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On the 'Condor', you’ll visit truly some of the most amazing places on Earth, by foot, kayak, bike and boat. Patagonia, for hikers, is always near the top of the bucket list. You’ll enjoy incredible views as you hike in the Fitz Roy area of Argentina, trek in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, cycle Milodon Caves and sea kayak amongst icebergs on Grey Lake. Immense craggy mountain ranges erupt straight up from colossal boulder fields, vast rivers of ice calve into deep blue lakes, and its intricate coastline is strewn with uncharted fiords and inlets. It’s the type of scenery that leaves an indelible impression in your memory – one that photos will never quite manage to replicate. If you have a passion for the outdoors, the 'Condor' is the trip for you!


tim and cynthia - perito moreno glacier hiking

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  • Multi-day ‘W’ trek in Torres del Paine National Park
  • Sea kayak and boat cruise on Grey Lake
  • Visit Otway Sound penguin colony
  • Hike to the base of Monte Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre
  • Visit Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Hike Los Glaciares National Park
  • Bike Puerto Natales

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Sunday — Arrive in Patagonia

Welcome to Chilean Patagonia! The windswept plains of this southern region stretch on for miles, joining Chile’s rugged coastline and majestic mountain peaks into one of the world’s most awe-inspiring mountain environments, perched on the edges of the icy isthmus and fiords of the southern Pacific Ocean. Your trip starts in Punta Arenas, where we’ll pick you up and head directly to Puerto Natales located near the edge of Torres Del Paine National Park, famed for it’s hiking. Tonight, we’ll head out to a local restaurant for our first dinner together.
Hotel IF Patagonia, Puerto Natales (Dinner)

Monday — Start ‘W’ hike, Torres del Paine National Park

Today we’ll begin the legendary four-day ‘W’ hike, an amazing trek among sheer granite peaks, snow-clad mountains, glacial lakes and the thick Magellanic forest. We’ll follow the Rio Acensio Valley as it winds its way up to park’s namesake. As we reach the top of the boulder field near the end of our hike, we’ll come face to face with one of the most famous mountain landscapes in the world – three mammoth granite tombstones rising from the rugged hills and snowcoated mountains of Patagonia to pierce the sky – Torres del Paine (‘Towers of Blue’). At a height of about 900 metres (3000 feet), they are believed to be the highest natural sheer drops in the world. Tonight you’ll sleep well at a cosy refugio (mountain lodge), a welcome sight after a full day’s hike.
Refugio Chileno, Torres del Paine National Park (All meals)

Tuesday — Hike to Los Cuernos, Torres del Paine National Park

It’s an easier hike today, as we contour around the northern shore of Lake Nordenskjold, a glacial lake in the heart of the national park. As we head around the lake, we’ll start to see glimpses of Los Cuernos – Spanish for ‘the Horns’ – three fantastically sculpted grey and white sedimentary and granite peaks rising 244 metres (800 feet). The intense turquoise hue of the lake and starkness of the mountains make for spectacular photo opportunities. This evening, we’ll stay in the shadow of the mountains.
Refugio Los Cuernos, Torres del Paine (All meals)

Wednesday — Hike French Valley, Torres del Paine National Park

We’ll rise with the sun this morning to begin our hike up French Valley for a closer look at Los Cuernos. This ravine is probably one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see – over 1220 metres (4000 feet) deep with multiple glaciers cascading down its steep sides, creating a patchwork of ice and rock. The track steepens as we ascend a ridgeline to the upper French Valley past waterfalls and mountain tarns. At the top, we’ll have incredible views of a massive natural amphitheatre, filled with the awesome French Glacier, the Paine Massif and Cuernos granite towers. This afternoon, we’ll hike to Refugio Paine Grande.
Refugio Paine Grande, Torres Del Paine (All meals)

Thursday — Hike to Grey Glacier, kayak Grey Lake

Grey Glacier is a 200 metre (650 feet) high wall of ice that marks the northern end of Grey Lake. This is one of the largest calving glaciers in the world, sending huge shards of ice – some as big as houses – plummeting into the lake’s murky depths. We’ll hike the lake and meet our specialist kayak guides who will match you with a kayak and provide all the necessary equipment for a unique way to explore Grey Lake, with amazing views of the glacier and icebergs. When we return to shore, we’ll head to Refugio Grey, where we spend our last night in Torres del Paine National Park.
Refugio Grey, Torres del Paine National Park (All meals)

Friday — Scenic cruise across Grey Lake

This morning we’ll exchange kayaks for a boat to take us across Grey Lake, taking in views of the surrounding mountains. When we complete our boat trip, we’ll head back to Puerto Natales, where we started our hike four days ago, for a well earned rest and another tasty meal together.
Hotel IF Patagonia, Puerto Natales (All meals)

Saturday — Travel to El Calafate

Welcome to Argentina! Today we’ll cross the border to the home of Tango, Evita Peron and Diego Maradona. We’ll journey north to El Calafate and Los Glaciares National Park, one of the greatest wilderness areas in South America. It’s also one of the most diverse – in addition to the vast mountain ranges and glaciers, it’s home to forests of guindo, lenga (a type of beech tree) and ñirre scrub, as well as a multitude of lakes and rivers. We’ll arrive in El Calafate in the afternoon, so you’ll have the rest of the day to chill out on the shores of Lago Argentino, South America’s third largest lake, with a surface area of over 1600 square kilometres (617 square miles). You can relax and enjoy your surroundings, or you can head off on one of the many hikes in the area. A particular favourite of ours is the short walk to Laguna Nimes, a renowned bird sanctuary where geese, ducks and flamingos make their home.
Hotel Glaciar Libertador, El Calafate (All meals)

Sunday — Visit Perito Moreno Glacier

If you thought the glaciers in Chile were amazing, today will take your breath away. We’ll get right up close to the base of Perito Moreno Glacier to watch blocks of ice crack off the glacier’s imposing terminal face and fall into the pastel-blue waters of Lago Argentino. This icefield is part of the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water and forms a natural dam to the opposite shore that separates the two halves of Lago Argentino. With no escape route, the water level on the southern side of the lake can rise up to 30 metres (90 feet) above the level of the main lake. An option today, if you want to get really close to the glacier, is to strap on crampons, pick up an ice axe, and take to the ice! Led by specialist glacier guides, you’ll hike through the ice formations of the glacier, checking out its crevasses, seracs, tunnels and pools of glacial meltwater. The constant movement of the glacier means every day is different, so your guides will cut a path in the ice and make sure you make the most of the conditions. No previous experience is required – just let your trip leader know when you arrive in El Calafate if you’re interested in ice hiking and they’ll be happy to organise it for you (ice hiking option approximately US$120).
Hotel Glaciar Libertador, El Calafate (All meals)

Monday — Hike Mirador Laguna Torre

This morning we’ll travel to El Chalten, a charming and remote mountain village, known for its amazing hiking and mountaineering opportunities that quite literally begin on your doorstep. From the heart of this rapidly-growing outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, you can see the tips of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre peaks, as well as the lovely Rio de las Vueltas winding its way past town. We’ll hike through Patagonian drylands and windswept boulder fields to Mirador Laguna Torre (Spanish for ‘Tower Lagoon Lookout’) for heart-stopping views up the Fitz Roy valley to Cerro Torre, a spectacular granite spire looming over a sprawling mass of ice. Today is a relatively relaxing day, in preparation for tomorrow’s big hike into the heart of Los Glaciares National Park!
Hotel Posada del Barranco, El Chalten (All meals)

Tuesday — Hike to Laguna de los Tres

We have a long day’s hike today, but the scenery is stunning. A steady climb from El Chalten rewards us with gorgeous birds-eye views of Rio de las Vueltas. Further on, we’ll take a short side trip to Laguna Capri, a picturesque alpine lake, before continuing to Campamento Poincenot. From here we can look directly up to the towering Monte Fitz Roy. You’ll find it hard to imagine that the views of the brooding Fitz Roy massif could get any better, and you can choose to stay here and take in the views or make the steep climb up to Laguna de Los Tres, at the foot of the glacier. All of a sudden, if you’ve chosen to go on ahead, you’ll reach the crest and be greeted by stunning close-up views of Monte Fitz Roy looming a staggering 2000 metres (6500 feet) above a glacial lake. Today is a real highlight and the views are amazing, no matter how far you get!
Hotel Posada del Barranco, El Chalten (All meals)

Wednesday — Hike Lomo del Pliegue Tumbado

Today’s hike will give you a new appreciation for the incredibly huge and beautiful steep peaks of Southern Patagonia. We’ll begin our hike on the Lomo del Pliegue trail bright and early, embarking on a 900 metres (3000 feet) hike to the top of the rounded lomo (hill). We’ll pass first through the Patagonian beech forest before ascending onto the wide plateau where the views start to become seriously beautiful. Upon reaching the summit, we’ll be greeted by one of the most incredible sights you’re ever likely to see – the towering peak of Monte Fitz Roy rising high above the Torre Glacier and Laguna Torre – just make sure you’ve packed your wide-angle lens to take in all of this view! Later, we’ll descend the trail back down to El Chalten and head onwards to El Calafate, where over dinner we’ll celebrate one of the best hikes anywhere in the world.
Hotel Glaciar Libertador, El Calafate (All meals)

Thursday — Cycle to Cueva Del Milodon

We’ll head south back across the border today, which is a great chance to rest your legs and take in the scenery. After lunch in Puerto Natales, you’ll be provided with a bike for the ride out to the famous ‘Milodon Caves’. At these caves in 1896, the well-preserved remains of a distinct giant sloth (Mylodon darwini) were found. Mylodons roamed the land more than 10,000 years ago and stood at twice the height of an average human! At the entrance to this site, you’ll see an impressive life-size model of this ice age creature. We’ll then ride back to Puerto Natales for a well-deserved dinner and drink.
Hotel IF Patagonia, Puerto Natales (All meals)

Friday — Hike to Otway Sound penguin colony

After a short journey through the Patagonian wilderness, we’ll arrive at Otway Sound and hike to the penguin colony found at the water’s edge. The views of Tierra del Fuego provide a perfect backdrop as we watch the Magellanic Penguins congregate in their masses. These curious birds migrate to Otway Sound every year to lay eggs and raise their young. Later we’ll continue through this amazing landscape to Punta Arenas, where we began our journey, for a celebratory dinner on the last night of our trip.
Hotel Carpa Manzano, Punta Arenas (All meals)

Saturday — Depart for home

This is the end of your 'Condor' trip and you’ll go home knowing you’ve kayaked, biked and hiked your way around one of the most spectacular alpine regions on Earth. Your trip leader will arrange transport to the airport for you, if you’re flying out today, and if you’re staying on, we can help you arrange extra hotel accommodation.
(Breakfast, Lunch)

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Trip Date Status
Nov 16th 2014 – Nov 29th 2014 Almost full Book this trip
Nov 30th 2014 – Dec 13th 2014 Filling up Book this trip
Dec 14th 2014 – Dec 27th 2014 Filling up Book this trip
Dec 21st 2014 – Jan 3rd 2015 Private trip
Dec 28th 2014 – Jan 10th 2015 Filling up Book this trip
Jan 4th 2015 – Jan 17th 2015 Private trip
Jan 11th 2015 – Jan 24th 2015 Filling up Book this trip
Jan 25th 2015 – Feb 7th 2015 Filling up Book this trip
Feb 8th 2015 – Feb 21st 2015 Great Book this trip
Feb 22nd 2015 – Mar 7th 2015 Great Book this trip
Mar 8th 2015 – Mar 21st 2015 Great Book this trip

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Useful Info

Useful Info

Trip start:
If you arrive on the first day of the trip, an Active Adventures South America representative will meet you at the airport at 2.30pm. If you’re already in Punta Arenas you’ll meet your trip leader and the rest of your group at Hotel Carpa Manzano in town at 2pm.

Trip end:
Your trip ends in Punta Arenas, Chile. You can fly out any time on the last day of the trip and we will drop you off at the airport or downtown before noon.

Recommended flights:
If you’re flying in on the first day of the trip, we recommend arriving in Punta Arenas by about 1:30pm on Sunday. Punta Arenas is the main gateway town to Chilean Patagonia and the major airline LAN flies into here. On the last day of your trip, you can fly out at any time. If you want to arrive earlier or leave later, we’re happy to help out with extra hotel accommodation.

During the 4-day/3-night Torres del Paine trek we’re in backcountry lodges with hot showers, threecourse meals, bunk beds and wonderful views! The rest of the time we stay in clean, comfortable, family-owned inns and hotels in the heart of the action.

Details of what’s included in your trip fare are available on the 'What's included?' and 'General information' pages under FAQs. In addition, your 'Condor' trip fare includes ground transportation in Chile and Argentina.

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  • Patagonia Mania

    “I was not entirely sure what to expect from this trip. I had only seen pictures of Torres del Paine. This was an adventure of a lifetime. The scenery is amazing, the hikes are challenging and the culture is unique. Active is a wonderful company. Our guide, Cynthia, was absolutely amazing. Everything was well organized, we didn't have to worry about food and lodging... we could just concentrate on the hikes and the scenery. Dining was a great experience, ranging from hearty meals at the refugios, to delicious beef and lamb dinners at local restaurants. I highly recommend this trip.”
    Brad Higginbotham – Alabama, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Great Mother-Daughter trip

    “The Active Adventures trip turned out to be a wonderful once in a life time event for my daughter and me. We were able to enjoy the beauty of Patagonia, face the challenges of backpacking, ice hiking, kayaking and biking and not have the worry of planning and scheduling and coordinating! Our group was fun, supportive and positive minded, and our guides were fantastic.”
    Kathryn Melsted – Arizona, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Unforgettable Patagonian Adventure

    “After booking our Condor trip I spent 6 months buying clothing and equipment so I would be prepared for all weather and hiking conditions. Patagonia is known for its unpredictable episodes of intense wind and rain. Your packing list was extensive, but I felt fully prepared to layer for each hike which allowed me to take in the sheer beauty of my surroundings in comfort. After a long climb to the bases of Fitz Roy and Los Cuernos, we could only look in awe at the beauty that lay before us! Sebastian, our guide, was efficient, organized and caring. He made our safety a top priority, and with humor and surprise treats, went out of his way to make this trip an unforgettable Patagonian adventure.”
    Ann Smith – California, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Condor January 26th

    “This was an awesome trip! Sebatian was absolutely fabulous and really made the trip memorable. He paid attention to each of us, and made sure that we all got something special along the way that he knew was meaningful. That kind of attention and thoughtfulness is really what made this trip special. I will recommend the Condor trip to anyone intrepid enough to go to the end of the world!”
    Chelle Porper – Massachusetts, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • Just Amazing!

    “I could not have asked for a better trip! Being from a big city, I wanted an active escape into nature. The Active Condor trip provided all that and more. Our guide Sabastian was always going out of his way to ensure everybody was having a good time and that everything was seamless. This was a perfect trip for a single traveler. By the end of our two weeks we felt as part of a family and now I have friends from all over the world. A big thanks to everybody at Active for truly making this a trip of a lifetime!”
    Brandon Hagg – Illinois, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • A trip to remember

    “I have always wanted to go to Patagonia, but wasn't sure I could do it alone. So I signed up with Active Adventure, a decision I certainly did not regret. The scenery was incredible, my traveling companions lots of fun, and the trip well organized and planned out. It was great to have all the logistics taken care of, so we could simply enjoy all that Patagonia had to offer. To top it off, our guide Cynthia was absolutely amazing and made the trip even better!”
    Melanie Eckersley-Maslin – New York, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Patagonia 2014

    “Active has once again provided us with an excellent trip. Having done Active trips in Peru and New Zealand, we had no doubts that this was going to be a great trip. I can't say enough about the guides, Cynthia and Jay. Cynthia's skill, dedication, and organization was remarkable. Jay was a skillful leader and comedian on the W hike. The young man who was our hiking guide at Chalten was also very knowledgable about the geology of the area, making it all the more interesting. We had some of the best and most beautiful hiking ever, and enjoyed delicious meals at a variety of restaurants when staying at hotels. The glacier walk was less impressive for our group, probably because it was cut short due to time. The mountain bike ride should have been more clearly described beforehand. It was clearly not for inexperienced bikers.”
    Sylvia Wallace – Maine, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Trip to the bottom of the earth

    “Just returned from an amazing trip to the bottom of the earth. Grateful for the entire experience of trekking, glacier hikes, good friends, good wine and overwhelmingly beautiful scenery in every direction.”
    Kelly Melsted – DC, United StatesMarch 2014
  • Loved Patagonia - more hiking!

    “This was a wonderful trip. The scenery and hiking is everything that I expected and more. Kayaking on Lago Grey and ice hiking on Grey Glacier were highlights. Hotels were comfortable and restaurants were well chosen with excellent food choices. Our trip leader was professional, friendly, and made the trip seem effortless. A few tweaks to the itinerary, including adding another day of hiking, would bring this to a 5 star trip.”
    Erin Trost – Wisconsin, United StatesMarch 2014
  • 1/26/14 Condor Trip with Sebastian

    “Amazing scenery - rigorous hiking - Sebastian was well organized and kept us on track!”
    Pam Rood – California, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • Patagonia 1-26-2014

    “I would actually rate the trip a 4.5. There are a few trips of a lifetime and this is a must see. Had our group not been as large and diverse, I would have rated it a 5. We had unseasonably good weather and I can see why National Geographic rated Patagonia one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world. The Active trip covers the highlights very well, without rushing the sights. Our guide Sebastian was a great ambassador for his country and I couldn't have asked for better. He is knowledgeable, competent, kind, fun and knows how to handle a vast array of personalities and abilities - letting each traveler get the most out of their trip. I would highly recommend both Active and this trip in particular.”
    Keri Libbe – Michigan, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • Condor

    “Wonderful trip! Our trip leader Sebastian was amazing and the adventure was perfect. We were never bored or without something wonderful to experience. It was a wonderful Patagonia experince and I cannot say enough good things about our leader Sebastian.”
    Judy West – California, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • Postscript

    “On my journey home from Patagonia I sat next to the window on the flight from Punta Arenas to Santiago and peered out at the mountains below. Waves of turbulent rock pierced frothy clouds. There was the great Southern Chile ice field, flowing glaciers and icy lakes. I had to pinch myself - I WAS THERE!”
    Jamie Deming – New York, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • Condor with Sebastian

    “This was truly everything I expected and more. This was a fantastic active adventure. The wild wind of Patagonia blew into my heart. Sebastian is a real asset to your trip. He effortlessly organized all the details so that we could just enjoy the trip without a care. We kept saying to him, you are working so hard, how can you do this all, he would reply "I love it" and I believe him, he loves his work and does it well. I don't know who your other leaders are, but we are glad Sebastian led our group.”
    Virginia Jensen – California, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • Fly like a Condor (we saw quite a few of them)

    “A terrific trip, really active and I had a great time with wonderful new friends, and our trip leader Sebastian was outstanding.”
    Dave Smallwood – Missouri, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • Consider renaming the company "Cynthia Adventures"

    “The trip was very well planned, providing a smooth, comfortable and relaxing (while active!) experience. But the real jewel of the trip was our guide, Cynthia - you have the best active adventure guide on our pale blue dot working for your company. We can't wait to take another trip with Active, and we'll be seeking her out specifically!”
    Chase Stoudenmire – South Carolina, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • Charlie's Thoughts on Condor

    “Many vacations leave one with happy memories but veterans of the Condor adventure leave Patagonia with a sense of accomplishment as well.”
    Charlie Hatton – Connecticut, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • Great trip

    “Guides were very knowledgeable and were able to flex with the unpredictable weather conditions. Great group of people on the trip as well.”
    Pete Caretto – California, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • Patagonia

    “The trip was a fantastic experience. The scenery was spectacular. The food and company was really great. The whole experience was enhanced by our guide whose professionalism and helpfulness made the trip one I shall always remember.”
    Brian Goldstraw – New South Wales, AustraliaJanuary 2014
  • Amazing Patagonia - So glad we had Active to guide us!

    “We had such an incredible time on our Condor trip. It lived up to its name too, we saw plenty of condors! Sebastian was a fantastic guide - he really cared about making our trip as worry-free and enjoyable as possible. He has been leading this trip for five years and it shows - he knows so many little tricks that make all the difference in having streamlined logistics. He is also a fantastic story-teller and we learned so much about Chilean and Argentine culture (and humor!) from him. There were SO many occasions that we were glad to have Sebastian's knowledge, expertise, and resources to shepherd us! The trip itself was simply incredible. It's hard to decide what I enjoyed the most: from the grandeur of Torres del Paine Park and Monte Fitz Roy to the glacier walk, the kayaking and more. Then there was the delectable pisco sours, wine, fish, and steak to enjoy with Sebastian's tales. For me, it was worth every penny for the trip of a lifetime!”
    Melanie Braunbeck – Arizona, United StatesDecember 2013
  • A Condor in El Dorado

    “Thank you to all at Active Adventures for making my Condor trip a truly amazing experience. The hikes took us through some of the best scenery in the world. The beauty is hard to describe but the overwhelming splendour of the rock formations, the surprisingly varied colours of the lakes and glaciers and the wind-defying flowers enriches the soul and humbles the mind - an uplifting spiritual experience. We walked, kayaked and cycled through El Dorado and came back with golden pixels and shiny memories that will rejuvenate the weariest of souls for a very long time. My only concern on this trip was deciding where to point my camera next! We saw some amazing sights but kayaking amongst the icebergs of Grey Lake was uplifting and out of this world. A good balance of varied activities was undertaken and at no point did we spend too much time travelling on buses. The group was guided by an amazing leader (Sebastian) who went out of his way to ensure that all our needs were met, tolerated no gremlins and went out of his way to facilitate making special requirements a reality. Thank you Sebastian for always being friendly and waiting patiently for me to finish taking yet another photograph. When we did have an unfortunate injury to one of the hikers (broken leg), true professionalism was shown in the way in which the injured person was taken care of, never left alone with strangers and was evacuated from rough terrain in a remote region to receive the required medical attention in a city hospital. A well organized and fantastic trip.”
    Dieter Kieck – Gauteng, South AfricaDecember 2013
  • Condor December 1-15 2013

    “A fabulous experience unparalleled anywhere else I have trekked. From the scenery to the food to the fellow trekkers ... a once-in-a lifetime adventure.”
    Paul Loch – Florida, United StatesDecember 2013
  • “The trip was very well organised and executed. I thought Sebastian did a marvelous and skilled job. There were a few things that didn't go as planned/desired and he handled these situations very well. He's also very proud of Chile and to be Chilean. It showed and added to the experience that he wanted us to have admiring the best of Chile.”
    Marilyn Williams – Washington, United StatesDecember 2013
  • Condor - November 2013

    “All the guides - in every activity - had to be among the, if not the, very best. We never floundered as a group. As on every occasion, complicated or unforeseen, Sebastian or the guide or guides in charge cleverly and thoughtfully worked through to a solution. This was a heart stopping, heart quickening, heart filling adventure.”
    Mary Jane Swindley – Washington, United StatesDecember 2013
  • Wowsers

    “What an amazing part of the world! Really recommend it and the tour guides with Active were just brilliant - wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly so much without their stories, advice, help, jokes, etc, etc! Highly recommended.”
    Marie Davies – , United KingdomDecember 2013
  • Patagonia - 11/18 to 11/30/13

    “This trip met and exceeded all of our expectations in every possible way! Our guide, Sebastian, was amazing.”
    Marge Keskin – New York, United StatesDecember 2013
  • Condor Nov 2013

    “My Patagonia experience was top notch! I had my mind set on Patagonia since 2012 and when I began researching I didn't understand why I couldn't find more competitive pricing packages and a wider array of tour companies. Now I understand why! Exploring Patagonia is an art that no oversell convenience packaging like Living Social or Groupon can mimic. Active got it right. For starters, the Pack List to FAQs was spot on! (I couldn't believe that I used every single item that I packed). The W-trek was amazing – challenging and rewarding! The selection of cities and quaint hotels was a far cry from typical international tourist traps. Sebastian and the guides we had for segments of the trip were professional and knowledgeable - it was obvious that they each thoroughly enjoyed educating teams of folks about the history and topography that make Patagonia the 8th wonder of the world.”
    Adrienne Ewing – DC, United StatesDecember 2013
  • Awesome

    “Awesome is the only word that comes near describing the delights experienced on our Condor experience. Over the years we have wandered this fabulous world and seen unbelievable sights, met unforgettable people and am still amazed what is out there to be discovered. For us Fitzroy was the crowning glory. The sight of this mountain will stay with me forever. I have given up trying to explain to others the joy this mountain can bring and try and convince them to put on a pair of boots and start walking.”
    Dick Wilson – New South Wales, AustraliaDecember 2013
  • Fantabulously Sceneragous Journey

    “This was a journey for the senses. The scenery is straight out of a fantasy of the mind, something only the Spielberg crew could conjure up; the photos are proof!
    The sense of euphoria was sealed each day with great company gathered around the dinner table for exceptional food and drink.
    The hiking, as advertised, is world class. Plenty of terrain variety, but it was difficult keeping you eyes on the trail as the unfolding panoramas continuously vied for their attention.
    Active just could not have chosen a better guide than Cynthia! She is so in tune to people and makes everyone feel special. Her picks for dining were superb. The books are wrong, there's plenty of variety in Patagonia.
    What a nice treat to also have Lynett from Active join this trip. She is a pleasure to be around and was a big influence on the group keeping upbeat and laughing.
    There simply are not enough superlatives to describe this trip.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to Active Adventures. Keep up the fantastic job putting world-class adventures together and you are sure to keep Ali and myself hooked when considering "Where next"

    Ron Bortz – Pennsylvania, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Still cuttin' it at 67.

    “I was apprehensive since my wife is six years younger and a trail runner. I had given up the real vigorous exercise pretty much with some exceptions. So the trip, which was pretty vigorous, especially the first week, was quite an accomplishment for me and made the beer at the end of the day with my good friends in the group, was very satisfying. And I had been thinking of Patagonia for many years. I knew it would be sensational. And it was.”
    Rick Kalamaya – Colorado, United StatesMarch 2013
  • This was our second amazing trip with Active Adventures.

    “Patagonia. Most people have no idea where it is. But we do! Bill and I had a fantastic experience in this vast area with our knowledgeable and caring guide...Cynthia. But it felt like "two for one", as our group was joined by Lynette, a familiar name from Active-Adventures Client Services. We know that Cynthia was working hard (as everything flowed seamlessly) but it seemed that she was one of the group. Our entire group felt that it was our own unique, special vacation. This was our second amazing trip with Active Adventures. Meals were great, logistics smooth and the attention to detail was excellent. The views... unforgettable!”
    Barbara Glinski – Florida, United StatesMarch 2013
  • A reason to renew your passport - Patagonia

    “Our Condor trip was an amazing adventure; rich in activity, great food and accommodations, heavenly scenery and the most fun new friends one could hope to meet. All of this guided by such kind, knowledgeable and caring guides. What are you waiting for? Book it. We are already looking at other trips to take with Active.”
    Nanci Kalamaya – Colorado, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Soaring with the Condors...

    “My Condor Patagonia trek was truly amazing ... one of those experiences that grows better with time. Our guide Cynthia made all of our transitions seamless so that all we had to do was to enjoy this awesome experience.”
    Stephanie McKay – Colorado, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Highly recommended!

    “I just returned from my second trip with Active Adventures. The Condor was a thoroughly gratifying vacation experience. Cynthia was an amazing guide. She was knowledgable, flexible, and even gave great food suggestions ;) Cynthia worked very well with our local guides and took great care of all members of the group. THe accomodations were in great locations and the food was top notch! Overall, I would absolutely recommend this trip to Patagonia!”
    Jessica Orzechowski – California, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Hiking is amazing in Patagonia

    Dora Jane Flesher – Arkansas, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Condor exceeded expectations

    “I used as my basis of expectations, the Tui trip we took 5 years ago with Active New Zealand. The Condor trip exceeded everything that is expected of a "bucket list" trip.”
    Michael Shannon – Texas, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Talk about Active!

    “Our adventure was non-stop activity, never a dull moment! Be prepared for anything, especially the weather changes! All good fun!!”
    Benny Benson – Puntarenas, Osa, Costa RicaMarch 2013
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    “If you are looking for a trip that is both fun, enjoyable, and keeps you active, this is the trip for you. The scenery is something you will only believe when you see it. Every day was better than the previous one. The direction that we traveled, W trek first, then Argentina was the best. The weather was mild, a little cold and windy in the mornings, but after hiking for a few minutes you were ready to take off a layer or two.”
    Sonja Shannon – Texas, United StatesMarch 2013
  • Our guides did a wonderful job of sharing Patagonia with us.

    “I truly enjoyed touring with Active South America. Our guides did a wonderful job of sharing Patagonia with us. Everyone in our group was age 50+. We all were able to complete each hike and see the great sites Patagonia has to offer.”
    Peggy Benson – Puntarenas, Osa, Costa RicaFebruary 2013
  • A True Getaway!

    “I was looking for a break - mind and body - from my everyday and Condor really delivered! Patagonia is out of this world (almost literally), the group was fantastic, the activities were challenging but not too overwhelming, and Cynthia as our guide was absolutely fantastic - a true people person who ensured success of the trip and group. I definitely recommend this trip!”
    Sara Costello – Maryland, United StatesFebruary 2013
  • Condor Trip with Bill and Bob Jan./Feb.2013

    “The trip was enjoyable primarily because Cynthia ensured that our needs were taken care of and was well organized. It was my FIRST and I may have been a little overwhelmed. i.e.loved the scenery but suffered a bit physically. i.e. my knees still aren't talking to me, which is fine. It was a learning experience.
    My comment to improve the trip (which may not be possible) is somehow to rearrange the last two days (caves and penguins, which are somewhat filler, to get us back to Puntas Arenas such that those two days can incorporate some whale watching instead.
    Again, I appreciated Cynthia's work and organization and would take another trip with her (if I can get my knees to agree :>)”
    Bill Dumencu – Ontario, CanadaFebruary 2013
  • Condor - Patagonia - truly awesome in so many ways.

    “This trip was truly awesome in so many ways. Each day was filled with continuous fun activity. The 4-day W-circuit through Torres del Paine hiking was fabulous and a great challenge. The ice hiking was quite different and really great - loved it and wished we could've done another day. Kayaking was also great surrounded by icebergs and glaciers - it was like being in a postcard! Thanks so much for a great time and experience.”
    Gina Danca – Massachusetts, United StatesFebruary 2013
  • Like walking in a postcard!

    “It was like walking through a postcard! Amazingly majestic, beautiful and serene!”
    Ally Gaylor – Indiana, United StatesFebruary 2013
  • I DID IT!

    “At 70 I was concerned that I had committed to more than I could do with Active South America's Condor trip. With the patient guidance of our wonderful guide, Cynthia, I made it through the W Trek with many wonderful pictures to boot. The weather gods smiled on us as we heard many times, "The top of that mountain is not usually visible, what views you have today we normally don't see." Spectacular country.”
    Lynn Montgomery – Ontario, CanadaFebruary 2013
  • Hikers paradise

    “A wonderful trip, containing some of the best trekking in the world. The "W" trek is only one of the many highlights contained in this trip. The ice trekking is optional (maybe it should be included in the itinerary) but it is an activity not to be missed. The tour leader, Cynthia, is very attentive and runs the trip very smoothly. I would, without hesitation, recommend this trip!! Go ahead, book it.”
    Tony Collier – Dublin 7, Ireland (Republic of)February 2013
  • Sweet South America!

    “I thought I was going to have a great time but this trip surpassed all my expectations. From the fun but challenging hikes to the awesome dinners, every detail was covered. All the guides were professional and knowledgeable - which left me to focus on one thing, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful part of the world I was in.”
    Melonie Frank – Colorado, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • A wonderful trip, very well organised.

    “In quite a short time, I was able to see the most Patagonia's highlights. And I enjoyed meeting the most interesting people on the trip.”
    Igor Gorbonosov – , Russian FederationJanuary 2013
  • The Condor trip in Patagonia exceeded all expectations!

    “The Condor trip in Patagonia exceeded all expectations! Our guide, Cynthia, could not have done a better job. The scenery was stunning, and the group was great!!”
    Mitzi Boerger – Minnesota, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Condor trip - a breathtaking experience

    “Patagonia was just a dream for a very long time. Participating in the Condor trip and suffering the long walks with superb views far exceeded my expectations. Definitely it was a breathtaking experience.”
    Mercedes Rodriguez – Del. Alvaro Obregon, MexicoJanuary 2013
  • Condor 2012 - an overall A.

    “I give this trip an overall A.
    Thank you”
    Bita Sistani – California, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Incredible Patagonia

    Lorna Thomas – California, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Patagonian adventure

    “Trip was great and we were like a family, thanks to Cynthia, Jay and Diego who made all the difference. We had a wonderful Christmas. Great guys, and I am sure others felt the same.”
    Venu Reddy – , United KingdomJanuary 2013
  • The Condor trip was amazing, truly a memorable experience.

    “The Condor trip was amazing, truly a memorable experience. Saw breathtaking scenery and met a bunch of great new friends. Cynthia was awesome!”
    Raymond Kwong – California, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Patagonia at it's best

    “What a fantastic trip. A great group of people, amazing scenery, wonderful weather and Cynthia was just the best tour leader! A superb way to spend Christmas.”
    Judith Wilson – Midlothian, United KingdomJanuary 2013
  • Another wonderful Active Trip

    “Take plenty of camera memory - the views on the Condor trip are never ending! The 4 day trek (though it turned into five - even better) in Torres Del Paine National Park was the highlight - just the right mix of challenge, views, and creature comforts. All of the guides were exceptional and the two weeks went without a hitch. Cynthia did an amazing job.

    Being a senior citizen, I was most pleased that I was able to keep up on all of the hiking and other activities.”
    Alan Moore – Nova Scotia, CanadaDecember 2012
  • 45 Year Wait to Realise a Lifetime Ambition

    “Awesome, amazing adventure and that is only the A's. Cynthia our lovely guide is so organised, such a treasure she needs a medal to have kept all of us under control!!”
    Tricia Lacey – Nottingham, United KingdomDecember 2012
  • Condor trip and our guides

    “Condor trip is and will be always an outstanding destination, regardless of weather winds and all... for nature there speaks volumes but to have had such excellent guides, namely Cynthia and Jayd made this trip all the more unique... man they really infuse energy and vibration on every moment of our hike, come rain or shine or very strong winds for that matter. We had a wonderful time together all along our " enterprise " the group was small and united and the mood was always good...thank you all.”
    Daniel Beildeck – Rio Da Janeiro, BrazilDecember 2012
  • Positively Patagonia in all its glory!

    “Two weeks trekking, bussing, kayaking and various other modes of movement through spectacular scenery provided us with one of the most diverse fortnights of our lives. From basking in the southern sun savouring a lovely lunch in Puerto Natales to being swept up in a sudden snowstorm on the W we felt we truly were able to get a taste of this vast and unique part of the world.”
    Jason Winkler – British Columbia, CanadaDecember 2012
  • Always Active

    “Active found a way to pack so many great activities into such a short period of time, and the amazing guides were always there to keep the energy up and make sure everyone was having an awesome time.”
    Matt Kelly – California, United StatesDecember 2012
  • Torres Del Cynthia - Another trip of a lifetime.

    “Another trip of a lifetime. Some of the most stunning scenery I have witnessed from enormous glaciers and icebergs to stunning rock pillars and towering mountains. This trip had it all for me. The guiding was of the highest order and the food and accommodation a lot better than I had expected in such remote areas.”
    Alan Gaunt – Kent, United KingdomDecember 2012
  • I really thought that this trip was up there with the very best

    “Torres Del Cynthia. I really thought that this trip was up there with the very best experiences I have had. The scenery was stunning virtually all the way. The company was lively and friendly but the star was Cynthia who made us all feel so at ease and comfortable. The only black mark on the whole thing was having to use tents one night. It happened to be blowing a hoolie and snowing but overall 10 out of 10.”
    Joan Gaunt – Kent, United KingdomDecember 2012
  • Short Condor Trip - We plan to use Active again in the future!

    “We had a great trip & really appreciate the flexibility of shortening the trip to allow us to head over to Easter Island while we were in the Southern Hemisphere! Everything was a little nicer/fancier than I had expected... which is much better than having it work out in the other direction! We plan to use Active again in the future!”
    Dwight Burk II – Alaska, United StatesJuly 2012
  • Sensational South America

    “Our trip down to Chile and Argentina with Cynthia was absolutely phenomenal! Having previously travelled down to New Zealand with Active, we knew we could certainly expect another trip of a lifetime, but we had no idea just how unforgettable it would be. Active has the uncanny ability to bring such a variety of people (different backgrounds, different ages, different personalities, different ability levels) together on each trip to form an extended family vacation. Having the itinerary planned each day such that all you have to keep track of are the camera and any stragglers allows for continuous, stress-free, breath-taking adventures every moment of the trip!”
    Julie Gliesing – Texas, United StatesMay 2012
  • Incredible hiking adventure

    “The "W" hike was very challenging and well worth the climb. The 3 hikes out of El Chalten were also wonderful.”
    Monk Mann – Nevada, United StatesMay 2012
  • “I had the most amazing time of my life. I did everything I wanted to do and more with people who were strangers on the first day and firm friends by the second day.
    Everybody was climbing and hiking many mountains together, the physical ones and the life ones and we all did it together.”
    Margaret Fraser-Martin – New South Wales, AustraliaMay 2012
  • Guides - excellent - no complaints

    “Guides - excellent - no complaints
    Itinerary / transport - well put together to accommodate scheduled activities
    * tramping - excellent, flexible, v good
    * kayaking - recommend deleting.
    Venue and sights / experience available poor
    * mountain biking - recommend deleting or completely revising - poor experience
    Accommodation - variable but generally not up to scratch for trip of this cost - * Punta Arenas - carpo manzano - rooms not sound proof; unreliable internet connection
    * el chalten - ? - no internet
    Meals - v good
    Cost - too high for trip with this level of accommodation and using public transport”
    Graeme Brown – Southland, New ZealandApril 2012
  • Patagonia adventures

    “Really enjoyed the trip - great group, great guide, fantastic weather, good food and a good itinerary. Patagonia and the trip exceeded expectations”
    Cath Watson – Southland, New ZealandApril 2012
  • Patagonia-more than just clothes

    “I had heard great things about hiking in Patagonia from several people. Turns out, I hadn't heard nearly the whole story. From start to finish, this was an amazing trip. The landscape and scenery is as good as it gets. Sweeping vistas of snow capped peaks, meandering rivers, colorful valleys, Condors riding the thermals, massive granite towers, glaciers and alpine lakes of jade and turquoise. It was the kind of trip which invigorates the body and spirit. The tour leader was amazing in every way. Sweet and caring and knowledgable and willing to do anything to make our time as enjoyable as possible. The hikes were definitely challenging, but the rewards were well worth the effort. Food and accommodations were top notch, even in the more remotes areas. We were lucky to be in a group of terrific people, but I think the natural beauty of the land and the tireless efforts of Cinthia, our guide, would have made the vacation awesome, no matter what.”
    Chris Trend – New Jersey, United StatesApril 2012
  • Great Hiking

    “This trip included some of the best, most beautiful hiking I have done. The trip was generally well planned, so it felt like a real vacation. The food we ate was much better than I expected.”
    Nathaniel Davis – California, United StatesApril 2012
  • Well Organised tour, showing the highlights of Patagonia

    “The tour enabled the group to get a great feel for the Patagonian region in a two week trip. Cynthia, the tour leader was great, ensuring the trip ran smoothly and catering for everyones needs: activity wise, diet wise and really made the trip! If you have a fortnight of annual leave to spare to explore Patagonia and want a stress free well organised tour, than I think your money is well spent on this trip.”
    Philip Watson – Southland, New ZealandApril 2012
  • Condor Trip Feb 19 - March 3

    “What a fabulous trip! Patagonia is amazing, from the sights that will take your breath away to the people that will welcome you with a smile and open arms. Not knowing the language, I imagined I would feel overwhelmed. Cynthia was a fantastic bridge between cultures, always available to assist with traslations and constantly educating the group about the area and the people. Her love for the region is obvious and her excitement absolutely contagious! Fantastic trip with a fantastic leader!”
    Kelsey Gliesing – Texas, United StatesApril 2012
  • Didn't want to come home

    “Our Condor trip was amazing. Our guide, Cynthia, was always prepared, organized, and smiling, and went out of her way to make sure everyone was happy and comfortable.
    The hiking trails were well-maintained and took us to magnificent places, but the hikes are definitely not for couch potatoes!
    Accomodations were clean and more modern than I expected, with friendly staff. The food was exceptional, with plenty of vegetarian options.
    Overall, I'd give it an A+!”
    Carolyn Trend – New Jersey, United StatesApril 2012
  • Amazingly fun adventure

    “The Condor is a great trip that hits the key spots in the Southern Patagonia region in a relatively short period of time (some of us have schedules, unfortunately). Its great for anyone into hiking and the outdoors. Amazing photography opportunities with wonderful people await on action packed days of outdoor adventure.”
    Tim Edge – California, United StatesApril 2012
  • Patagonia with Cynthia and Active SA!

    “What an amazing trip. Much more than I expected. The scenery, the people and the weather cooperating every day. It was wonderful to spend time with like minded travel friends. We all got to know each other by doing what we love.
    Keep up the good work!

    This is my third active trip.

    Cynthia was great at the organization of each stop and she made sure each participant was really for each day. She also has great networking skills, we ate at some great restaurants, got to try local food and meet some amazing people in each place we expected.”
    Theresa Maisen – California, United StatesApril 2012
  • A REASONABLY FIT 19thirtyniner's + REVIEW

    “Your mission statement does what it says Cynthia is an outstanding guide and leader There are too many highlights to mention every day produced an "awesome" moment! Iwould certainly recommend it to my friends as the hike of a lifetime.”
    David Baird – County Down, United KingdomMarch 2012
  • good trip , great guide but needs some itinery changes

    Stephen Morris – New South Wales, AustraliaMarch 2012
  • Condor Trip Highlights

    “Patagonia weather,we discovered, is very unpredictable and so our Condor trip did not follow the itinerary as printed in the brochure. The day could start out sunny and warm but by days end it could have snowed. this meant our guide Cynthia and the local guide had to monitor the weather and at times plans were altered. Because of the high winds our kayaking trip was cancelled, however a beautiful half day trek took its place. That was one of the highlights for me. The mountain scenery was picturesque and we got wonderful views of condors on the wing and on the way there we had seen a small flock flamingos on a lake. The day we trekked up to see the Torre del Paine was overcast, wet, cold and on the way to the view as we trekked through the forest it snowed. It was spectacular. At the top, the mountains were covered it thick cloud but as we waited the cloud gradually lifted until the Torre del Paine towered above. It was magical . That was a highlight. The day we were to trek along the shore of Lake Nordenskjold and up the French Valley the wind was so strong that we had to be very watchful of the squalls of wind driven water blowing off the lake. Often we were drenched through and forced to run for cover or be blown over. At the French Glacier we could barely stand the wind was so strong. It was exhilarating. The next day the lake was like a mirror and the weather sunny and hot. It was amazing to experience these contrasts. The night before it had rained heavily and when it came to the river crossing it looked too dangerous to cross. Jay, the local guide, spent quite some time finding the safest spot to cross but this still meant wading across a raging stretch of river. It was an achievement to succeed without being washed away!! In Argentina the highlight was seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier. It is immense and you need to see it first hand to appreciate how magnificent it is. Another highlight was finding woodpeckers in the beech forest near El Chalten. I would like to say that our view of Monte Fitz Roy was a highlight but the weather was poor and thick cloud hid the peaks each day ( I saw Fitz roy from the plane as we flew up to Santiago). The highlight for that part of the trip was our hike up Lomo del Pliegue and the view was beautiful despite Fitz Roy still hidden in thick cloud.”
    Rosemary Morris – New South Wales, AustraliaMarch 2012
  • “we had a wonderful time...would recommend this trip to anyone interested in patagonia”
    Melanie Locke – Minnesota, United StatesMarch 2012
  • Not a bad pic to erase from the camera!!

    “Awesome trip. Not a bad pic to erase from the camera!!”
    Shelia Spray – Ohio, United StatesMarch 2012
  • “I can't think of a better way to tour Patagonia! Active South America made everything so simple and organized that all I had to think about was having fun!”
    Jennifer Welter – Illinois, United StatesMarch 2012
  • Believe it or not, this was our FOURTH Active trip...

    “Incredible Condor Trip! Believe it or not, this was our FOURTH Active trip... and we were again very impressed with how well organized they all have been and what amazing guides we have had. Thanks so much for providing us with yet another trip of a lifetime.”
    Emilie Corcoran – California, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • The Greatest Backpacking/treking vacation we've done!

    “We're hikers, so we knew in general what to expect from a backpacking trek, but your mountains are higher than ours & we're not the youngest hikers around, so were a little aprehensive. We needen't have worried. our experience had prepared us well! The trails in Patagonia were some of the best we've encountered, especially considering that the treks in both Torres del Paine and Glaciares National Parks are extremely popular. No roots, rocks etc for the most part and only "scrambles" toward the end of one hike... AND we only packed our OWN clothes & shared supplies added. The rewards were the most spectacular views we've ever seen!!! FANTASTIC! I'd do it again in a heartbeat.”
    Sue Dougherty – New York, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • Patagonia - A trip to remember!

    “This was truly an ACTIVE trip. We hiked in the presence of impressive mountains and glaciers in wonderful weather. This was a new part of the world for me to see and I loved it!”
    Douglas Smith – New York, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • Patagonia, jaw-dropping beautiful

    “The 'trip of a lifetime' cliche really applied to this one. The Rio Acensio Valley hike was beautiful. It's hard to match the classic Torres del Paine view you get when you pop over the final ridge, but the two big hikes near Fitz Roy did just that. Awesome hikes. We missed out on the French Valley hike due to the fires, but Active excels at adjusting to meet circumstances. They took us up the Bader Valley instead. Everyone in the group thought it was a great hike with great views. Given the circumstances there was nothing but praise for picking this hike.

    The guides and the group help make Active trips so special, and our guide, Cynthia, was a perfect example; knowledgeable and caring. She's the best.

    This was my second Active trip and I'm ready to sign up for a third.”
    Ken Burns – Massachusetts, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • Super hikers - Third trip with Active and never a disappointment

    “Third trip with active and never a disappointment. Always giving me cherished memories to last a lifetime. Meeting great people who have and will become lifelong friends”
    Rachel Niccoll – New York, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • Beautiful Patagonia

    “Our trip was fantastic, a perfect introduction to a land that we would have hesitated to visit entirely on our own. Well planned and guided by highly skilled and delightful people. I highly recommend this organization.”
    Ann Gebhart – New Mexico, United StatesJanuary 2012
  • Is there a more spectacular place on earth?

    “If there is, I haven't seen it, and I've traveled a lot. Words and photos can't begin to convey how breath-taking Patagonia is, and with Active, we could not have gotten a closer look. There's a lot to experience, and in a short time for such a large area, I left knowing I had seen the highlights. Active is experienced, professional, and most important, fun. Thanks for a really memorable adventure!”
    Jon Prime – New York, United StatesJanuary 2012
  • quiet your mind and open your heart

    “I was expecting the worst weather and was surprised by the beautiful blue skies and sun each day. Every moment I had my breath taken away by all the beauty that was around me at each turn. I was so trilled to be reunited with the most amazing young women and guide Cynthia. A true jewel to your company her love for this country is contagious and made me want to cash in my ticket home and stay and continue to hike this powerful land and feel its energy under my feet as well as reaching for the top of each peak I was blessed to see and breathe into my soul. Thank you again for yet another fabulous active adventure, and more in the future to come.”
    Janice Williamson – New York, United StatesJanuary 2012
  • Our trip into Patagonia Argentina and Chile was a trip of a life

    “The weather was unusually warm with a cool breeze, making the trail ideal for hiking, viewing the sureal scenery, and even dipping toes into a frigid glacial lake. The trip was fully booked; there were 12 of us total with people from the US, New Zealand, Australia and even Finland. With such a diverse group, we were all amazingly compatible, and friendships were quickly made. Our guide Cynthia helped keep things running smoothly and showed us some amazing sights and pointed out details of the land around us that we might have otherwise missed. Even though this trip was a bit more expensive than the other options we reviewed, I think it was well worth it. We had a limited amount of time available to spend, and Active South America consolidated some of the best areas to visit with travel arrangements included, making our action-packed adventure run smoothly.”
    Heather Robbins – Alaska, United StatesJanuary 2012
  • Condoring it with Cynthia

    “The condor has a view like no other creature of the beauty of Patagonia. But hiking and trekking it with Cynthia is just about equal to that - she and her guides lead us to some of the most magnificent views in all the world!! And the food and lodging ain't bad either:-) A highly recommended trip for those who like to wander.”
    Ed Cassot – New York, United StatesDecember 2011
  • Miracles of Duct tape

    “The trip was incredible and the W hike was unforgettable! I came to appreciate the wonders of Duct tape - don't forget it...”
    Mark Wiley – Kansas, United StatesApril 2011
  • Condor - Our guide Cynthia was the best tour guide I've ever had

    “Our guide Cynthia was the best tour guide I've ever had. The logistics of the trip were flawless and all of the local guides she contracted were of the highest calibre specifically Jahid in Chile and Lucianao in Argentina. The group wanted for nothing and Cynthia's attention to the needs of each of the 13 guests was beyond all expectations. We all made lifetime friends that would not have been possible without Cynthia's ability to take away all of concerns of the trip”
    John Farris – California, United StatesApril 2011
  • Patagonia - Priceless

    “This is my second trip with Active Adventures and you have done it again! You have given me a life time experience that will never be forgotten. Your attention to detail, knowledge and personal attributes of the guides, well thought out treks and rest periods and the quality of accomodations and food remains outstanding.”
    Ivette Berrios – Dubai , United Arab EmiratesMarch 2011
  • My dad and me in Patagonia

    “We had an amazing time in Patagonia. Cynthia and all of the local guides (especially J) made it possible for both of us to participate in the trip to the maximum. I got in the long hikes, and my dad saved his knees so he could complete the W-hike. The care that Cynthia took of both of us allowed us to have this incredible time together that we never could have in any other way. I came home ready to take another Active Trip. People talk about life changing trips, and I never knew what they were talking about, but now I do.”
    LuAnne Thompson – Washington, United StatesMarch 2011
  • Active trips continue to amaze and exceed all expectations.

    “Active trips continue to amaze and exceed all expectations. Just when I thought Active New Zealand was the trip of a lifetime and could not be replicated, along comes Active South America - Patagonia. This trip was just as unbelievable, fun, and memorable. Once again, I was extremely fortunate to be surrounded by fun, active, joie de vie group of travellers and another outstanding trip leader. Not enough words can describe Cynthia - a free spirited, passionate, generous, warm, caring, loving, and extraordinary special soul. She made us feel like a family and made it very difficult to part ways after only 14 days. She showed us why Pataganoia is such a special place and I cannot tell you how much I miss it so. Once again, I made wonderful friendships and hope to cross paths with each individual. Thank you for another life-changing trip.”
    Sharon Su – Rhode Island, United StatesMarch 2011
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the trip

    “Thoroughly enjoyed the trip (particularly the fantastic views) and meeting all the people in our group. After 2 weeks of being together, it felt a bit lonely traveling without the whole group.”
    Jonathan Leung – , Hong KongMarch 2011
  • 5 stars

    “Wonderful trip!”
    Richard Lamm – Colorado, United StatesMarch 2011
  • We had an awesome trip perfectly organized

    “We had an awesome trip perfectly organized, with a nice group, a lovely tour guide in a sensational beautiful landscape. Traveling can be so easy!”
    Nicole Kunas – New York, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Beautiful Patagonia

    “If you are thinking of going to Patagonia, Active South America is the best way to go. You will have many different activities and the services of a knowledgeable and friendly guide. This is a great way to see part of Chile and Argentina. We had a wonderful time and may be back for a different trip in the future.”
    Laxman Iyer – Illinois, United StatesJanuary 2011
  • The trip was excellent

    “The trip was excellent, and we thank you for providing an excellent guide, Cynthia. She had a small group made up of well experienced world travellers to deal with, and we appreciated her expertise in getting things done. We adapted well to unexpected situations such as the heavy rain on our first day at El Chelton, and Cynthia's decision to have pizza and wine at the hotel rather than going out for dinner was good for all of us. Throughout the trip, Cynthia was professional and perceptive of our needs; she was also candid about some of her experiences with large more challenging groups. If your travel company can make enough on small groups (4 - 6 clients per guide), please do so.”
    William Lawson – Ontario, CanadaJanuary 2011
  • Was glad I chose Active

    “The trip was very well planned and we had really no problems. I talked with other in the Refugios that were with other groups, and they did NOT have the same experience. Cynthia was just wonderful as a guide, and she made sure we were all having a good time. I enjoyed all of the hikes, even when the Patagonian weather did not cooperate. I will never forget the first view of the Torres - it was worth all the hours in the air and all of the hiking - incredible ! This was my first time taking an adventure tour, and I'm so glad I did !!!”
    Vicki Kleber – Pennsylvania, United StatesDecember 2010

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