito–Galapagos round trip). All your meals, except for two dinners (on San Cristobal and Isabela Islands), where we’ve found most people like to check out the local restaurants on their own.

Not included:
The Ecuadorian government charges every person who enters the Galapagos Islands a US$100 park entrance fee. You’ll be asked to pay this when you arrive to the airport in Galapagos. INGALA, the coordinating body of Galapagos, also charges a US$10 Transit Control Fee, which is paid through the airline as you check in at Quito airport.

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  • Fun and More Fun in Ecuador

    “I had a fantastic time. The guide (Jessica) was a charming eloquent individual. My companions were interesting and cool people. The wild life was a gas. My only problem was that equator sun. I'm a red head and didn't put enough sun screen on my face and looked like I was attacked by a jaguar at the end.”
    Tom Williams – Illinois, United StatesMarch 2014
  • “We had a fabulous time. Our guide, Jessica, was amazing. She was extremely versed in all aspects of the trip. A walking encyclopedia!”
    Barbara Kelley – Alabama, United StatesMarch 2014
  • “We had a fabulous time. Our guide, Jessica, was amazing. She was extremely versed in all aspects of the trip. A walking encyclopedia! I called her "sunshine"”
    Carlton Kelley – Alabama, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Really happy we did the land based tour

    “This trip exceeded our expectations. I am so happy that we went on this trip via land vs. sea. This way we were able to learn about the local communities that help ensure the longevity and beauty of the area. Our guide, Pablo, made the trip excellent. His knowledge and love of the area is infectious.”
    Shelley Cooper – New York, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Amazing trip

    “This trip was everything I hoped it would be! Definitely a trip of a lifetime, absolutely amazing!”
    Vicki McLeod – California, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Must see Galapagos

    “This is my second trip with Active and I have not been disappointed. I must say the guides were very knowledgeable, informative and not to mention easy on the eyes. Being from a small island myself I was pleasantly surprised by the culture, history and the pride the people of the Galapagos Islands have. I will recommend to my friends.”
    Cathie Fitzwilliam – , Trinidad and TobagoMarch 2014
  • Don't see the islands from a boat...

    “I didn't want to see Galapagos islands from a cruise boat. I wanted to stay on the islands and mingle with the locals...both human and otherwise. This trip did just that.”
    Jason Waitkins – New York, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Tortuga

    “The Galapagos exceeded my expectations! The tortoises, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, sea lions were everywhere and so accessible. Our accommodations were good and frequently located right on the beach. Wonderful seafood meals and entertaining companions. I highly recommend this trip.”
    Vicki Cefola – Pennsylvania, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • Tortuga Trip Review

    “I was so very happy to have chosen Active Adventures land-based Galapagos trip. Not only did we experience all the incredible wildlife and fantastic natural history, but we also got a close-up sense of island living by staying each night in small towns. The wide variety of activities kept us going all day long. I am not sure how the trip could have been any better.”
    Doug Johnston – Colorado, United StatesDecember 2013
  • Tortoises in Tortuga

    “If you have an interest in endangered species and the biology behind Darwin's theories, the Galapagos is a fascinating place to explore. This trip gives you a great perspective from land and sea of this important place.”
    Laura Johnston – Colorado, United StatesDecember 2013
  • Tortuga Trip comments

    “Good trip and good guide (Pepo). We had only 4 people (including us) on the trip so it was very personal and excellent interactions with Pepo. He did a great job getting a substitute guide for our time on Santa Cruz (he had badly hurt his ankle the day before on Isabela). The trip was a bit less active than we had expected....more free 'explore on your own' time we used for some additional hiking....but we felt perhaps a guide on these would have been helpful.”
    Bruce Kirchner – North Carolina, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Land based trip is the best

    “So glad we chose Active and a land based trip to the Galapagos. I think we got to see more and experience the islands more than you could from a boat.”
    Marty Kirchner – North Carolina, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Pablo Rocks!!

    “Wow, trip of a lifetime. I would move to Isabella and live there for awhile. Pablo absolutely made this trip. He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his islands and all that is on them (including the people on his island). We saw turtles and penguins and sea lions and flamingos and iguanas everywhere, everyday. Swimming with the turtles and penguins and sea lions is amazing (if somewhat shocking at first!). Beautiful to see and be a part of.”
    Lisa Fagan – California, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Bucket list experience

    “The Galapagos trip was perfect. Would not change anything. Pablo was amazing as was the itinerary.”
    Alan Gordon – California, United StatesNovember 2013
  • JUST GO!

    “It was tremendous! I feel so lucky and privileged to have visited this fabulous place. Pablo our guide was so passionate about the history ecology and preservation of this beautiful part of the world. We saw every animal there was to see and super close up! Snorkeling with sea lions, turtles and penguins was definitely a highlight! So fun.”
    Reilly Mahoney – Massachusetts, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Wonderful experience

    “The trip was wonderful. Pablo is an excellent guide and his passion for his work and his home certainly shines through. I truly believe that having him as our guide made our Galapagos experience that much more special. We were fortunate enough to have a captain and a skipper that were very skilled - we even were so lucky to spot a humpback whale and dolphins when traveling in between islands. So happy to have gone on this trip to such an extraordinary place!”
    Samantha Favis – New York, United StatesSeptember 2013
  • Pregnant and Happy!

    “This trip was wonderful. I am so glad I was able to take this trip with my Mom. We got to spend some quality time together in a wonderful place observing wildlife that we could not find anywhere else in the world. I was a little concerned before getting to Ecuador because I was five months pregnant and wasn't sure I would be able to participate in all the activities. But our guide Pablo was amazing and, while I generally stayed in the back of the pack, his enthusiasm for the Galapagos and nature in general kept me motivated. I didn't want to miss anything he had to say or show us. Outstanding!”
    Kim Cruz-Rodenback – Colorado, United StatesSeptember 2013
  • Wow!

    “What a great adventure!! Extraordinary leader! Unforgettable wildlife experiences! Wonderful activities! LOVED IT!”
    Joan Krueger – New York, United StatesAugust 2013
  • Thanks!

    “Pepo was a wonderful trip leader. Sam, the intern that joined us, was particularly supportive during my first snorkeling experience. I appreciated the individualized encouragement! Loved the varied activities!”
    Sari Oxman – New York, United StatesAugust 2013
  • Tortuga Review

    “Amazing trip, amazing guide.”
    Jake Saxman – Virginia, United StatesJuly 2013
  • Incredible!

    “Active South America got lucky when they found Jessica, the tour guide for our trip. Her passion for her home-land was evident every day. She shared her vast knowledge of the plant and animal species on a daily basis and made sure that we had "delicious" meals followed by "relaxing" activities. The animals, the food, the people, the activities and the group made it a trip to remember. I cannot recommend Active enough. Things were organized very well, there was not much down time and while the activities were never challenging, they were certainly fun. I would definitely go with Active on another adventure!”
    Cinde Porter – Colorado, United StatesJuly 2013
  • Swimming with Sea Lions

    “I can't believe how playful the sea lions are! They come up to you in the water and swim around you like puppy dogs! They made the trip incredible!”
    Mike Verdirame – New York, United StatesJune 2013
  • Don't know where to begin!

    “Of course the beautiful and varied landscape was so amazing. Add to that all the wildlife and you have a trip even better than we imagined. But what made the trip worth five stars was the experience with our guide and all who worked with him to make it all so easy and unforgettable for us. I think Pepo made the members of our group really care about the Galapagos, showing us what a special place it is and how important it is to preserve the islands. He answered every single one of our questions without even hesitating. Very impressive. On top of that he is just a "super" nice guy. We had so much fun doing all the activities especially swimming with sea lions and turtles and iguanas. Even the volcano hike was a good time. Congratulations, Active SA. You put together a great tour and we are happy to recommend it to friends and family.”
    Sax Saxman – Virginia, United StatesJune 2013
  • Galapagos Trip

    “Pepo was awesome. There was never any downtime or waiting for the next trip. This was due to Pepo having transport organised and waiting for us at each point. I never felt that there was any pressure on the environment, in fact sometimes it seemed that we were the only people there. The trip was not too intrepid in that an older person could manage all the activities. Even the volcano walk! The accomodation was perfect. The only suggestion I could make is to meet in Guayaquil instead of Quito. We didn't get the chance to look around Quito and because of flights arrived there after midnight and had to leave at 7 am partly because of the location of the new airport.”
    Pip Macauley – Otago , New ZealandMay 2013
  • Trip of a Lifetime!!!

    “This was definitely a trip of a lifetime for me. Getting to snorkel with sea lions, giant tortoises, seeing the beautiful nature. It was the best!”
    Florence Dixon – Alberta, CanadaMay 2013
  • Witnessing Earth's creation

    “The best part was experiencing the creation of the Earth through volcanic activity as well as endemic species evolution. Variety of landscapes and seascapes was awesome. I felt very well taken care of and returned with new knowledge and stories to tell!”
    Cherry Tuck – California, United StatesMay 2013
  • Fantastic Honeymoon

    “My husband and I had a fantastic honeymoon on the Tortuga trip! It was eveything and more we could have dreamed of! What better way to celebrate our marrage than with sea turtles, blue footed boobies, an amazing travel group and a well-educated tour guide.”
    Charlene Jarvie – Alberta, CanadaMay 2013
  • An unforgettable adventure

    “There are no words to describe the beauty of the Galapagos, or how amazing our trip crew was. Pepo, our guide, was born to do this job. He was smart, patient, attentive, funny, and truly got to know each group member. The other members of our Active team were equally kind and fun. I could not recommend this trip more!”
    Melissa Galetto – Virginia, United StatesMay 2013
  • Visit the Galapagos for a unique adventure

    “Our trip to the Galapagos was full of adventure and wondrous sights. Our guide, Pepo, was knowledgeable, funny and engaged with us the whole time. He ensured everyone in the group could enjoy the activities, regardless of ability. The diversity of wildlife, scenery, activities and the skill of our guide made this a truly marvelous experience. The multiple snorkeling trips were the highlight of the holiday for me, but all of the activities were great.”
    Carol Raeburn – California, United StatesApril 2013
  • Terrific trip, teeming with wildlife!

    “I loved the fact that we were able to stay on the islands (as opposed to being on a boat). Every island was so different! We saw so much different wildlife: sea lions, sea and land turtles, dolphins, whales, penguins, starfish, all kinds of fish, 3 kinds of sting rays, amazing birds - you name it, we saw it. Jessica was a very knowledgeable guide! I personally could have done with a little less free time...”
    Ruth Ehrlich – Massachusetts, United StatesApril 2013
  • Amazing Galapagos

    “We loved it, the weather was fantastic really hot (would recommend at least factor 50+), the wildlife was amazing we saw everything, even penguins! Thank you Active and thank you Pablo whose passion for nature was unsurpassed.”
    Tina Lewis – Norfolk, United KingdomApril 2013
  • Absolutely magical.

    “The Galapagos are everything you'd hope them to be - absolutely magical. I was stunned by the variety of wildflife I saw and was especially thrilled to get up close and personal to both sea lions and turtles whilst snorkelling. And seeing giant tortoises in the wild was a privilege.”
    Jenny Hemming – West Yorkshire, United KingdomApril 2013
  • Wow. Had very high expectations. They were blown away.

    “Wow. Had very high expectations. They were blown away.”
    Ken Laidlaw – Alberta, CanadaApril 2013
  • Loved the land-based delivery of this trip vs a cruise

    “Well organized and full days. Maybe too packed... 10 min transition times between activities. Loved all 4 islands and Quito is a great city. Hotel choices wonderful.”
    Cindy Kreutz – Colorado, United StatesApril 2013
  • Awesome trip to the galapagos!!!

    “This trip was amazing. Our guide, Jessica, was so attentive, knowledgeable and flexible. The experiences were out of this world. I will definitely be coming back and doing more active trips through this company.”
    Kira Purdon – Florida, United StatesApril 2013
  • It doesn't get much better than this!

    “Our trip to the Galapagos Islands was fantastic. The islands and the wildlife are spectacular. Pepo, our guide for the trip, was absolutely stellar. Highly recommend this trip.”
    Gerry McDermott – California, United StatesApril 2013
  • Tortuga - Doing a land-based trip is the best way to visit

    “Great trip, guide, wildlife, information, activities, accommodation, meals, etc. And doing a land-based trip is the best way to visit this area.”
    Jeanne Bates – Missouri, United StatesMarch 2013
  • My Voyage of the Beagle

    “The Galapagos Islands were something that was on my 'Dream Destinations' list. I always had the impression that these islands were uninhabited conservation sites for the wildlife. This trip was an eye-opener in that you not only got to witness all the wildlife, but you got to be exposed to the individuals who inhabit the islands. When people asked me what I enjoyed most it was honestly the individuals living on the island because they all seemed very happy and friendly.”
    Ekaterina McClain – Virginia, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Third trip with Active.

    “The Tortuga trip with "Active" was much more then I expected. After talking to other people in the Galapagos from different tour companies, it was obvious I made the best choice!! I will never forget my amazing adventure in the Galapagos Islands!! Thank you Jessica and Active South America for a dream come true.”
    Bob Spooner – Alberta, CanadaMarch 2013
  • Most Excellent Adventure!

    “Tortuga February 2013 was everything my wife Tricia had hoped that it would be! The animals, landscapes, and sealife are breathtaking! Our Guide Pablo was fantastic, sharing his comprehensive knowledge of the flora, fauna, and geology of the islands, a love for nature and his profession, and caring that our group had a most excellent adventure! Our tripmates were awesome: like-minded adventurers from around the world who shared both trip and life experiences to become great friends! And last but not least, the accomodations, food, and logistics exceeded our expectations. Thanks to all at ACTIVE S.A. for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!”
    Fran Yanuzzi – Illinois, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Galapagos - I would recommend it to anyone

    “Great trip!! I would recommend it to anyone who loves being active in nature.”
    Chris Doherty – Massachusetts, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Tortugas, Iguanas Galore!

    “I had a wonderful time on the Tortuga trip. Everything was very well organized - our days were full of wildlife spotting, biking, hiking, snorkeling, scuba. It was a very nicely mixed group - internationally, and age-wise (from mid-20's to 60's). I am an avid photographer and our guide was very accommodating of this, and I had LOTS of great photos to come home with. I absolutely would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to experience the Galapagos.”
    Zoe MacIsaac – Pennsylvania, United StatesMarch 2013
  • If you're thinking about a Galapagos trip - do it & do this one

    “We did a great deal of research before picking this trip. We knew we wanted an active trip and knew we wanted to go to Galapagos. And that we wanted this to be a "once in a lifetime" adventure. Needless to say, we had high expectations. I'm happy to say that this trip met those expectations. Every day we were up an out early, doing and learning something new. We hiked, snorkeled, swam, kayaked, and biked, over four islands. We saw many animals; some of them very close up. (Sea lions will sometimes swim right up to you.) Out guide Pablo was excellent - extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
    The entire trip was extremely well organized and a good mixture of activities with some down time. We had people from four continents on our trip and had lots to talk about. Would I recommend this trip? Yes! We're already planning our next Active trip.”
    Tricia Yanuzzi – Illinois, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Thanks, Pepo, We're going to make it up to you.

    “This was very nice. Low key and functional. I miss handling all the travel crap, but that's just me...otherwise we didn't feel like 'sheeple' ever and we did all these things we wanted to do and probably never would have got to, or it would've taken days to figure out. The Galapagos is so unusual and extensive and precious, that it would be a shame to take it on as an amateur. We were very grateful. I have been laying awake at night realizing how badly we stiffed our guide on the trip. It's shameful. How can I make it right?”
    Stephen Oakley – Massachusetts, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Really a trip of a lifetime and unforgettable!

    “Really a trip of a lifetime and unforgettable!”
    Adrian Noetzli – , SwitzerlandMarch 2013
  • Tortuga trip with Pepo - This was truly the trip of a lifetime.

    “This was truly the trip of a lifetime. I couldn't believe how close you can get to the animals. The snorkeling was absolutely amazing. January was definitely a good month to go. It was breeding season for many of the animals, so many of them were flashing their bright colors and very active. I think there were more animals than people.

    On another note, Pepo, our tour guide was the best. He was so knowledgeable about the history of each island and knew so much about all of the animals and fauna around us. He was very patient and professional. He truly was a great guide. I highly recommend him.

    I would absolutely recommend this tour for anyone wanting to explore the islands.”
    Kathy Nishimura – California, United StatesFebruary 2013
  • Don't look anywhere else, just book with Active

    “Unique Adventure. The Galapogas Islands are an absolute must for anyone travelling through South America. Each Island has a unique array of sights & animals, with the diving/snorkelling with turtles/sharks/rays etc our favourite part.
    Active Tours run a very professional tour that includes everything from start to finish: don't look anywhere else, just book with Active & make sure you ask for Pepo as your guide as he is a legend”
    Luke Wilson – New South Wales, AustraliaFebruary 2013
  • Tortuga - Trip was beautiful.

    “Trip was beautiful. Well organized and I felt everything went very smooth. Thanks for everything.”
    Aaron Obrien – New York, United StatesFebruary 2013
  • If you love nature and the ocean you gotta go!

    “If you love nature and the ocean you gotta go! Loved it!”
    Laurie Droke – , BelizeFebruary 2013
  • Out of all the trips this one is amazing

    “Out of all the trips this one is amazing and Pepo is one of the best.”
    Rachel Niccoll – New York, United StatesFebruary 2013
  • Memorable trip, experience!

    “Memorable trip, experience!”
    Arturo Rojas – , PeruJanuary 2013
  • Bucket List Trip

    “This was a great trip. The air and water temperature was perfect. We saw lots of sea lions, marine iguanas, sea turtles, and giant tortoises. Our guide, Jessica, was outstanding. She was kind, patient, and very knowledgeable. The landscape was very beautiful.”
    Glenn Hammons – Colorado, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Outstanding!!

    “From the staff to the accommodations and transportation, EVERYTHING was professional and efficient. Well done. Look forward to doing your New Zealand trip in November. Thank you very much Jessica, thank you Tim and thank you ___ (the dude in NZ... sorry forgot your name). BTW, Kevin in Quito made my solo, out of the country bday most memorable!! *********!”
    Robert Gasper – California, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Amazing adventure!

    “It was so nice to basically show up and have every detail arranged by your company. Even though it was a really active trip, it felt very relaxing--I think, in part, because we didn't have to deal with any of the logistical details. Also, our tour guide was so knowledge, patient, and energetic. We had so much fun!”
    Jillian Locks – California, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Galapagos Extraordinaire with Tim & crew!!!

    “Overall, we had an amazing time with Galakiwi. We were really fortunate to have Tim lead us through 90% of this trip. His personal attention to many details was very appreciated. His choice of support people was really good. Eduardo, our local guide was so responsible, solicitous and personable, we felt always in good hands with him as well. And then, we seemed to have really good luck, as we saw so many animals.”
    Howard Nathan – Ontario, CanadaJanuary 2013
  • Tortuga with Pepo - Phenomenal

    “Tortuga with Pepo - Phenomenal”
    Ed Weiner – Massachusetts, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Too Beautiful

    “This trip exceeded all expectation. Not only was the variety of wildlife unbelievable, the quantity was awesome. You can't imagine the fun of swimming with sharks, rays, sea turtles, etc until you actually get to do it!”
    Lex Maccubbin – Virginia, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • I cannot wait to take another trip with Active South America

    “Tim and Eduardo could not have been better. My group was very cohesive - we plan on getting together soon when we are visiting each others' home cities. We have opened our homes to each other. Words cannot describe the experience. Most of us had never been on a tour before and had reservations about traveling with the same "strangers" for ten days. After the first dinner, we knew that we would become lifelong friends. It was a special treat to have Tim on our trip. He provided a totally different insight than Eduardo - he was the task master, he had no fear of sharks or cold water, he opened up his office every AM with fresh pressed coffee! Eduardo was always eager to answer our questions and offerred us opportunities on his home island of Santa Cruz on New Year's Eve that gave us a unique insight into living on one of the Galapagos Islands. No one should go to the Galapagos unless they go on an Active South America cruise!”
    Robin Locks – California, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Zambo-rrific!

    “I loved this trip. Our guide Zambo was amazing. Professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeble and always pleasant.”
    Denyse Martin – Alberta, CanadaDecember 2012
  • Ton of Fun

    “Enjoyed staying on land and giving back to the locals, walking around town in the evening, etc. Jessica was a fountain of information and made us feel like a family, her family. It was a lot of fun to see all the things you hear about and never really think you will get a chance to actually do!”
    Hilda Weiss – New Hampshire, United StatesDecember 2012
  • Ton of Fun

    “Enjoyed staying on land and giving back to the locals, walking around town in the evening, etc. Jessica was a fountain of information and made us feel like a family, her family. It was a lot of fun to see all the things you hear about and never really think you will get a chance to actually do!”
    Dick Weiss – New Hampshire, United StatesDecember 2012
  • Galapagos: Terrific Tortuga Tour

    “We had such an amazing time on this trip! Until you go and experience it for yourselves, you just can't imagine the variety and the abundance of the wildlife, or how innocent and naive the animals are. They do not exhibit the "natural" fear of humans but rather lots of curiosity and allow you to come right into their realm! The giant sea turtles and land tortoises are unforgettable and a real highlight. We enjoyed all the activities we got to do, especially the snorkelling. Being in our 60's we still participated in it all.This organization takes care of all the details for you- Jessica guided us through every experience and gave all the explanation [in flawless English] that you could possibly hope for. We'll be thinking about all we saw and did for a long time to come!”
    Anna-Maria Bent – Nova Scotia, CanadaNovember 2012
  • This was a great way to see the Galapagos Islands.

    “This was a great way to see the Galapagos Islands. We enjoyed hikeing, biking, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, boat rides, dancing on the beach, and so much wildlife everywhere it was incredible. All of this was done with great guides and in the case of scuba diving, very professional & competent dive masters. Our group was super and it was a lot of fun experiencing all of these new adventures with them. I highly recommend this company & this trip for anyone wanting to experience the Galapogos Islands.”
    Brian Bent – Nova Scotia, CanadaNovember 2012
  • A wonderful trip

    “The wild life was spectacular. Galapagos is a must see mystical place. Thank you Active South America for the wonderful trip.”
    Lee Ann Halpin – Ontario, CanadaNovember 2012
  • Jessica is a great guide, very knowlegable and informative

    “Jessica is a great guide, very knowlegable and informative not just on the animals and plants, but on the economic information on the islands. Her assistant, Christian, even though there was a language problem, he was very observant and helpful to all the members of the group, a lot of potential.”
    Andy Hellenbart – Michigan, United StatesNovember 2012
  • We loved it!

    “The people in charge everywhere were terrific. Jessica was the best guide ever! And our travel companions were delightful. If you love nature go on this trip. And stay on the individual islands instead of a cruise ship. You will see so much more.

    We chose late October/ early November and were pleased with the weather.”
    Elizabeth Burton – Florida, United StatesNovember 2012
  • WOW for Nature

    “Truly a trip of a lifetime. Active SA made every minute count. Reliable, well-informed and protective tour leader Jessica was an excellent guide. Unmatched volcano trek and views. Half the fun was getting there. The snorkeling was stupendous with sea lions playfully doing cartwheels at arms reach. Incandescent blue starfish, stingrays and a family of sea turtles that were underwater with us sent me laughing with excitement! We saw whales during our boat ride and detoured to follow them. So many birds, fish,iguanas and even lucked out with penguins. The hotels were stupendous in their simplicity and location was perfect. On San Cristobal, the hotel was stone throw away from beach! The activities were for the young at heart including the two 70-year-old men in our group. If you love nature, water, sea, land and air creatures, then this is THE trip to save up for. Maria B. Evansville, Indiana (via NY and Chile)”
    Maria Paillaman-Bello – Santiago, ChileNovember 2012
  • Not rushed but always something happening.

    “We had everything right: the best guide (Jessica Cornejo), great weather, a good group of travelers, comfortable accommodations, wonderful food, and the schedule was perfect -- not rushed but always something happening.”
    Judith Miller – California, United StatesNovember 2012
  • Fantastic trip

    “I had a great time with Active. All of your staff are great... friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and nice.”
    Ryan Reifschneider – Washington, United StatesNovember 2012
  • Trip of a lifetime!

    “We had a fantastic time on this trip! The Galapagos Islands are so breathtakingly beautiful & by staying on land instead of a boat we feel like we really got to soak up the best of all the islands visited & support the local economy more. We were impressed by both the accommodations & the food that was included in the tour. The included activities were also great, we got to visit all the highlights of each island and see tons of wildlife but we still had plenty of free time to do our own thing as well. Last but not least, our guide Jessica did a wonderful job, she was a wealth of information about the islands & a blast to hang out with.”
    Danielle Fay – Washington, United StatesOctober 2012
  • This trip cannot be missed, way, way beyond our expectations !!!

    “Simply the most amazing adventure. We felt like we were the only people there, and some times, in some places that was the case. A brilliant holiday -- we were on the go, we saw so much, we had so much fun. Truly one of our best ever adventures.

    The organisation from start to finish was brilliant, we were treated as royalty. Operators and guides always ready and available, from an early morning coffee and chat before snorkel/dive to sunset drinks and dining like kings.

    Checking out the turtles within arms reach and happy to play, turn your head to iguanas swimming past, giant starfish, penguins feeding under you and then the smiling face of a seal in front of your mask wanting to play, and play we did ... and we have only jumped in!

    This trip cannot be missed, way, way beyond our expectations !!!”
    John Dyball – New South Wales, AustraliaOctober 2012
  • Exceeded our expectations!

    “Had an awesome experience! Everything was so well organized and we fit so much into each day. Great balance between guided activities and free time. Our guide Pepo was really great--extremely knowledgable and fun! Highly recommend this trip!”
    Brad Smith – Pennsylvania, United StatesSeptember 2012
  • Great trip, great guide, and great food...

    “Great trip, great guide, and great food... what more can you ask for?”
    Chad Isabelle – Virginia, United StatesSeptember 2012
  • Like no other place in the World!

    “The Galapagos are like nothing else in the world. The Ecuadorian government has done an excellent job in restoring and is always trying to preserve the true beauty of the Galapagos. If you happen to go and have Pablo as your guide, it will be the most memorable trip you'll ever have. He is hands down one of the best guides I have ever had. The Galapagos, and the world for that matter, will always be in a better place with Pablo in it. His passion for nature and excitement for sharing it is contagious. Listening to him speak, was like hearing a sermon. He was a huge a part of how much I enjoyed his county home. I highly recommend this once in a lifetime trip to all!”
    Paul Padia – California, United StatesAugust 2012
  • Amazing in every way

    “Seeing the Galapagos from the islands themselves is definitely the way to go. We could stroll the beach at night or stargaze, and have dinner at restaurants on the water that gave the experience a much more local feel. It was also fun just to explore the islands all day without the need to get back to a boat. The snorkeling was spectacular, as were the hikes and kayaking. I love Active South America and am already looking forward to a trip with them to Patagonia!”
    Laura Polacheck – Utah, United StatesAugust 2012
  • Galapagos trip - A terrific trip with fun activities every day.

    “A terrific trip with fun activities every day.”
    Jim Hoffman – California, United StatesJuly 2012
  • Wow; what an amazing trip!

    “As a biology teacher, a Galapagos Island adventure was always on my "Bucket List". I've always imagined how awesome it would be to be able to experience the wonders of the islands. It far exceeded my expectations.

    Pepo, our Active South America guide, made that possible. His passion, knowledge, and observable love for his job allowed us to appreciate the unique place that we were far beyond what we could have on our own.

    This will not be last trip we take with Active. Thank you so much for the adventure.”
    Lawrence Ruiz – California, United StatesJuly 2012
  • Galapagos June 2012 - I would highly recommend this trip

    “I could not give this trip Awesome, the trip of a lifetime, because I have had many amazing trips in my lifetime. However, I would rate it in the top 5, and that is saying something as after our Tortuga trip we went to Machu Picchu and that is also in my top five. Our guide Zambo was absolutely amazing. He is a walking encyclopedia. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to really experience the Galapagos.”
    Gayle Hubbard – Alberta, CanadaJuly 2012
  • Tortuga trip - Great adventure, Pablo is an awesome guide

    “Great adventure, Pablo is an awesome guide”
    Juan Perez – Florida, United StatesJuly 2012
  • First trip of this type we have experienced.

    “The active trip to the Galapagos was the first trip of this type we have experienced. The various activities along with such an amazing place kept us engaged and interested. The guides were great and very knowledgeable. It was an excellent experience.”
    Vallery Claveau – Alberta, CanadaJuly 2012
  • Our guide, Pablo, was fabulous.

    “Our guide, Pablo, was fabulous. Very knowledgeable and made sure everyone got to participate and saw as much as possible. Our intern, Carlie, was always cheerful, helpful and willing to do what was asked of her. I was impressed with how Pablo instructed Carlie whenever there was down time, so the team was always on the same page with everything.”
    Vicki Moran – Colorado, United StatesJuly 2012
  • Active South America did it again!

    “Peru was a wonderful experience in '07' and now Galapagos was just as wonderful. You did it again Active-you did not disappoint-our Galapagos
    adventure exceeded our expectations. Our guide, Pablo, was excellent-his love for the islands and animals is exciting and contagious.
    Another trip of a lifetime for our family. Thank you!”
    Beatriz Perez – Florida, United StatesJuly 2012
  • Female power team!!

    “The 10 Girls and 1 Gent were an awesome team and we melted together well over the days. We really enjoyed the knowledge, understanding and attentiveness of Pablo, blows your mind. Physically a bit on the weak side except when we did 6 snorkels in a day and the hike. Was a bit disappointed in the cycle 8km is a joke if you're really a biker and the kayak was very limited.”
    Sara Thorney – Baden-Wuertemberg, GermanyJune 2012
  • Astonishing Wonders By Land and By Sea!

    “I have visited nearly 30 countries in the world and this was definitely the most enjoyable, action packed adventure I have been a part of. It seemed like every moment we were discovering something new or standing in awe of the natural scenery and wildlife. Our guide helped us get in the right place at the right time and answered our questions. We got to swim and walk just a few feet away from sea lions, sharks, eagle rays, turtles, iguanas and tortoises just to name a few. We had a most memorable honeymoon and the trip gave us about the right amount of break time and active time. We took so many pictures and videos that I have not even been able to watch them all yet. Needless to say, it was awesome!”
    Robert Love – California, United StatesJune 2012
  • Fabulous people, places and activities!

    “What made this trip exceptional were the people we got to spend our 10 days with. We were fortunate to have people from all different countries and ages - from 16 to 60. We couldn't have asked for a better group. We all got along and had a lot of laughs along the way. The Galapagos is a wonder, and it was a very well planned and active trip. We were very busy every day and night, but I appreciated having some down time towards the end of the trip. Highlights were the 7 hour hike on Isabela, seeing and swimming with a Whale Shark, the animals, tortoises and Pablo! This is a trip for people who want to be active and get more of a sense for the Islands rather than being on a boat or being holed up in a fancy hotel. One of the accommodations wasn't great but it was only for a night and we survived. All in all so glad I booked this trip- it was amazing!”
    Liz Gould – New York, United StatesMay 2012
  • Tortuga

    “I go on many adventure trips around the world, and the land-based trip to Galapagos is truly memorable”
    John Utting – , New ZealandMay 2012
  • unique wild life and geology

    “the variety and unique wild life seen is unmatched. you are guaranteed up front and personal contact with a variety of special animal”
    Lee Spencer – Florida, United StatesMay 2012
  • Amazing Galapagos Trrip

    “My husband and I took the Galapagos trip in April 2012. It was one of the most amazing trips we have ever been on. We had not used Active South America before, but we were very happy with how everything went.”
    Stephanie Carrell – Texas, United StatesMay 2012
  • Galapagos, April/May 2012

    “I have been looking forward to going to the Galapagos for a long time and I love being active, so this trip seemed perfect for me. It did not disappoint me. I loved hiking, kayaking, snorkling and biking all over the Galapagos. The guide, Pablo, was the best guide I have ever had on a trip. He explained the unique plants, animals and geology of the Galapagos in a exciting and fun way. I highly recommend this trip to anyone. It was so amazing so all the animals up close but still in their wild environment.”
    Bryan Miller – California, United StatesMay 2012
  • “Trip trip was fantastic and one of the best trip I've ever made. It was well organized with perfect balance of activities, relaxing and learning. I've really enjoyed thanks to professional guides and nice people we've met. Islands were so beautiful and I've never seen animals and birds so close to us. There are not so many places I'd like to feel going again as I'd like to go to see new places but Galapagos is definitely the place that I'd like to come back soon. I appreciate Pablo-san, Tim-san and Nick-san who made trip really enjoyable for everyone.”
    Kozue Suzuki – Tokyo, JapanMay 2012
  • Tortuga 4-12-12

    “Great trip and Great time. Had a nice size group (8), Pablo our guide was incredible. Saw multiple animals land, sea, and air . Volcano hike good day trip. Enjoyed the multiple activities planed for us daily. Good accommodations and food.”
    David Johnson – Pennsylvania, United StatesApril 2012
  • One of my favorite trips

    “Most of my trips have been cycling but this is my 2nd multi-sport trip. The first was 9 years ago with Active New Zealand. I can't say enough about how enjoyable both were. This last one to the Galapagos was very special. I am now 72 and had some concerns but I was able to accomplish most of the planned outings. My favorite part was the snorkling. Although our leader Pepo was knowledgeable about all aspects of the trip, he was exceptional with the underwater creatures. I caught on quickly to stay close to him because he would spot the most camaflaged and hidden samples of natures wonders. I liked that we stayed on the islands.
    I also went body boarding. Pepo arranged to rent a board. I told him I wanted a good one and what he located was perfect. (I used to be good at bodyboarding in California but it had been a number of years since I did this.) Although we had to hike over 2 miles to the ocean, it was worth it. After kayaking in the morning then hiking and bodyboarding, I was really tired but such a special day.”
    Marilyn Austin – California, United StatesApril 2012
  • Amazing wildlife

    “Vacation is evanescent; remembrance is indelible. We were lucky. Even though it's warm, rainy season, weather was quite cooperating as well as wildlife. We've seen frigate birds in love, giant tortoise mating, absolutely incredible. Two thumbs up for logistic in transportation. Our guide is superior than his super plan! Once again, a terrific experience with ACTIVE!”
    Jian Guan – Maryland, United StatesMarch 2012
  • Get ready to be active

    “From start to finish this was an amazing trip. Within an hour of landing in the islands we were on the go. We kept a brisk pace throughout but did have time after dark to watch the night sky, a serious reminder of why we call our galaxy the milky way. On the last day we were still stopping to see tortoises, crawling through lava tubes, and checking out intriguing formations on the way to the airport.”
    Peter Nijssen – Alberta, CanadaMarch 2012
  • See them while you still can!

    “If you are aiming to interact with wildlife- especially endemic species- Galapagos is the trip for you. The sea lions swirl about you as you snorkel amongst the marine iguanas and penguins. Cozy up to the giant endemic tortoises and see what is being done to preserve the species.”
    Jane Schmitt – Hawaii, United StatesMarch 2012
  • good time was had by all

    “We've always traveled alone, so this was our first "tour." We enjoyed it thoroughly, but would have liked a few more nights on our own. We biked on our own on Isabella, and had a wonderful time stopping at all the national park sites along the way-- this would be an excellent addition to the "active" trip, better than the downhill cruising that happens on the first day of the trip. The guides are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly.”
    John Leon – New York, United StatesMarch 2012
  • Galapagos - I am soo glad we chose this tour.

    “Our destination was truly amazing. I wish we could have had more time to just sit with the animals but there was so much to do and see. Our tour guide Pablo was outstanding. His personality and knowledge were a big factor in making this trip a memorable one. Active has met our expectations in spades. I am soo glad we chose this tour.”
    Linda Payne – Alberta, CanadaMarch 2012
  • Galap Feb 2012 beyond expectations.

    “Beyond expectations. Relaxed but active. Pepo and Zambo ran a tight, but fun ship, and their knowledge, kindness, and tolerance of gringoes were key to success.”
    Paul Tirrell – New York, United StatesMarch 2012
  • The best vacation with my wife in my first 65 years

    “We decided on the plane going home that when friends ask us, "What was your favorite part", we were going to say. "This has been the best vacation as a couple in our lives!"”
    Vic Hunter – Wisconsin, United StatesMarch 2012
  • never stopping - always learning

    “Our trip to the Galapagos was amazing. We did not stop for one minute (OK - maybe 30 minutes but only for 1 day!). The diversity of landscape, vegetation, species created learning moments on a constant basis. This trip is not for the weak or faint of heart but it is a trip that everyone should take sometime during their life. thanks.....”
    Cheri Nijssen-jordan – Alberta, CanadaMarch 2012
  • Great Galapagos Trip :-) This was our FIFTH Active trip...

    “This was our FIFTH Active trip... need I say more? We keep coming back :-)”
    Emilie Corcoran – California, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • Galapagos December 2011 - what a fantastic experience!

    “What a fantastic experience! Sitting on beaches next to slumped sea lions or posing iguanas was incredible. Not to mention snorkelling with over 200 sharks on Christmas Day - what a present! Then there were the beautiful turtles, so graceful, gentle and friendly and the Giant Tortoises ambling slowly through the grass. It really was the most memorable trip and I would definitely do it again!”
    Valerie McGuinn – , ThailandFebruary 2012
  • Fantastic execution of trip but issues between what you sell an

    “Trip great in sense that it is flawless executed and guides outstanding. However it turn out to be more water based and less hiking biking and kayaking and way more snorkel based than I had expected. I am way more into land than water based and would perhaps not have come if I had known real program.
    Also you should write that it is for confident swimmers only: I am not and that did take some enjoyment out of the trip. Again galakiwi are outstanding but your write up needs adjustment.”
    Jesper Groenvold – n/a, United KingdomFebruary 2012
  • Tortuga - A fabulous week in the Galapagos.

    “A fabulous week in the Galapagos. Every day was a new and exciting activity. Loved staying on the islands and the boat rides were refreshing (we "played" with a pod of dolphins). Galakiwi did a superb job of ensuring that all ran smoothly (and it did). Tim and Crystal are amazing. The snorkeling was awesome and all the knowledge that Pepo enthusiastically shared with us was so educational and interesting. He is the best! It was a fabulous week.”
    Patti Beaver – California, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • Galapagos - It was a privilege to experience...

    “It was a privilege to experience such a unique place with like minded people, and be shown it by such a knowledgeable young man. As a guide, Jose Louise (Pepo) was the best, and I don't say that lightly.”
    Sharon Phillips – Essex, United KingdomFebruary 2012
  • Johnson/Kincaid Galapagos Trip - Active took care of our needs

    “As we experienced with our Active New Zealand bike trip a few years ago, Active took care of our needs. The tour guides were able to fit our interests and make the whole trip happen. The Galapagos are an amazing place in the world. The Active trip itnerary gave a great overview as well as indepth understanding of this remarkable place and the differences of each island. Staying on land gave an experience that would not be available by staying on a boat - it certainly was more "active".”
    Star Waring – Colorado, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • Best Trip Ever

    “The Tortuga trip to the Galapagos was AMAZING! First off, getting to stay on the islands is a huge plus, that allows us to keep doing land based activities, or snorkeling off of the beaches into the evening. The land-based option also gave us a chance to dine at the local restaurants every night.

    My favorite night was spent on the quiet beach of Floreana island. We enjoyed a great night watching the sunset on the beach and sharing stories with our tour group. The next day we were right back at it doing some kayaking and snorkeling.

    Nick, our Active guide, went above and beyond in taking care of our group. He made sure we all got to experience the thrills of South America every day, and always knew where to take us on the islands to show us a special time. Our naturalist tour guide, Danielle, did a great job keeping things moving while providing insight and humor to keep the mood ever light.

    It was obvious during the tour that the Active team has worked hard to establish some great relationships on the islands with the local community and that gave us the opportunity to do some extraordinary things on the islands. From getting to go on some off the track hikes to dining at local places, I really felt like I was being shown a unique trek while on this tour.

    I have traveled across Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, and I can honestly say this was my favorite tour ever. The combination of the Active team, the group of people Active attracts to their tours, and location cannot be beat.”
    Michael Allan – Colorado, United StatesJanuary 2012
  • Trip of a Lifetime!

    “This trip was so much more than what I was expecting. I was able to completely detach from the reality of my life because everything was taken care of. Our group was amazing and Nick made sure we all got what we needed. Daniel was a great tour guide who was able to work well within the unique personality of our group.”
    Robyn Gunter – Georgia, United StatesJanuary 2012
  • Swimming with Sea Turtles -- a dream come true

    “Who could guess that a little old grandma from the Prairies in Central Canada would be swimming with turtles? And that is not all -- the animals and birds were amazing, the volcanoes were amazing, the landscapes were amazing, the Islanders were amazing. The trip was (have I mentioned) amazing!”
    Bev Steffler – Manitoba, CanadaNovember 2011
  • Tortuga trip

    “Your company does an incredible job of being very well organized, using our time, and logistics. Using local guides and families make the trip so much more personal. I think you have a great co. and would definitely use you again. Currently thinking about going to Nepal w. you.”
    Donna Hiller – Idaho, United StatesOctober 2011
  • I had a great time,Active South America did a wonderful job.

    “I had a great time, active south america did a wonderful job.”
    Dave Lindsay – Idaho, United StatesOctober 2011
  • The Galapagos Islands were magical for me

    “The Galapagos Islands were magical for me - as awe inspiring and interesting as I always thought they would be. The amount of activities was just right, as well as staying on land rather than on a boat! I found the fauna most interesting, but also loved the geography of the islands and the volcano hike on Isabela Island. Daniel was a terrific and professional guide - very knowledgeable, interesting and passionate about taking care of the Galapagos. He grew up with a naturalist father and understands about the ecology, conservation, preservation, scientific research, and all that goes into maintaining the important balances of the islands. We also had a great group of people to travel with!”
    Gail Young – ID, United StatesOctober 2011
  • Galapagos - I had an OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE!

    “I loved the trip because we stayed in really neat little hotels so we could enjoy each of the islands. Danial, our guide, was superb. Our group of eight really clicked. We are getting together to go rafting in Idaho next July! I am going to book another trip with Active to go to New Zealand. Thanks Active!!! Kathy Curtis”
    Kathy Curtis – Florida, United StatesSeptember 2011
  • “I am looking for a more upmarket trip so this one was somehow not up to my standards especially the hotels and meals. I guess this may not be your fault. I enjoyed my experience in Galapagos and Active South American contributed to that.”
    Patrick Huang – Taiwan, TaiwanAugust 2011
  • A holiday that exceeded all expectations

    “Going to the Galapagos was a big decision as it is not the cheapest place to get to from Australia. After the trip with Active South America, we are telling all our friends and family that if they have ever thought about doing this trip, then go for it. We had the most marvelous time with experiences that beforehand we had only dreamed about. The amount of unique wild life, especially during the snorkelling trips, exceeded all expectations. To swim with juvenile sea lions, eagle rays, sharks, sea turtles, not to mention a myriad of fish, could not be experienced anywhere else. The walks and the land animals were also a great experience. Every day brought a new adventure and we smiled from the start to the end of the trip.”
    Susan Dunn – New South Wales, AustraliaAugust 2011
  • from 70 year old perspective

    “This was an excellent trip and I knew going into it that I would not be participating in all of the activities. Pablo worked very hard and is a most enthusiastic guide. He took good care of me. Initially he tended to downplay the effort & time an activity would take, but I learned to ask better questions and to make my own decisions. It would have been nice to have at least one or two chances to swim off one of the beautiful beaches and there were opportunities to do do so with just a little tweaking of time. Water was not that cold and other people were in the surf, especially on Isabela. While the name is "active" even the younger folks expressed a desire for some laid back down time. Hotels were comfortable and meals were good. Nick took good care of us in Quito”
    Pat Winecker – New Jersey, United StatesJuly 2011
  • This was a wonderful adventure.

    “This was a wonderful adventure. Our guide Pablo took us on a journey back in time before man found the islands. He instilled in us a desire to protect our natural history not only in the Galapagos but in the areas that we live. The animal life is rich and wonderous and the outdoor activities bring you close to nature and God. The interpersonal experiences with your fellow adventurers and guide were priceless.”
    Teresa Scott – Florida, United StatesJuly 2011
  • Best Guide EVER

    “I can't even begin to say enough about this trip. We saw way more than ever expected and our guide Zambo was BEYOND knowledgeable. Since this trip we have taken 2 other trips and have been longing for our encyclopedia human to answer all of our questions. Active & The Galapagos do not disappoint. Every person involved was amazing. Every place we went was educational and involved some sort of physical activity, which is exactly what we wanted. We highly recommend using this company.”
    Julia Wright – New York, United StatesJune 2011
  • My recent trip to the Galapagos Islands was fantastic.

    “My recent trip to the Galapagos Islands through Active South America was fantastic. Our Ecuadorean guide, Pablo, was knowledgeable and patient. My favorite part of the trip was snorkeling with the sea lions!”
    Laura Eide – Alaska, United StatesJune 2011
  • Wow, we're in the Galapagos!!!

    “This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip that we will remember forever. We loved our guide and the entire trip. I don't think there was anything we would have wanted to change. The experiences we have had will have us laughing and talking for years to come.”
    Sara Spery – Colorado, United StatesMay 2011
  • Unforgettable experiences await you...

    “By using the best tour guides in the Islands, you are sure to experience all that The Galapagos has to offer, from face to face swimming with sea-lions to the barren mars-scape of Sierra Negra to wild giant tortoises! Incredible!”
    Adrian Rogers – New York, United StatesMay 2011
  • The best way to see the Galapagos

    “What a fun trip! Each day was filled with a great variety of activities, from hiking to snorkeling to learning about the islands and seeing all the unique species of wildlife. If you're an active person who likes to learn about a new place while on vacation, then this trip is the perfect combo of exercise and education.”
    Kathy Layng – Illinois, United StatesMay 2011
  • the word 'awesome' doesn't really do it justice

    “What a fantastic trip - celebrating a big '0' birthday. Our guide, Zambo, was incredibly knowledgeable but also refreshingly honest if he didn't know the answer. He's going to look into the reason why the marine iguana, which is supposed to be vegetarian, was helping itself to the fish at the market in Santa Cruz! Evolution in the making...”
    Barbara Langley-poole – Milton Keynes, United KingdomMay 2011
  • Wonderful Trip Wonderful People

    “The trip was well planned, the guide was outstanding, and everyone was helpful in making sure that whatever was needed was available. I was hoping for a little more kayaking and longer times hiking (in other words, bit more challenging physically) but overall I definitely have already recommendeded this trip to friends and business colleagues.”
    Lisa Walters – Colorado, United StatesMay 2011
  • A real privilege

    “To be able to share in the magic of these islands was a real privilege - Zambo's enthusiasm was infectious and our group (average age about 50) have probably never been fitter!”
    Julie Stanley – Bucks, United KingdomApril 2011
  • A First Class Active Adventure

    “From start to finish the Tortuga trip was a first class active adventure. Swimming with sea lions, dolphins, turtles, a sea horse as well as the unique opportuniy to swim with a whale shark was surreal. Never a dull moment on land either with hikes, bikes and tours, while exploring and learning about the Galapagos endemic species.Thanks to Pepo for his brilliant and tireless guidance and leadership and Tim for organizing an amazing adventure. Also, thanks to the great crew of people we played with from various parts of the world.”
    Cathy Robinson – Alberta, CanadaApril 2011
  • Whale Shark

    “The trip was great and Pepo did a great job. The water was great for snorkeling and the sea life was amazing.Got to see a 35 foot whale shark that was amazing. It was a great trip.”
    Danny Spivey – Georgia, United StatesApril 2011

    “Great Job! Great people, great fellow travelers. Our guides were so wonderful they really made the trip so much better. They were like family. We all became great friends on this trip. I think that was almost better than the sights. However, if you want to see Marine Iguanas, Sea Lions, Giant Land Tortoise's and Blue Footed Boobie's, Galapagos is for you! Thanks so much.”
    Pete Severens – Georgia, United StatesMarch 2011
  • Just amazing

    “My trip to Galapagos was so amazing. From the very beginning down to the last night. It was so well organized and thought out. Our guide Pepo was incredible, he was so fun and extremely knowledgeable. We learned so much from him. Tim and Pepo made sure we had everything we needed. Everything was taken care of, we were catered to. Our excursions were so exciting, Pepo was such a pro in the water and showed us amazing wildlife. I can easily say this was the best trip I have ever taken. We couldn't have gotten luckier with the guidance chosen for us. I have nothing but exaltations for this Galapagos trip and the crew that made it possilbe!”
    Kathy Lomeli – Indiana, United StatesMarch 2011
  • Survival of the Fittest

    “The Tortuga tour engages the intellect, traveling on Darwin's path to evolution theory, the physical with multiple opportunities every day, and of course, the direct experience with Tortoise, Sea Lion, Marine Iguana, and the incredible bird populations. Pablo's knowledge enriched this experience while Tim and Crystal enured our safety and timely logistics. And by the way, i've snorkeled in the South Pacific for decades and this was the best week ever from the sharks, to the turtles, sea lions, iguana and more.”
    Frank Gorecki – Washington, United StatesMarch 2011
  • Truly the trip of a lifetime! These are enchanted islands...

    “Absolutely loved this trip and hardly know where to begin to describe its wonders. Active South America/Galakiwi was an inspired choice in terms of outfitter. Tim and Crystal were attentive and, with Pablo, went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure all of us had a fabulous time. Pablo was an absolutely outstanding guide - enthusiastic, knowledgeable, personable and thoughtful especially with our group of older travelers. Snorkeling with sea lions, sea turtles and Galapagos sharks, a plethora of tropical fish and a wall of coral was amazing. We were fortunate to have a pod of Orcas play around the boat for almost an hour - mesmerizing. We also saw dolphin at play and numerous marine birds including blue footed boobies, pelicans and frigates plus many other birds, of course - finches, yellow warblers, vermilion fly catchers among them. The marine iguanas were my personal favorites. The captain of the boat was highly skilled and with his crew made the passages enjoyable. The biking, kayaking and especially the hike up Volcano Chico were memorable as well. Not to mention wonderful meals at outdoor restaurants, sunsets on the beach. It was a milestone birthday for my husband, Sherwin Cotler, and Tim and Crystal of Galakiwi made sure we enjoyed a festive dinner complete with delicious chocolate birthday cake and serenaded by the owner of the restaurant in Quito. It was perfect! We'll recommend this trip to all our friends. Many thanks for this trip of a lifetime!”
    Bronwyn Vincent – Washington, United StatesMarch 2011
  • Claudia's Galapagos adventure

    “Tim and Crystal were truly marvelous trip coordinators and guides. Pablo was incredible; attentive to everyone, exceedingly enthusiastic, eager to share his considerable knowledge of the history, flora and fauna and sealife of the islands, and patient beyond belief. One of a kind.”
    Claudia Clark-Engstrom – Washington, United StatesMarch 2011
  • Saving the planet

    “I was very impressed with the staff and their knowledge. I had heard about the tameness of the wildlife, but to experience it directly was incredible. But what most impressed me was the grand experiment of humans and their environment. The synthesis of the Ecuadorian government, the Marine Park, community groups, and other NGOs all working to create a balance between people and this incredible environment. The world is watching.”
    Ted Ning – Colorado, United StatesMarch 2011
  • A rare opportunity to enjoy a truly enchanted experience

    “Nothing you read about can prepare you for actually seeing the Galapagos firsthand. Walking among sea lions and marine iguanas, witnessing the vast extremes betweens the different islands, and feeling the closeness with nature as soon as you get to the National Park. I couldn't have been more impressed with the knowledge and passion of our guide and had all of my expectations met above and beyond what I thought would be possible!”
    Jamie Mueller – Washington, United StatesMarch 2011
  • Galapagos Islands - Sherwin Birthday Club

    “Thursday, our group flew to Isla San Cristobal, the easternmost of the Galapagos Islands via Guayaquil and checked into the Casablanca hotel in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. At lunch we met our Park guide Pablo, our dive master Franco, and Crystal, wife of New Zealander Tim, who owns “Galakiwi”, our cleverly named travel company for this trip. After lunch, we bicycled from the island’s highlands to its lowlands, passing through El Progresso, an old company town where the workers murdered the sugar magnate who employed them in 1904. We stopped at La Loberia beach to meet the sea lions (which outnumber the people on San Cristobal), watch some marine iguanas fighting (March is mating season) and began our bird watching list (see Appendix). At dinner, Sherwin was feted by fellow traveler Kathleen with a rap song about his passions, another birthday gift.

    Friday, some of us went scuba diving and others went snorkeling at Isla Lobos and Kicker Rock. We all saw Galapagos sharks, white tip sharks, a hammerhead shark, and green sea turtles. While scuba diving, I saw a sting ray, a manta ray and an eagle ray, along with many grunts, King angel fish, puffer fish, parrot fish and some orange and purple soft coral growing on the sheer walls of Kicker Rock. In between dives, I snorkeled briefly with “blue fin” Tim, but could hardly keep up with his pace, due to the enormous size of his swim fins. On the way back to Port, we saw a pod of orca whales, numbering at least seven individuals. It was a good day for the sea lion pups to stay on the sidewalks of town! We had 15 minutes to ditch our swim suits and assemble for a trip to the Darwin Interpretive Center, which was a very hot and very interesting place covering both the human and natural aspects of the Galapagos Islands. How were the Galapagos formed? One day millions of years ago, they weren’t there, then the next day, whole landmasses welled up out of the ocean: Molten islands, boiling and slopping about on the surface until they set. Half of the group went back to the hotel to escape the heat, but Frank and a few others climbed Frigate Hill with Pablo to see the harbor and the sunset.

    Saturday, we traveled by boat to Isabella Island via Entebel (birds), Champion Beach on Floreana Island (snorkeling), and Devil’s Crown (an underwater volcano crater). During our snorkel, we were buzzed by sea lions and once underway again, we passed through a school of dolphins. Before dinner we visited the local pink flamingo colony. We spent Sunday hiking on the Sierra Negra volcano, which rises nearly a mile above the ocean floor (round trip eleven miles and two 600 foot elevation gains, with the high point on the caldera measuring 3315 feet per Frank’s GPS). This volcano last erupted in 2005 and its lava blackened crater is the second largest in the world (seven miles wide). We lunched under an isolated tree called “El Jaboncilla” whose shade was very much appreciated, then walked across lava flows of various ages, some of which reached the sea. It was a landscape of black and red rock and very little vegetation, just a few ferns and cactuses.

    Monday morning we toured Port Villamil’s bay in boats, then disembarked on Isleto Tintoreras to see marine iguanas nesting. Afterwards, we snorkeled in the bay to watch them swimming – they eat sea grass off submerged rocks – a regular convoy. We also saw green sea turtles sleeping on the sandy bottom. After lunch, we hiked to a giant tortoise breeding center, where they are incubating tortoise eggs until the babies hatch and grow shells hard enough to survive attacks by domestic animals like dogs, cats, and pigs, then they are released. Following ice cream at the Center, Bronwyn (Sherwin’s wife, no “Winnie” jokes please) and I went to the Wall of Tears, built when there were penal colonies on Isabella. The road to the wall was built by the US Navy during WWII to access radar stations that were monitoring approaches to the Panama Canal to protect it from Japanese air attacks. On our way back to our hotel, we saw five wild giant tortoises, a testament to the success of the breeding center.

    Tuesday morning, we departed Isabella for Isla Santa Cruz, a two hour crossing rough enough to make me sea sick. Upon on arrival, we visited an impressive lava tube in the highlands, which was only discovered in the 1980’s when farm animals started falling into it. The interior coolness of the lava tube was most welcome, since it was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside and 90 percent humidity! Then we walked through an area where a farm borders the National Park and wild tortoises wander freely between the two jurisdictions. After a fresh fish lunch, we lounged in our hotel “Lobo de Mar” because many businesses were closed for Fat Tuesday. Some of the group went kayaking at Tortuga Bay, but I stayed behind to watch the daily catch of tunas and rockfish come in for filleting at the fish market, a process made much more amusing by the crowd of pelicans, seals, gulls and iguanas waiting for their share of the offal.

    Wednesday, we went to the Darwin Research Center to see more on captive tortoise breeding, a land iguana (orange, unlike the black and gray marine iguanas), and to see Lonesome George (the only tortoise from Isla Pinta left in the world, age estimated to be between 90 and 100 years). Repeated attempts to breed him to females with similar DNA have failed, but we watched him trying to mate with a new arrival! After lunch, we left Santa Cruz to return to San Cristobal by boat and stopped to snorkel at Santa Fe Island. There, we saw a huge school of black striped selama fish, a sting ray, a shark, and the ubiquitous green sea turtles and sea lions. It was awesome to watch Crystal free dive into the fish school and watch them part for her. By the end of this trip, Frank and I had 37 new birds on our list, and we learned that all finches in the Galapagos Islands are collectively called Darwin finches, but they are listed separately by their real names in our list.

    On Thursday, we flew back to Quito and enjoyed our final group dinner with birthday-man Sherwin. On Friday, we flew home from Quito via Miami and Dallas. On our 7 am take-off from Quito, I could see four snow covered volcanoes out my plane’s window and later, I saw the Panama Canal as we flew over it. I look forward to reliving this great trip at the post trip party to be themed “Survival of the Fittest”.”
    Clydia Cuykendall – Washington, United StatesMarch 2011
  • Light Footprints

    “This was not a trip. This was a life enriching journey providing a better external and internal understanding of the symbiosis and balance of all living things and our inter-relatedness. This was seen through both evolutionary change over time, and stability over time. How incredible to see a light human footprint in the midst of the still existent beauty, calm, and undisturbed wonders of the Galapagos Islands. It was exquisitely special!”
    Mimi Fields – Washington, United StatesMarch 2011
  • A responsible company which has something great to offer.

    My trip to Peru (Jaguar trip) and Galapagos (Tortugua trip) were EXCELLENT
    from all points of view.
    1- great guiding
    2- great exploration
    3- great ACTIVE rythm
    4- great group dynamic
    and I should say that the staff mainly Sally (Jaguar trip) care a lot

    At beginning because of the altitude with a negative physical reaction I ended up dehydrated, in addition I lost my luggage. The Cusco staff of Active and Sally took very good care of me and what could had been disastrous turn up to be great. I owe much to Sally. Muchas gracias. I wish I would be thirty years less!
    The Galapagos part was more smooth, mind you I had much difficulty with the snorkeling at first. I received the proper help and guiding. I have learned to love snorkeling. At Galapagos Pablo and Ted and the office staff (a young woman) were very nice people. Pablo was also very knowledgeable. Nothing but the best!
    I am working at Parks Canada as a guide interpreter and I can recognize competent people in the field of guiding. I am coming back with the strong impression that Active South America and its staff is a responsible company which has something great to offer.
    Raymond Girardin – Manitoba, CanadaFebruary 2011
  • Galapagos Adventure

    “Great snorkeling, see life, marine life, birds - wow, I was speechless after most of our outings.”
    Michael Orzen – Oregon, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • I was especially impressed with Pablo.

    “I was especially impressed with Pablo. His knowledge and obvious love of the Galapagos was infectious.”
    Larry Peterson – New Jersey, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • A world full of wonders and full of human stories.

    “A world full of wonders and full of human stories. The land-based trip really made the difference for my Galapagos experience. I highly recommend this trip to everyone!”
    Nicole Kunas – New York, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Pablo did a fantastic job

    “Pablo did a fantastic job showing us his islands with all the special animals and environment. He was always looking for some "surprises" and he never disappointed. True Active professionalism and a wonderful person as well.”
    Margaret Boman – Texas, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Extreme Active

    “I really think you need to change your name to Extreme Active-we had no time to even think about getting bored! Our guide Pablo was a gem-even when we had a melt down when told the restaurant was out of beer. A bad joke played on us by a fellow traveler! I highly recommend Active to anyone who wants to get a real work-out and live the Galapagos experience!”
    Lynda Orzen Szeplakay – Oregon, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Tortuga with Pablo

    “We were fortunate to have Pablo as tour guide becasue he is a graduate biologist. His knowledge of flora and fauna is quite complete. His attentiveness to our comfort was also exemplary. Contacts between marine life, land creatures, and all those things that fly were over the top. Definitely a trip for anyone who values imtimate contact with nature and preservation of diversity in living things.”
    Greg Lapic – Washington, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Our guide was the best aspect of our trip.

    “Our guide was the best aspect of our trip. His knowledge of nature, taxonomy, birds, geology and ecology combined with his enthusiasm and passion was outstanding.”
    Sue Suchy – Minnesota, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Our guide, Pablo, made the trip forever memorable.

    “Our guide, Pablo, made the trip forever memorable. His passion for the nature and the people of the islands was very strong. His knowledge was impressive, as he handles all of the questions very strongly. I would strongly recommend this trip to my friends.”
    Dan Rothschild – California, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Galapagos exceeds expectations

    “The close up contact with nature and wildlife was fantastic! The history of the people and culture of the people who currently or previously inhabited the Galapagos Islands was unexpected. There were many activities, yet the intensity was flexible to allow for various levels. I wouldn't trade the island-based trip or the knowledgable and personable guide for anything.”
    Susan Klein-Rothschild – California, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Amazing from start to finish!

    “I wanted to experience the Galapagos for twenty years, and I am so glad I decided on the Active South America trip. They communicated well so we were prepared, and our naturalist was OUTSTANDING. I loved staying on the islands and getting a feel for the true culture, and spending my money in a way that impacts the locals of the Galapagos. This was the trip of a lifetime and I am already recommending this to my friends!”
    Paul Toth – Michigan, United StatesJanuary 2011
  • Honored to have been to Galapagos

    “The term I keep using to describe our trip to the Galapagos is that I was honored to have had the opportunity to visit this incredibly unique place. Traveling with Active South America brought the Islands to life in a way I had not anticipated. Our guide, Pablo, had such passion and interest in the environment and it was contagious. Going on a land based tour was the best way to experience the Islands. We were very peaceful as we watched visitors embark and disembark from dinghys while we sipped our beverages and watched the sunset alongside the residents. We got to see the Islands in a way that no boat based tour could. One of those unique moments was the catching a nightime Census parade and party on San Cristobal. Another was watching a pick up soccer game in a concrete amphitheater in town. The best was while at an early morning breakfast, we watched the lobster catch come in. When a man bought several lobsters, we were able to discern what restaurant he worked at and had fresh lobster off the grill that night for dinner. We really got to be a part of the Islands.
    We were cared for every step of the way and didn't have to worry about anything. It was the trip of a lifetime!”
    Autumn Young – California, United StatesDecember 2010
  • Like a semester abroad packed into one week.

    “This trip was like a semester abroad packed into one week. Educational, informative, and thought provoking.”
    Sophia Jeng – Oregon, United StatesNovember 2010

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