Ultimate Peru AdventureJaguar

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The 'Jaguar' is our most action-packed multi-activity trip in Peru. Start your trip in the heart of the Inca empire where you'll explore fortresses and surrounding valleys. Hike over stunning mountain passes to Machu Picchu, cycle into the Sacred Valley of the Incas, view Amazon wildlife up close and sea kayak across Lake Titicaca to stay with an indigenous family.

The variety of activities and landscapes on this trip will give you a Peruvian adventure like no other – and an experience you’ll never forget! It captures everything this beautiful country has to offer, from the towering peaks of the Andes down to the steamy depths of the Amazon rainforest. You’ll have a blast in this land of geographical and cultural extremes!


Hiking the classic Inca trail

Highlights & Map



  • Hike the Lares or classic Inca Trail
  • Explore Machu Picchu
  • Hike in the Amazon jungle
  • Sea kayak on Lake Titicaca
  • Stay with a local family on Amantani Island
  • Hike Sacsayhuamán fortress
  • Hike and cycle in the Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Explore Cuzco
  • Cycle through Andean villages and La Raya Pass
  • Hike Amantani and Taquile Islands

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Sunday — Arrive in Cuzco, hike Sacsayhuamán fortress

Our trip starts in Cuzco, the heart of the Inca empire. Your trip leader will greet you with a cup of hot coca tea – a local specialty to help you adjust to the altitude. After lunch, we’ll set off for a walk around this amazing ancient city and up to Sacsayhuamán fortress overlooking the main Plaza and Cuzco Valley. The fortress is a magnificent archaeological site representing a set of jaguar’s teeth with massive, perfectly fitted stones weighing up to 130 tonnes each and was the place where the Incas made their final stand against the Spanish conquistadores. No one really knows what the Incas used Sacsayhuamán for – some say it was a sanctuary and temple of the sun, others say it was a granary, and yet another theory is that it was the place where the old Inca king would play football using the heads of his enemies! No matter who is right, you’ll have a lot of fun hearing all the stories this amazing area inspires. Later, we’ll take a walk through the colourful Cuzco street markets. If you prefer, you can take some time to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Cuzco’s lively town square and meet up again later for an evening meal.
Hotel Tika Wasi, Cuzco (Lunch, Dinner)

Monday — Cycle Sacred Valley, visit Pisac market, hike Pisac ruins

We’ll head into the fertile Sacred Valley of the Incas this morning, stopping just above Cuzco, where we’ll jump on our bikes and ride down through breathtaking scenery, dotted with local villages and surrounded by the massive green slopes of the Andes. We’ll finish our ride in the small town of Pisac, where we’ll have a chance to check out the colourful mercado artesanal. From here we’ll begin a spectacular hike up to the Pisac ruins. These Inca terraces rise 600 metres (2000 feet) up from the river below. It’s a heart-pumping walk up through ancient agricultural terraces – you’ll never forget the views of Pisac and the Urubamba valley! After exploring the ancient complex, we’ll descend the original Inca stairways and head back down the valley to Cuzco. This is the largest existing fortress-city of the Incas, and it’s the perfect warm-up for your Inca Trail trek tomorrow!
Hotel Tika Wasi, Cuzco (All meals)

Tuesday (morning) — Start your Inca Trail options

It’s an early start this morning as we start our trek to Machu Picchu!

Classic Inca Trail option

Tuesday (afternoon) - Hike through the sacred Valley of the Incas

We’ll leave Cuzco and make our way through the Sacred Valley of the Incas before starting our hike at Piscacucho, or Kilometre 82 as it is known by the locals. From here we’ll spend the day hiking alongside the Rio Cusichaca, surrounded by massive Andean peaks, Inca ruins and semi-arid forest. We’ll visit a couple of small villages along the way, then have lunch and rest a while on the way to our first camp, Pisonay 2895 metres (9500 feet). When you arrive at camp, you’ll find our porters have set up your tent so you can simply relax with a hot drink and get to know your fellow travellers. Tonight our cooks will prepare the first of many sumptuous hot meals for us to enjoy in our dining tent – you’ll be impressed how well we take care of you on the trail.
Classic Inca Trail camp (All meals)

Wednesday - Hike Inca Trail to Pacaymayo

Today is an unforgettable day. You’ll be woken with a cup of coca tea brought to your tent door. After a hearty breakfast, we’ll begin our hike on what will be our most challenging day. Today we climb 900 metres (3000 feet) up to Warmiwañusqa, or ‘Dead Woman’s Pass’ 4400 metres (14,435 feet). The trail winds its way up through a beautiful mountain pass with stunning panoramic views of the alpine wonderland. It’s a challenging hike to the pass, and the 360º views make every step worthwhile. After celebrating our ascent, we’ll walk down cobbled steps paved by the Incas over 500 years ago to Pacaymayo Valley, our camp for the evening. Again, we’ll already have tents set up so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the evening.
Classic Inca Trail camp (All meals)

Thursday - Hike Inca Trail to Wiñay Wayna

The scenery gets even better today! We’ll explore several fascinating Inca fortresses as we descend, with the cloud forest becoming more and more lush as the air becomes warmer and denser. The ancient ruins and increasingly verdant surroundings lend an eerie mood to the day as we make our way down to our next camp, Wiñay Wayna. This is our final night on the trail, with breathtaking views and another hearty dinner!
Classic Inca Trail camp (All meals)

Friday (morning) - Hike to Machu Picchu

After a very early breakfast, we hike about an hour in the dawn light to Inti Punku, the Sun Gate. We’ll wait here for the sun to rise and the morning fog to lift, giving us our first glimpse of Machu Picchu. It’s a moment to savour before we make our way down to explore this mysterious ancient city.

Lares Inca Trail option

Tuesday (afternoon) - Hike Lares Inca Trail to Cuncani

From Cuzco, we’ll travel to the town of Quiswarani where we’ll begin our hike along raging Andean rivers and among towering snow-capped peaks with curious grazing llamas nearby. We’ll continue to Hualcajasa Pass and have a relaxed hike down the other side to our first camp in the tiny Andean community of Cuncani. This remote outpost is the first of many small communities we’ll visit that is populated by direct descendants of the Incas. On the Lares trek, you’ll have many natural opportunities to genuinely experience the local customs and way of life of a unique culture that’s barely changed for 500 years. When you arrive at camp, you’ll be greeted with tea by your porters and find your tent already set up.
Lares Inca Trail camp (All meals)

Wednesday - Hike Lares Inca Trail to Ipsaycocha Lake

Today is an unforgettable day. You’ll be woken with a cup of coca tea, brought to your tent door. After a hearty breakfast we’ll begin our second day of hiking down into the Chancachaca Valley with incredible views of the Lares Valley and the old stone houses that are scattered along the valley floor. Then we’ll continue on to the small village of Huacawasi for lunch, before following the trail as it winds its way up Ipsay Qasa Pass, giving us stunning panoramic views of the surrounding alpine terrain. At the top of the pass, we’ll get our first glimpse of Mount Mantanay standing at 5600 metres (18,400 feet). From here it’s a short hike to Ipsaycocha Lake and our second campsite. If you catch a trout here, it’s on the menu for dinner!
Lares Inca Trail camp (All meals)

Thursday - Hike Lares Inca Trail to Ollantaytambo

Today we’ll descend into a beautiful valley to Patacancha, where children dressed in traditional red ponchos, white short pants and colourful hats can often be seen out herding their llamas and alpacas. Then we’ll carry on towards the village of Ollantaytambo, passing local farmers tending their crops meticulously terraced into the steep mountain walls above us. We’ll have lunch at Pallata or Ollantaytambo and have time to explore the cobbled streets and thatched houses of this ancient Inca town – you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time! This afternoon, we’ll take an unforgettable train ride down to the sub-tropical village of Aguas Calientes. You’ll have a chance to wander around this colourful little town before dinner and relax after a full day’s hiking!
Local hotel, Aguas Calientes (All meals)

Friday (morning) - Visit Machu Picchu

After an early breakfast, we’ll head up to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, where we’ll rejoin the rest of our group.

Friday (continued) — Explore Machu Picchu

We’ll meet our local guide who will show us around this fascinating ancient city. Afterwards, you’ll have all morning to explore the many passageways and stone structures of this mysterious place on your own. If you were on the Lares Trail, you’ll also have the chance to hike back to the Sun Gate for a unique perspective on these remote Inca ruins, set high on the top of a mountain surrounded by lush peaks. After plenty of time to explore Machu Picchu, we’ll take a scenic train ride back to Cuzco.
Hotel Tika Wasi, Cuzco (All meals)

Saturday — Free day in Cuzco

Cuzco is the archaeological capital of the Americas and it’s a fabulous place to spend a day exploring – it’s no wonder it’s the continent’s oldest continuously inhabited city! Walk along Cuzco’s central streets, lined with massive Inca-built stone walls that form the foundation of the city and blend into the colonial and modern architecture that has been added over the years. You can take the day to explore Cuzco’s most popular temples, museums, churches and fortresses. Alternatively, we’ll help you arrange one of the many optional guided activities available including mountain biking, hiking, or horseback riding. There’s also no shortage of great food and entertainment in Cuzco, with restaurants to suit any taste, cafés for coffee in the Plaza de Armas and great bars with local music.
Hotel Tika Wasi, Cuzco (Breakfast)

If you’re short on time, the 7-day 'Jaguar' trip finishes this morning and we’ll fly you back to Lima.

Sunday — Journey to the Amazon, wildlife viewing in Tambopata Reserve

Today we’ll take a short flight from Cuzco to Puerto Maldonado, a frontier town in the Amazon basin. We’ll take to motorised canoes and glide deep into the jungle down the Tambopata River, one of the headwaters of the Amazon. Listen for howler monkeys in the tropical forest canopy above and spot macaws perched high on the riverbanks. This area is teeming with wildlife and the boat trip to our jungle lodge is a great opportunity to look for giant otters, capuchin monkeys, caiman and birds that can be found in this area. After lunch, we’ll experience the jungle with all of our senses by exploring on foot this time. Keep an eye out for the rainforest dwellers – including several species of monkeys – that come out in search of food in the late afternoon! After dark, you’ll have a chance to get back onboard the canoes with a spotlight in search of the nocturnal caiman (South American crocodile) lurking in the river.
Refugio Amazonas, Amazon jungle (All meals)

Monday — Wildlife hike, virgin jungle exploration

This morning, we’ll explore some of the many miles of jungle trails that criss-cross the dense rainforest. We’ll travel by motorised canoe and hike through virgin forest to experience the wealth of native flora and fauna under the Amazon rainforest canopy, and learn how the indigenous people thrive in this challenging environment. The Amazon is the most biodiverse place on Earth and you’ll discover more about the amazing flora and fauna here, as well as learning about the incredible medicinal plants that are found in this region. After lunch, you have the rest of the afternoon free to hang out at the lodge with a book or continue exploring the surrounding area on your own. If you’d prefer to hike a little more this afternoon, you can head out with our naturalist guide on little-known trails that pass by the homes of some of the rarest animals in the rainforest. This evening we’ll brave the jungle on foot to look for tarantulas, insects and frogs that come out after dark.
Refugio Amazonas, Amazon jungle (All meals)

Tuesday — Cycle through Andean villages and farms

This morning we leave the rainforest and take a boat back to Puerto Maldonado, where we’ll catch a short flight to Cuzco. After lunch, we’ll be fitted with bikes and safety gear and head off for a spectacular ride through the golden hills of the Cuzco valley. We’ll spend part of the afternoon riding through Andean farms and villages, where we’ll have the chance to meet the locals tending their crops and herds of llamas. The biking today is mostly gentle downhill riding through picturesque villages and valleys. If cycling is not your thing, you can skip it altogether and relax in Cuzco, or hike up to the many Inca fortresses overlooking the ancient city.
Hotel Tika Wasi, Cuzco (All meals)

If you’re short on time, the 10-day 'Jaguar' trip finishes this morning and we’ll fly you back to Lima.

Wednesday — Cycle La Raya Pass

Today we’ll cycle from the spectacular La Raya Pass towards Puno, the capital of the Altiplano area and the gateway to Lake Titicaca – an amazing ride you won’t want to miss! This is one of Peru’s great highland areas where herds of alpaca and llama graze and snowcapped mountains rise steeply from the valley. If you’d prefer not to cycle, you can sit back and simply enjoy the view out the window on this incredibly scenic journey to Puno, known as the folklore capital of Peru. Its narrow streets are filled with the sounds of the typical Andean music known as saylla, the hustle and bustle of the local market, and the bell-ring of the triciclos, the local bicycle taxis!
Hotel Camino Real, Puno (All meals)

Thursday — Hike Taquile Island, stay with local Quechua people

At 3800 m (12,500 ft), Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest commercially navigable body of water. The Incas believed it was the cradle of civilisation – the place where all life began. It’s a very special place dotted with islands that have unique living cultures and traditions, two of which we’ll visit today. The first is Taquile Island, where we’ll hike to the highest point of the island for breathtaking 360º views of Lake Titicaca, the Capachica Peninsula, Amantani Island and the Bolivian Andes. On the way, we’ll visit an isolated village and have the chance to meet the local people and learn about their famous textiles and culture. Then it’s a short boat ride to Amantani Island, where we’ll spend the night. Our hosts, members of the indigenous Quechua community, will meet us at the lake’s edge and are always up for a game of high-altitude soccer, if you’re keen! Aside from being a great workout, it’s good fun and a unique way to get to know your hosts. When the game is over, we’ll hike to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) temple at the summit of Amantani Island for unforgettable views of the sun setting over Lake Titicaca. Later we’ll return to the homes of our hosts for a home-cooked meal. The Quechua people have maintained their traditional way of life for centuries, weaving wool, keeping cuy (guinea pigs), and farming their smallholdings. After dinner, we head down to the community hall to learn a few traditional dances with the locals. It’s very quiet here – no streetlights, no cars, no dogs even! – so we’re sure you’ll love the tranquillity.
Family home, Amantani Island (All meals)

Friday — Sea kayak Lake Titicaca, Uros Reed Islands

Our hosts will wave us off from Amantani’s port this morning as we leave under our own steam in sea kayaks! This is one of the most unforgettable activities of the whole trip. The lake is so big it feels like – and even smells like – the sea, and it has its own unique dark blue colour. We’ll spend the morning making our way across it to Capachica Peninsula, then hugging its shores, grazed by sheep and shadowed by ancient remnant agricultural terraces. We’ll get in our motorboat for the final section of the trip back to Puno, stopping along the way to visit the man-made Uros Reed Islands – you’ll be amazed at the unique lifestyle of the people who make these islands their home. After lunch we’ll return to Puno by boat for our final celebratory dinner together.
Hotel Camino Real, Puno (All meals)

Saturday — Return to Lima, depart for home

This the last day of your two-week trip in Peru. We have a short drive to the nearby town of Juliaca before jumping on a plane to Lima. If you have time to spare after the trip, we’re happy to give you suggestions on how to make the most of it. On the other hand, if you’re on your way home today, we’ll send you back refreshed and invigorated from the great food, exercise, rest and adventures you’ll have had with us in Peru!

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Apr 27th 2014 – May 10th 2014 $300 OFF - limited seats Book this trip
May 11th 2014 – May 24th 2014 Almost full Book this trip
May 18th 2014 – May 31st 2014 Filling up Book this trip
May 25th 2014 – Jun 7th 2014 Great Book this trip
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Mar 15th 2015 – Mar 28th 2015 Great Book this trip
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Apr 12th 2015 – Apr 25th 2015 Great Book this trip
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May 10th 2015 – May 23rd 2015 Great Book this trip
May 24th 2015 – Jun 6th 2015 Great Book this trip
Jun 7th 2015 – Jun 20th 2015 Great Book this trip
Jun 21st 2015 – Jul 4th 2015 Great Book this trip
Aug 2nd 2015 – Aug 15th 2015 New date Book this trip

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Useful Info

Useful Info

Trip start:
If you arrive on the first day of your trip, an Active South America representative will meet you at the airport at 11am and take you to your accommodation. If you’re already in Cuzco, you’ll meet your trip leader and the rest of your group in the lobby of your joining hotel at 12 noon. Should our accommodation in Cuzco change for any reason, we’ll let you know at least two weeks prior to the start of your trip.

Trip end:
On the last day of your trip we’ll fly you to Lima airport where your trip ends.

Recommended flights:
You need to arrive in Cuzco by 10.30am at the latest on the first day of the trip. If you have extra time, we recommend heading to Cuzco early for more time to acclimatise to the high altitude, and to spend as long as possible in this incredible town! Most international flights get to Lima in the evening, so you’ll probably fly in to Lima at night and then on to Cuzco the following morning. On the last day of the trip, we recommend booking your flight to depart out of Lima any time after 8pm. If you are considering other flight times, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to make your trip run smoothly.

The 'Jaguar' is an active adventure trip around Peru. We’ve chosen the places we stay for their location, cleanliness and charm – not the number of channels available on the television! Many of the places we stay are off-the-beaten-track and set in amazing locations. For example, on both Inca Trail treks we’re under canvas, but it’s pretty fancy camping. Our porters carry tents and supplies, cook meals, boil drinking water for us and take care of everything around camp. On the nights where we stay in towns such as Cuzco and Puno, we have chosen good hotels, ideally situated close to the main attractions without being too central, in order to avoid the most touristy and noisy areas. It’s worth keeping in mind that Peru is a noisy place – people here have a festive way of looking at life and often enjoy beeping their horns and playing loud music! We have chosen the quietest areas practical in order for people to get the best sleep possible (although after hiking the Inca Trail trek most people find they have no trouble sleeping!), though earplugs are recommended in this energetic and lively part of the world. In contrast, the jungle lodges in the Amazon and the local family homes on Amantani Island are very tranquil and quiet.

Details of what’s included in your trip fare are available on the 'What's Included' page under 'FAQs'. Your 'Jaguar' trip fare includes group porters to carry shared equipment such as tents, cooking equipment and group food on the Inca Trail treks. These group porters will also carry up to 8 kilograms (17 pounds) of personal overnight gear per person including your sleeping mat and sleeping bag (see below for information on personal porters). The fare for this trip also includes ground transportation (including boat transfers and domestic flights Cuzco–Puerto Maldonado return) and your final flight to Lima at the end of the trip. The only domestic flight not included is the Lima–Cuzco flight to the beginning of your trip.

Not included:
Tips for your Inca Trail guides and porters are not included. You’ll be amazed how hard they work and we like to have a little presentation on the last night of the trail to show our appreciation.

For more information on accommodation, fitness and experience requirements and what’s included in the trip fare, see ‘What's Included?' and 'General Trip Information’ under FAQs.

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  • Fantastic

    “It was a superb trip and great experience: incredible landscapes and nature, great history and architecture, warm and welcoming people, grand food. The various activities enabled us to appreciate and enjoy Peru and its people, and the superior guiding of Elder really made the difference.”
    Flavia Alzetta – London, United KingdomMarch 2014
  • Jaguar Dec-Jan

    “As if the views were not spectacular enough, every location we went, we got to know our local guides who gave us incredible insight into the Peruvian culture and spirit. Local people were so proud of their homes, farms and families. They were eager to show us that pride, answer all of our questions, make us feel comfortable. I was very humbled by how hard these people work and how happy they are. A breath of fresh air!”
    Shana Hirchert – Kansas, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • “Life changing fantastic trip. Met great people. Had an unforgettable time.”
    Billy Hirchert – Kansas, United StatesFebruary 2014
  • Hiking Inca Trail is Excellent Four Days

    “Challenging but fun, educational, and inspiring. We saw MANY amazing Inca sites. Never imagined that those mountains could support such a huge and busy civilization. The genius involved in developing the systems is astounding. The scenery is truly magnificent. Loved learning about the native flora and fauna. The Amazon was fascinating as well, and we were super lucky to get glimpses of river otters. The drive up to the Altiplano was most interesting. My least favorite spot was the Uros Islands, which while interesting in construction, did not seem to remain an authentic culture, but mostly a tourist attraction. However our subsequent trip to Taquile and Amantani were delightful.”
    Donna Cleverdon – Maryland, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • Inca Trail Trek, Peru

    “My family and I have traveled with Active before and really enjoyed it. When looking for your groups to go to South America we immediately decided on Active. The trip was amazing! Being a teenager, it was to share my experiences with my friends when we got back home! My family and I went on the Inca Trail trek. While hiking on the first day, I was amazed with the scenery! No picture can show the beauty of the mountains and valleys! It was amazing to turn the corner and see Inca ruins throughout the hike! On the second day, the views got even better! Also the feeling of accomplishment when I reached Dead Women's Pass at 14,000 feet was great! The third day was one of my favorites. Though it is the longest day of hiking, the Inca ruins were amazing! Also at lunch it was amazing to see the back of Machu Picchu mountain! It was really exciting to know we were that close! On the last day, we reached Machu Picchu! I was so happy to be there! By hiking there I felt like I earned my right to be there! I would not have had the same satisfaction that I had by hiking the 4 days to get there!!! I was amazed about the size of Machu Picchu! It is so much bigger than I imagined it! Again no picture can show the sheer size of it! Also the scenery around Machu Picchu was spectacular!!! I will remember this trip for the rest of my life, thank you Active for giving me an my family the opportunity to experience Peru and Machu Picchu!”
    Jenna Weidner – Minnesota, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • Non-stop adventure

    “What a truly excellent adventure. Peru is an amazing place and having great tour guides and a tour group makes in even more enjoyable. The places visited and activities balance out adventure with culture with environment. Great balance between being on the go and having a chance to relax and take in as much of Peru as you can. The tour guides make this trip, always in control and ensure that everyone is having fun. The group I was on were a great bunch of people from all over, each was there to have a good time and enjoy the trip. Definitely be recommending the trip and looking at Active Adventures for my next holiday adventure.”
    Peter Hoult – New South Wales, AustraliaJanuary 2014
  • Inca Trail At Christmas

    “The Active South America 'Jaguar' trip far exceeded our expectations. We knew ACTIVE would do a good job, and the experience and adventure of the Inca Trail was fantastic! Hard, but worth it.”
    Kirk Weidner – Minnesota, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • “This is probably the best trip I have taken. Peru is amazing - the landscape and the people are unmatched. I'd travelled with Active before (to the Galapagos) and I enjoyed that trip. However, this trip truly has set the bar higher. Elder and Erik were amazing leaders. Consistently, they put forth effort to make sure everyone was happy and to meet individual needs.”
    Christine Soskins – California, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • Todd and Kelli's Excellent Adventure

    “This was our honeymoon trip and it was perfect! The organization and details of each day were well thought out and executed and it was a treat just to get up and enjoy each day. This was our first trip with an agency/group and we were pleased with how much we enjoyed it. What stood out to us about Active Adventures was their social responsibility, including the environment, supporting local businesses, and charity. Active was recommended to us and we would definitely recommend an Active trip to others.”
    Todd Goatley – Nevada, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • Great way to experience Peru!

    “This was our second trip with Active, and once again, we found ourselves well cared for! Our guide, Elder, was great! He was fun, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. His love for his country was so evident and he shared it with all of us.”
    BJ Siegel – California, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • Fantastic trip!!

    “The Weidner family really enjoyed this trip. We LOVED our Active New Zealand trip five years ago so our expectations were very high. Active South America not only met but far exceeded our expectations.”
    Angie Weidner – Minnesota, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • Incredible!!

    “This was a once in a lifetime adventure that I would do again in a heartbeat!”
    Jennifer Kelleher – Massachusetts, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • Wonderful experience

    “We loved the Jaguar trip - recommend it to anyone looking for a fun active vacation!”
    Victoria Stephen – California, United StatesJanuary 2014
  • Great Trip!

    “I can't believe how much we got to see and do in just two weeks! It was so nice to travel as part of a small group - there was always somebody walking your speed on the hike or sharing your interests. It was also great to see so much without having to plan the little things that can become big things in a hurry: where to eat, where to stay, how to get from A to B. Definitely looking forward to the next trip!”
    Mary Combs – Virginia, United StatesDecember 2013
  • Enchanting Peru

    “My Jaguar trip with Active Adventures was a truly unique experience and one that I will always remember fondly. The trip was active, but allowed for some rest days to reset between activities. The trek to Machu Picchu was incredible and we were fortunate to have little rain even though it was the beginning of the rainy season. I enjoyed the interactions with the local people and being immersed in the culture with the stay with the local family on Lake Titicaca. I highly recommend this adventure to anyone who wants to experience the beauty and culture of Peru.”
    Carrie Lehtonen – Colorado, United StatesDecember 2013
  • An amazing adventure in Peru!

    “My now wife Sarah and I decided a few years ago that we wanted to have a small, intimate destination wedding at Machu Picchu. We've been travel junkies for just under a decade and have been to a number of European countries as well as a few trips to other states here in the USA. Born and raised in central New York State, we're city folk that look forward to occasionally getting out into the world to appreciate the variety of amazing natural wonders, history, cultures, languages and people that share this enormous planet with us. In the past, we've always mapped out and navigated our own vacation adventures. This was our first ever guided trip... and Active Adventures set a new bar of expectation for how we'll look into our vacations going forward, in fact we were so impressed that our next vacation will almost certainly be one of the other guided adventures that Active offers. Peru is like no place in the world we've ever been before. The constant but ever-changing backdrop of the Andes coupled with the timeless landscaping and stonework of the Incas and pre-Incas immediately removes you from your day-to-day life and transports you to another time. There aren't adequate words to describe the sensation of wonder that the scenery evokes...it's something that has to be experienced in order to understand. Our guide Yohn was immediately likeable and was, in my opinion, a master of his trade. Not only did he provide us with facts about where we were, he also elaborated on a lot of the myths, legends and musings in order to give us a better sense of the mystery that abounds in the mountains the Incas and their predecessors once called home. But he was always careful to separate fact from fable so we could come away from our trip with both proven knowledge and a heightened sense of wonder about this world and its history. Furthermore, he talked about his own life and experiences growing up in Peru which even further rounded out our immersion. By the end of the trip, we had an experience of Peru that was deeper, more intimate, and more memorable that anything we could have arranged on our own. I could literally write a book-long review of how awesome this trip was and there wouldn't be a single sentence of negativity. Active handled the arrangements of our wedding, and we were provided a ceremony conducted by two Shamans (father and son) and catered to by wonderful staff on the mountainside of the Pisac Ruins (we were unable to book a ceremony at Machu Picchu due to recently enacted Peruvian regulations. But I'm glad it worked out the way it did! It was amazing!). Like I said, I could go on and on and on... There are so many things I haven't even mentioned like the unforgettable few days in the Amazon Rainforest, the 4-day hike up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, the plethora of ruins we encountered, the man-made floating islands on Lake Titicaca, and SO MUCH MORE. And the people of Peru were AWESOME. We never for a moment felt unsafe, in fact we felt welcome by everyone. I'll end by saying this... Our primary point of interest in deciding on this trip to Peru was, of course, Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is every bit as amazing as you can imagine and more, BUT... I say with full conviction that nearly every day we spent in Peru was filled with sights and wonders we didn't expect. In hindsight, Machu Picchu was just one small part of the overall experience, and there are a great many places on this trip that rivaled it in its ability to just leave you speechless in their presence. If you are considering this trip... Stop considering and start planning. It will enrich your life immensely. Also, be prepared to sweat... They're not called ACTIVE Adventures for nothing :-)”
    Michael Weed – New York, United StatesDecember 2013
  • Peru 2013

    “The Jaguar trip was one of my favorite trips ever and my wife and I do a lot of traveling. My favorite portion of the trip was the Lares Trail hike where we were able to get away from the tourist areas and see people living in the mountains the way that they have lived for centuries. I may need to go back and do the classic Inca Trail for comparison. I feel as though we had a good overview of Peru and it's Inca heritage. Cynthia was the best guide I have had on a tour such as this and we gave her some challenges!”
    – , December 2013
  • Awesome

    “This trip exceeded our expectations! Michael and I were looking to get to married in Peru and the Active team put together a beautiful wedding ceremony for us that we will remember for a lifetime. I have waited to visit Peru for a long time and loved the itinerary for this tour. We had a lot of great experiences around the country and it was beautiful. Our tour guide Yohn was fantastic; it was like traveling with a friend who took care of all the details. On the Inca Trail we had a great guide in Frank and the best porters on the trail. I cannot wait to take another trip with Active Adventures!”
    Sarah Busco – New York, United StatesDecember 2013
  • Jaguar trip comments

    “Trip was outstanding....active, wonderful and very varied locations...saw many beautiful sights and a rich variety of environments/nature/wildlife. Inca Trail hike was difficult (altitude) but well worth the effort. Excellent guide (Frank) and support team. Amazon headwater trip was exceptional. Wonderful location (Amazonia Ecolodge) and good jungle hikes. The anaconda we saw was an unexpected highlight.”
    Bruce Kirchner – North Carolina, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Climbing the Mountain

    “When we booked this adventure, we were unsure of the difficulty between the two options to choose - classic Inca Trail or the Lares. Being in our 70's we have always held our own in all kinds of adventures. But this time the altitude got Gloria. She was all right with the muscle required, but could not keep up from labored breathing and often rest. Soon we could not meet the time schedule for each night's camp site. Alas! we must turn back. Indeed, we saw many people of all ages returning also. This short account is written to praise Active for the way in which they handled this disappointing turn of events. They turned a bad experience into a good one and arranged to get us on the Lares and ultimately to Machu Picchu. The trip was full of great adventure and we sincerely recommend Active for the trip.”
    Jerry Funderburg – Texas, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Beautiful mountains

    “This was a wonderful adventure along the Inca Trail and more. The only downside is that the route is well-traveled. This is more about seeing classic sites than a wilderness adventure.”
    Peter Cramton – Maryland, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Peru Lares Trail October 2013

    “Our family group of seven, aged 31 to 61, had a wonderful time with aggressive hikes for 5 days including a 9 hour hike to just short of 16,000 feet, nice bike ride, day unscheduled and 3 days in the jungle. Unscheduled day was white water rafting 2 hours outside of Cuzco which I recommend adding to all trips. Our primary guide, Cynthia, was terrific and very helpful keeping us all challenged, entertained, well fed and full of smiles.”
    Larry Hennessy – Wisconsin, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Travels with friends, old and new

    “We traveled with another couple that we met on an adventure in southeast Asia. This proved to be equally exciting and a good way to make new friends. A highlight was homemade Martinis in our tent after a long day of hiking.”
    Paul Richards – Washington, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Trip of a lifetime is an understatement

    “Even though the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in itself is an experience, I will never forget that without Active Adventures it wouldn't have been quite the same. We had the most knowledgeable guides and we were all treated like one big family. Cynthia was fantastic; it was if we had known her all our lives. Because of Cynthia I would consider doing another trip to South America with Active Adventures.”
    Mari Jewell – Colorado, United StatesNovember 2013
  • Jaguar 2013

    “This trip was phenomenal. The activities were great. The main guide was wonderful, easy to work with, and extremely helpful. The individual activity guides were also very friendly and knowledgeable. Every trip detail was very well thought out. For example, on our travel day from Cuzco to Puno, they brought bicycles along so we could bike some of the track instead of sitting in the van for six hours. The trip was perfectly balanced between activities and free/relaxation time. We also learned a lot about Peruvian culture and history, much more than we expected. All in all, an incredible trip.”
    Sean Avery – Washington, United StatesOctober 2013
  • Great trip!

    “Peru was an amazing country and seeing it on the Jaguar trip was great! Cynthia our guide, was awesome. She was informative, easy to get along with, and definitely had a passion for what she does. The activities we did were fun, all the food we ate was delicious, and I can't speak highly enough about the trip! We also happened to have a really fun, and easy going group, which added to the experience.”
    Mike Anaya – California, United StatesOctober 2013
  • Unlike anything I've ever done!

    “The Jaguar trip was the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. I originally planned this trip around checking Machu Picchu off my bucket list but throughout the course of the trip, I did things I never knew I always wanted to. From hiking the Lares Trail to staying with a family on Amantani Island, I experienced more than I ever thought I would. This was unlike any vacation I have ever taken and something I will never forget. I can't wait to go on my next Active Adventure.”
    Brenna Robinson – California, United StatesOctober 2013
  • What a challenge!

    “This trip was extremely challenging! I had never done anything like it before, and it really pushed me to the limit ... in a good way! Peru is incredibly beautiful and has so much to offer. What made out trip amazing was our incredible guide, Elder. The people we met were incredible. Definitely the trip of a lifetime!”
    Nina Mansfield – Connecticut, United StatesSeptember 2013
  • The Only Way to See the Andes

    “Incredible experience. We had a great group of mixed ages and experiences to travel with. The ability to be active on a trip like this meant I went home feeling in better shape than when I started. Best kind of vacation!”
    Sandy Martin – Minnesota, United StatesSeptember 2013
  • Fantastic Adventure!

    “This trip has so many highlights - the people, the trek, the home stay, the kayaking, the food ... couldn't have asked for more!”
    Judith Wilson – Midlothian, United KingdomSeptember 2013
  • Peru!

    “Peru is a beautiful country! My view of Peru expanded as a result of going on the tour. Before the trip Peru was Machu Picchu ... but now when I think about the country I remember impressive mountains and colourful culture and music and jungle and history and friendships! I had a fantastic trip!”
    Andrea McIntee – Ontario, CanadaSeptember 2013
  • Peru my way!

    “My trip to Peru was simply fantastic. I was feeling all kinds of anxiety prior to the trip as I was doing this alone and leaving my family behind, but the minute my adventure started all that worry was for nothing. The trip was organized and reassuring. It would have been an absolute shame to have missed it due to fear. The experience was superb, intense enough, great sites, good food and fun trip mates. The vista was incredible and I get to keep the memories forever. Great trip, my advice to anyone is to leap in and do it.”
    Carole Fife – Ontario, CanadaSeptember 2013
  • Amazing experience!

    “The trip provided us with an intimate view of the breathtaking Peruvian landscape and warm people. We loved our hikes although the altitude was challenging at times. Cynthia was a fabulous guide who helped our group to bond in a very special way. Our favorite part was the Amazon where we hope to return.”
    Hanina Ruttenberg – New Jersey, United StatesSeptember 2013
  • Thank you!

    “Amazing trip ... fantastic job of coordinating all travel arrangements and everything ran so smoothly. I absolutely cannot say enough about our guides Yohn, Frank and Eric. They made the trip ... so knowledgeable, calm, and helpful.”
    Deena Toukan – Pennsylvania, United StatesAugust 2013
  • Trip of a lifetime

    “I've just returned from a Jaguar tour in Peru; it was a trip I will never forget!! The whole trip was well organised and worth every penny. I found myself with a fantastic mix of people and a brilliant tour guide. The activities took us away from the tourist trail and allowed you to experience the 'real' Peru from a completely different perspective ... whether that was from a bike, kayak or from a mountain pass at 4800m altitude!”
    Kat Mills – Somerset, United KingdomAugust 2013
  • Very impressed!

    “Really enjoyed the trip and loved Cynthia! She's amazing and everything was very organized and well run. Already recommending it to friends!”
    Ashley Devery – Colorado, United StatesAugust 2013
  • One heck of a trip this was!!

    “Having been lucky enough to have had the chance to travel around the world a fair bit, I would rate my Jaguar trip with Active as probably the best trip ever. Even as I write this, I can't help but go down the memory lane and think of those two incredible weeks spent in Peru. Serenity, thrill, adrenalin rush, joy and sheer beauty - mix these with some lemon, salt, spice, chopped onions and salmon, and voila - you get a 'ceviche' of a trip! Loved it to bits and can't wait for another one with Active!”
    Vishnu Sankaran – Dubai, United Arab EmiratesAugust 2013
  • If you're physically able to make the trip, don't think twice!

    “This trip was everything I could have asked for and more. I couldn't have asked for a better leader - Cynthia definitely made the trip what it was. She knew so much, was so helpful, and extremely fun and friendly. The Jaguar trip was incredibly well planned and excellently structured. It is clear that Active has done its research and knows what is best for its clients. I was certainly encouraged to take another trip with Active, and didn't want Jaguar to end - the people, the program, the experiences and the memories are all unforgettable!”
    Angelica Conway – New York, United StatesAugust 2013
  • Wonderful Trip!

    “What an amazing trip!! Our guide was incredible and everyone in our group was fun and easy to get along with. I feel as though I got to see the 'real' Peru while having a great adventure. The food was SO DELICIOUS!!! The people were friendly and I loved the hikes, bike rides and kayaking. My favorite thing had to be the Lares Trail, but eating the scrumptious Peruvian food was right up there as well.”
    Beth Maiocchi – Pennsylvania, United StatesAugust 2013
  • Amazing adventure!

    “The most amazing adventure of our lives!”
    Cristina Negrea – Georgia, United StatesJuly 2013
  • Great adventure

    “Saw a lot and did a lot in a short amount of time. Thanks Active South America. Thanks Cynthia!!”
    Jackie Seivert – Minnesota, United StatesJuly 2013
  • Loved every minute!

    “Loved every minute of this trip! Cannot say enough good things about Active South America. The Lares trek was the highlight of the trip. Thank you, Elder, for taking such good care of us!”
    Claudia Worth – Massachusetts, United StatesJuly 2013
  • Another fine Active trip

    “Wonderful trip with Active. Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was an experience of a lifetime. The Amazon was also great. My favorite part of the trip was Lake Titicaca. Our guide, Cynthia, was really good. The local guides used along the way were also great.”
    Doug Bertossi – Minnesota, United StatesJuly 2013
  • Fabulous experience in Peru

    “We had a wonderful Jaguar trip to Peru. The group of travelers in our group connected immediately and bonded as we continued our trip. Yohn was a knowledgeable guide. He had some arrival on time issues on a few occasions. Other than that the food was absolutely wonderful, especially on the Lares Trail hike. Freddy, the chef, was outstanding. The presentation at each course of each meal was as if he was preparing the food in a chef's kitchen. Absolutely wonderful. The porters on the hike were excellent also. We really enjoyed Wilhelm, the additional guide. Thank you to Elder who had to take over when Yohn became ill and could not accompany us to the Amazon. All the restaurants were excellent. So generous to be allowed to order anything on the menu. The Jungle lodge was delightful. We several saw four species of monkeys and fabulous birds. Inez was wonderful as our rainforest guide.”
    Teresa Scott – Florida, United StatesJuly 2013
  • Land of contrasts

    “I don't think I was ready for the huge contrasts this country had to offer, from towering mountains terraced by Incas to parched deserts and tropical rainforests, all relatively close together and bundled up in a country hugely affected by past political turmoil, from ancient times to modern times, this country has had to deal with extremes of weather, topography and politics. I saw it on the faces of people that lived in the deserts, that danced in the towns, that sought to protect their fragile assets, an amazing country.”
    Ken Dixon – Canterbury, New ZealandJuly 2013
  • Surprises Around Every Corner!

    “I was always amazed at how Active was so organized - from transportation to replacement of a sick guide! We had a rope get stuck in the prop of the boat and the driver got in that cold water and cut it out and had us back on track within 45 minutes! Once our guide told us transportation was waiting around the corner and to our surprise it was a "toot toot" one of those litte bicycle carts with a driver - we had a blast racing to the port! Things just happen - people got sick and our guide always managed to know how to take care of it. For me personally, I got altitude sickness and my guide got a horse to help me over the pass! I made it and would do it again in a heartbeat! So pick me!!!”
    Mary Hall – Georgia, United StatesJune 2013
  • Awesome adventure!

    “The trip definitely exceeded my expectations, it was truly an amazing experience. I was looking for a challenge, and I definitely got it. I can't say enough good things about our guide, Elder. I had some problems with altitude sickness, and he really looked after me, especially on the Lares trail. Even though he routinely runs this tour, he manages to maintain a high level of enthusiasm, and answered all of our questions thoroughly and with interest. I couldn't think of a person better suited for this job. I also really appreciated the way that Active ensured that a good mix of people were in the group, couples and singles. Just a few suggestions to make the trip even more spectacular. It would have been cool to spend a night on one of the reed island. The other suggestion would be to stay the night in a slightly nicer hotel in Puno, I wouldn't have minded paying a bit extra. After hiking the Lares trail, it would have been nice to have a shower with hot water! Had to have a cold one instead, wasn't too happy about that. But those things were pretty minor, and all in all, I had a fantastic time!”
    Meghan Bell – British Columbia, CanadaJune 2013
  • Great time, unique honeymoon experience

    “My husband and I had a wonderful time on the Jaguar trip to Peru. It made for a fun and unique honeymoon experience that we will remember forever. Elder, our guide, was fantastic, extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about sharing his home country with everyone. In addition to a memorable trip to Peru, we made lasting friendships with everyone on our excursion and hope to reunite on another Active Adventure some day!”
    Kimberly Dresdner – Texas, United StatesJune 2013
  • Thank you Active South America for a life changing trip.

    “The experience I had in Peru was completely unexpected. I knew that I would have a good time, but I believe I have come back as a different person. For me, it was a unique personal and emotional experience. The people within my group will be friends for a lifetime. The beauty of Peru-the landscape, the people-are indescribable. As far as operation of the company during the trip, I found to be exceptional. Any issue or problem, if one occurred was taken care of promptly. Elder (trip leader) cared well for all of us. Truly a genuine individual. Thank you Active South America for a life changing trip.”
    Melissa Beaumont – Ohio, United StatesJune 2013
  • Peru

    “We had such an amazing time....so happy we booked this trip with Active!! Very well organized and so much fun”
    Amy Monroe – California, United StatesJune 2013
  • I will be doing another Active trip in the future.

    “I completed a trip just before my Active trip with G adventures, it didn't even close to stack up. The hotel Rumi Punku was amazing. So many great things that we saw and did. Plus our guide Elder was beyond amazing so knowledgeable and fun. I will be doing another Active trip in the future.”
    Kathleen Davis – Ontario, CanadaJune 2013
  • Phenomenal

    “Where do I begin??? I have nothing but glowing comments regarding our Peru trek. Running a close second to the stunning mountainous vistas of Peru was the level of professionalism of your staff and the quality of your tour company. What did I like the best other than our phenomenal guide Elder? How about the supporting cast? I can't say enough great things about them? A special thanks to Mayra, Clemente, Freddie and all of the others. You'd be hard pressed to find a more professional and helpful crew who seemed to never tire. It doesn't stop there either. Our hotels in Cusco and Puerto Maldonado were top notch! We loved it! Our hotel in Lima... not so much. The compassion and stewardship that your guides showed to the local people and the environment on the Lares Trail by offering bread, cocoa leaves and small gifts along the trek was very touching and I'm so happy they shared this with us prior to starting the hike so we could participate as well. I would never call this a "once in a lifetime time trip" because my wife and I look forward to our next Active South America adventure.”
    Cole Dolinger – Pennsylvania, United StatesJune 2013
  • Amazing

    “An absolutely amazing experience and would do it again in a heart beat.”
    Kirsi-Marja Dolinger – Pennsylvania, United StatesJune 2013
  • A trip to remember!!!

    “We were expecting adventure and lots of hiking, and we found not only that, but a group of people who became our friends and partners in this wonderful vacation. I was able to disconnect completely from my day to day problems and enjoyed a time that I will always remember and carry deep in my heart. Thank you so much Active South America, I will surely return for another trip.”
    Maria De Pool – Florida, United StatesJune 2013
  • Beautiful Peru

    “We enjoyed our trip thoroughly although were definitely some tough physical challenges. We could not have imagined the beauty of our surroundings - it was surreal at times. The tour group was like family as were our guides throughout. Really enjoyed PaPa Yohn who took excellent care of us. Lots and lots of laughs and ooohs and aaaahs. Would highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants a good aerobic vacation.”
    Linda Payne – Alberta, CanadaMay 2013
  • Awesome

    “It was a great trip overall. You probably won't need all of the clothes active suggests you pack. Zip off camping pants are a must!”
    Josh Ramsey – Colorado, United StatesMay 2013
  • Incredible 2 weeks in Peru!!

    “Travelled with a fantastic group of people to the most amazing parts of Peru. Active did a great job organising and showcasing a diverse range of sites in this beautiful country - would definitely highly recommend this trip!”
    Jennifer Yuen – , SingaporeMay 2013
  • Amazing!

    “What an amazing trip! Our Jaguar adventure was very well organized - we were well taken care of every step of the way. I'm recommending it to all my friends as something they simply must do. Yohn did a wonderful job and our group was so much fun! We are looking forward to planning another Active Adventure.”
    Darcie Eddy – Colorado, United StatesMay 2013
  • Trip I had dreamed of since childhood

    “My Jaguar trip to Peru with Active South America was a trip I had dreamed of since childhood. From my early years when my mother would drop me off at the library while she ran errands, I was always drawn to the books that contained information on this mysterious world that was Peru!! Of course Machu Picchu was always the biggest mystery of all, the jungle, the people, the wildlife, and the Andes mountains were just mesmerizing to me. A place with our meager means that I would most likely never see. But at 48 years of age, here I was experiencing the amazing, the unbelievable. Every step of the trip was just a new wonder. Even before I reached Machu Picchu, I was in awww of the experience. This trip is the trip that will never be forgotten, it just isn't possible to get those memories out of my mind, there really is no way to separate myself from the experience and those whom I shared it with!!”
    John Longnecker – Arkansas, United StatesApril 2013
  • The Inka trail was a fantastic experience

    “The Inka trail was a fantastic experience, a chance to challenge yourself and enjoy spectacular scenery while doing it.”
    Ken Fallaver – Western Australia, AustraliaApril 2013
  • Great trip, plenty of challenges

    “All round a great trip, plenty of challenges.”
    Jen Fallaver – Western Australia, AustraliaApril 2013
  • Crazy, amazing and totally out of the box experience.

    “I had read here before that if you were looking for something totally unique, this was the trip for you. And they were right.”
    Sueann Griffin – Maryland, United StatesApril 2013
  • Better than I could have dreamed of

    “What a phenomenal trip! I was wowed from beginning to end! Our guide, Arturo was fun, informative, organized and took care of EVERYTHING! Not ever having to worry about how to get from A to B was great in and of itself, but Arturo (and all the guides) made every day an adventure. And I don't think I've ever eaten so well in my life! I was expecting to eat sandwiches on the go along the Inca Trail, but to sit down and have 4 delicious courses every meal of the day was far beyond my expectations.

    In the interest of being honest, I felt that the Amazon portion of the trip was a little less organized and action packed, but only by comparison to the rest of the trip. Being in the Amazon was still one of the highlights of the trip for me - so no harm done really :)

    I was so impressed with Active that I am basing my next vacation off of where they can take me….I'm thinking I'll do Nepal next :)

    Thanks you guys so much for the trip of a lifetime!”
    Celeste Olds – Washington, United StatesFebruary 2013
  • I knew from my 2010 trip to the Galapagos that...

    “Spectacular scenery. I knew from my 2010 trip to the Galapagos that a trip with Active South America was going to be great, what suprised me was how gorgeous the countryside was along the Inca Trail. Our trail guide was fantastic, and New Years Eve at the jungle lodge was a once in a lifetime night.”
    Sandy Byard – New Jersey, United StatesFebruary 2013
  • Amazing Adventures in Peru

    “Peru is such a rich country and experiencing the highlights like climbing Dead Women's Pass along the Inca Trail, living among the sounds of the Amazon and then staying with a family to share their life and traditions - unforgetable.”
    Barbara Pelletreau – California, United StatesJanuary 2013
  • Peru, not just Machu Picchu

    “I decided to take this trip whilst travelling in the bus, reading the ASA brochure on the Kauri trip in New Zealand last New Year's. It didn't disappoint, well Machu Picchu did (too many people and my expectations were so high). Every other aspect of the trip was a delight, the places, the activities but most of all the people. Great way to spend a fortnight.”
    Bob Burton – Norfolk, United KingdomJanuary 2013
  • So well organized

    “It was a relief not to have to plan anything and to know that our guide Arturo had it all under control. I felt that the trip logistics were really well thought out and gave us a good sampling of the area and of activities.”
    Martha Little – Massachusetts, United StatesDecember 2012
  • Absolutely fabulous!

    “I was one of 15 people in our group for the Jaguar trip; we all got along great. Considering I was a solo traveler heading into the adventure, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I returned home with amazing friends from all over the world with whom I've shared many incredible experiences. Our guide, Arturo, was phenomenal. He took care of every single detail and went above and beyond our expectations every time. We had knowledgeable and experienced guides along the Inca Trail, in the Amazon, and on Lake Titicaca. Almost everything was above and beyond our expectations. This was an amazing experience overall, and I would happily take another vacation with Active South America.”
    Peter Lohrmann – Massachusetts, United StatesDecember 2012
  • Fantastic trip

    “It was an amazing trip and the guides and guests were fantastic. In addition to our head guide, we had "specialist" guides for each of the areas we visited. On the Inca trail, my husband and I were the laggards of our group and were quite late for lunch at one of our stops. You can imagine our shock to find two porters trudging up the mountain (quite a distance from our destination) to bring us lunch, including an assorment of hot teas! They were gracious, and stayed with us all the way to camp.
    The only reason this trip did not get the trip of a lifetime designation is that we also took an Active New Zealand trip a few years ago, and can't decide which one we enjoyed more.”
    Sara Faust – New York, United StatesDecember 2012
  • It was wonderful! I will never forget it.

    “From start to finish, the trip was well planned and had just the right amount of activity and rest. Cynthia was a delight! She made us feel as if we were the best group that she had ever been in charge of. We all got along so well and there was room for some of us to deviate from the schedule when necessary. I appreciated her ever positive attitude and friendly nature. We saw amazing sights and met wonderful people everywhere we went. Peru is such a fascinating country with so many cultures and climates. All the people we met were open and welcoming. The local guides were very knowledgeable. They added so much to our experience with their interesting explanations. Bottom line: i loved it!”
    Julie Korsmeyer – California, United StatesNovember 2012
  • Jaguar trip exceeded my expectations

    “Great trip. Exceeded my expectations - scenery was awesome, local people were friendly, food was delicious, there was a good variety of activities and logistics were well taken care of. What really made the trip was the others in the groups that we shared the experience with and, most importantly, Arturo. I would recommend that any friend or family member take a trip that he is leading. He has a fun personality, he really seems to enjoy the people on his trips and he is so knowledgeable and passionate about anything Peruvian. Lots of great memories.”
    Carolyn Stevens – Ontario, CanadaNovember 2012
  • Trip Leader and Details Key

    “The Jaguar trip was fun, eventful, and tiring; everything I look for in a trip! It combined the activeness of an outdoors trip with the luxury of having everything planned out so there was no need to worry about timing, safety, or getting everything in. I especially enjoyed meeting new people of all ages and locales, culminating in memorable experiences and and fun adventures. Thank you!”
    Geoff Anello – California, United StatesNovember 2012
  • I rarely give five stars. This one is deserved!

    “The Jaguar trip exceeded our expectations thanks to fine weather, a small and compatible group of travel companions, and a tour guide par excellence in Arturo! Arturo was a wonderful cultural ambassador informing us in great deal about local customs, flora, fauna, foods, language, history, and more. He was highly organized and punctual while managing multiple logistical details efficiently. He nursed us when we were sick and even prepared our snacks. He radiated pride in his country. Further, his experience traveling abroad made him appreciate what it is like to feel "like a duck out of water." As a result, he was very attentive to smoothing out our travels in a new culture with lots of advance guidance and information. Best of all was Arturo's sense of humor! I am at a loss to imagine how he could have performed any better for all of us. I rarely give five stars. This one is deserved!”
    Wanda Mclure – New Hampshire, United StatesOctober 2012
  • Cynthia was an AMAZING trip leader!!!

    “Cynthia was an AMAZING trip leader!!!

    She was enthuastic and very instrumental toward insuring that we all had a safe and amazing Pervian Adventure. She taught us the customs and traditions of the local people. Bought us local treats and gave us informative advice on where to go and what to do on our free time in each city.

    She was also helpful in providing medical aid. During my trip I had a very bad eye infection, Cynthia helped me get the medication I needed to quickly resolve my eye problem. Other trip members had bouts with altitude sickness that Cynthia provided medication to releive their issues.

    A caring touch and a warm personality.”
    Jennifer Azzizzi – Florida, United StatesOctober 2012
  • A Trip to be Remembered

    “What a fantastic trip! Couldn't have had a better time. Saw great places. Met great people from different parts of the world. Great guides. All and all a very thought out trip. Something for everybody.”
    Matthew Kading – Florida, United StatesOctober 2012
  • It was a wonderful, epic holiday, well organised by Active

    “We are family of five from the UK - parents plus three ages 14-22. We took the full Jaguar tour, preceding it with a few days of acclimatisation in Cusco we had arranged ourselves. It was a wonderful, epic holiday, well organised by Active, who were very flexible in adapting the itinerary to meet our dates, and also when some of us fell briefly ill with salmonella poisoning immediately prior to the tour itself. We took the Lares trail, trekking up to over 15,000 feet. It was immensely beautiful, the achievement of making the high pass making up for the hard work along the way. Watching the sun rise over Machu Picchu as it burnt off the mist was everything we could have imagined it would be. The floating islands on Titicaca were fascinating. We ended the tour swimming in a tributary of the Amazon, something to remember in itself. Although the tour itself was magnificent, it was made all the more enjoyable by our tremendous tour leader, Arturo Rojas, who thoroughly entertained us for the whole trip and looked after every detail; and his excellent team of local guides, particularly Isaac on the Lares trail.”
    Andy Crossley – Buckinghamshire, United KingdomSeptember 2012
  • An adventure of a lifetime

    “By far the best trip I have ever been on. Superbly organised and loved every moment of it. Arturo was fantasic as our guide and provided everything we needed. Thank you all at Active so much, this was a trip that I will never forget”
    Bhoopat Patel – , United KingdomSeptember 2012
  • Vangie's marvelous adventure!

    “This trip was action packed and supported with top notch guides.”
    Vangie McCarthy – British Columbia, CanadaSeptember 2012
  • Amazing trip! Truly the best travel company I have used.

    “I did the first part of the Jaguar trip with the Lares Trek choice. It was just amazing!! Beautiful scenery, mouth watering food, wonderful little extras that were nice surprises just when we needed them, great guides and top rate gear. I will definetely travel with Active again. The trip was well organized, allowed for some downtime if I choose, lots of options on our free days and truly the best travel company I have used.”
    Carol Murin – Illinois, United StatesSeptember 2012
  • Best Trip Ever and Yes ACTIVE!!!

    “We were always busy doing something and seeing something, Bike riding, seeing ruins, enjoying local food, Hiking, We did not have Arturo with us on The Inca Trail, Instead we had Chris and Victor, who we would not have traded for anyone, Chris was full of knowledge, always teaching us new things about Inca life, and Victor was extremely helpful getting us through our hard days of hiking. Seeing Machu Picchu was worth it though, truly amazing. Both great guys and great guides. It was sad to leave them when the hike was over. Next we had a free day and Arturo mapped us out all the right places to eat and visit, making that a great day too. Then off to the jungle, this was also an amazing adventure, Arturo leading us the whole way, we took a bus, then a plane, then a bus again, then a boat to our lodge. We did not know what to expect, it was almost dark, we were walking down this dark path and then WOW, this amazing lodge in front of us. The rooms were also amazing with our own hammock in our room. The next day we did so much with our Amazon guides George and Johan - we hiked, rode canoes, fed piranhas. Had free time visited a local farm and swam in the river too. If you don't mind being ACTIVE, this is a fabulous vacation!!!”
    Patsy Kading – Florida, United StatesSeptember 2012
  • You can't put a price on that.

    “Have you ever completed a goal and then realized it was the journey to that goal that shifted your spirit into its higher divine understanding? My trip to Peru was more then just a vacation it was a spiritual experience of personal growth. The best thing about this journey was that I was not alone. From the tour guides to my fellow group companions, each person contributed, motivated, and assisted me in this shift.

    New adventures arose from every place we visited. All human senses were awakened. The crisp air on the Lares trail filled lunges and rejuvenated, the screaming wind biking down the Sacred Valley danced on ears and energized, the historical ground under hiking feet balanced and uplifted the soul, the sun kissed cheeks from Amazon were sweet and warm. All these experiences contributed to my still thoughts that were filled with gratitude and humbleness.

    So the big question, "what was your favorite part of the trip?" is what most people want to know. We saw so many amazing sites but for me it was the orphanage we visited. Arturo, our tour leader, on his day off took us to El Hogar de las estrellas. It provided a great experience to see the children of Peru, especially those in need. There was the most amazing spirited women, her name was Martha, she was one of the women running the orphanage. She stands out in my mind as a truly fulfilled women giving only her time and love to those children of Peru. To me Martha represented the spirit of the Pachamama because she was filled with love. They say the Pachamama is a good mother and Martha was more then a mother to those children she was their lifeline. She reminded me to be filled with the spirit of Pachamama and carry love from Peru out into my world here in Northern Virginia, USA.

    When you can come back from such an amazing trip and your spirit was shifted by other human beings it reminds us we are really not all the different. And that love and giving are the common values that can unite and bring forth shifts towards the betterment of all mankind. You can't put a price on that.

    I offer a toast to Pachamama, our mother earth, reminding us of our own reflection within her embodiment.

    This is a video of our thoughts as a group on our last night together. It is not the best shooting - but it is a true testament to how life-changing these trips can be. Also, it shows the true heart our tour leader Arturo, his efforts were always way above and beyond. He has a true spirit of giving and he has a lot of love and pride for his country. If you have 9 minutes, you should watch. I'm shooting the video.
    Copy and paste link

    Much love and respect, Merry Collette Stumpf”
    Merry Stumpf – Virginia, United StatesSeptember 2012
  • Great Trip

    “I had a great time on the Jaguar trip!!The tour was well organized and our guide Cynthia looked after us very well.This was my second "Active" trip and I'm looking forward to my third trip with "Active" next year.”
    Bob Spooner – Alberta, CanadaSeptember 2012
  • I loved this trip! It was non-stop action and adventure.

    “I loved the variety of activities in the trip-biking, hiking and the jungle. Also, we had the best guide ever in Arturo....he is fabulous.”
    Katie Rauch – New York, United StatesAugust 2012
  • A fantastic once-in-a-lifetime trip and my second with ACTIVE.

    “You can ride around in a tour bus if you want, but hiking, biking, and kayaking in Peru gives you something to smile about when you're telling friends what you did this summer. A fantastic once-in-a-lifetime trip and my second with ACTIVE. The food in Peru was just as terrific as the scenery, everywhere we went - whether hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or on a floating reed island in Lake Titicaca. From Pacific Ocean to Andes, ancient city to rainforest, this trip to Peru was an unforgettable experience.”
    Greg Marelich – California, United StatesAugust 2012
  • We wanted to do something extra special...

    “Wow --- after 4 days of hiking it was an exhilarating feeling to stand on the precipice and re-create that famous National Geographic photo of Machu Picchu. It was even better to celebrate our accomplishment as a family.

    We wanted to do something extra special before my son heads to college this fall. Peru did NOT disappoint: rich in culture and history, diverse geography and breathtaking scenery, passionate people and extraordinary cuisine -- Thanks to our guides Arturo and Navidad, Active South America and the rest of the team, we have many laughs and memories to share over a lifetime. You are the best!!”
    Lisa Marelich – California, United StatesJuly 2012
  • One of my greatest life experiences so far!

    “The Jaguar trip covered everything I wanted to do in Peru and also included some adventures I'm so glad I got to participate in! Machu Picchu and the Amazon Rainforest are what drew me to choose the trip. I also knew I wanted to be active and adventurous in South America. After the trip, I feel accomplished, and learned to love a handful of new things: Peruvian food, mountain biking, kayaking! Arturo was amazing, sharing his love for and knowledge of his country with us along with his contagious good mood! Additionally, Ruben was a wonderful guide to have along with us on the Lares trail and Natalia's passion for the rainforest made that segment of the trip that much more enjoyable.”
    Robbie Fendley – Virginia, United StatesJuly 2012
  • Best part of the trip was definitely our tour guide, Carlos

    “I had to leave a week early unfortunately, but for the first week I was there I did enjoy the trip. The hike to Machu Picchu was much more than I bargained for, but being in shape got me through it. The city of Cusco was delightful and I enjoyed the hotel and surrounding area. The food choices were awesome and well-planned. The hike days sometimes got boring in the afternoon when camp was set up and there wasn't much to do, but we had a good group to keep company with. I was there had been more to look at on the hike and less of the actual hiking part. By the time we arrived to Machu Picchu, everybody was so exhausted that we only stayed about 2 hours walking around. We were ready for some sort of civilization again! Anyways, the best part of the trip was definitely our tour guide, Carlos. He was from the area, knew it extremely well, was informative at all times, but most importantly was always concerned about having a good time and taking things at our own pace. Carlos never rushed things, and understood that this was a vacation for everybody involved. His humor and randomness also kept things interesting, and if nothing else Carlos always provided a good laugh, even when some of us weren't in much of a laughing mood. I would highly recommend Carlos again, and if I happen to be down there on my own in the future, I'll want to meet up with Carlos.”
    Ron Olson – North Carolina, United StatesJuly 2012
  • Adventure - Changed my perspective on life and my life

    “It was at a time in my life when I needed some kind of new adventure, something I hadn't experienced yet, and this was full of new experiences. Changed my perspective on life and my life and made me realize how amazing life can be, no matter how simple or how complex. This was a great trip and led by great people. thank you”
    Kevin Weinreich – Colorado, United StatesJuly 2012
  • Can't wait to take another Active trip.

    “My first escorted tour ever. The perfect way to see Peru's many sites, experience the friendliness and warmth of the people - with no worries. Our guides were all knowledgeable, friendly and great fun. We started the tour as participants and ended as a happy family. Can't wait to take another Active trip.”
    Kate Weinreich – Colorado, United StatesJuly 2012
  • Jaguar Week 1 - experience what an Active trip is all about

    “This trip allowed us to really experience so much of what an Active trip is all about - from bike "gliding" down the mountains into Pisac, following a nomadic windpipe player through the Andean hills as we hiked to enjoying local cuisine with a great group of new friends. And Machu Pichu is absolutely amazing.”
    Jack Richardson – Florida, United StatesJune 2012
  • Waiting to someday do the himalayas

    “Can't say trip of a lifetime. Every journey with Active NZ/SA has been awesome.”
    Laurie Richardson – Florida, United StatesJune 2012
  • Do you Peru? You should!

    “I have been fortunate to have quite a few trips of a lifetime, but this was certainly one of them. Where to begin? Our overall guide, Cynthia, was terrific. She was so good at anticipating what her individual clients would want or need and also do small thoughtful things that made the trip even more special. By the end of the trip, she was more than just a guide. Our local guide on the Inca Trail, Chris, was superb. He knew when to step back and when to step up. His love of Incan culture was infectious. His knowlegde of it, the trail, and all of its ruins, including Machu Picchu, were encyclopedic. He added so much to that challenging part of the journey. We were lucky to have him. The monkeys, macaws, other wildlife, and the lodge in the rainforest were spectacular. The culture on the islands in Lake Titicaca were revelatory. The sunset and stars breathtaking. All the Peruvians were so nice. The food, whether it was on the trail, in a restaurant, or any other place was delicious, healthy and plentiful. The scenery, everywhere was something to see. So yeah, overall, it was an amazing adventure.”
    Quin Ribordy – Illinois, United StatesJune 2012
  • Fantastic Trip!

    “Incredible place, a really fun and friendly group of people, and an awesome tour guide and staff.”
    Dan Abrams – California, United StatesJune 2012
  • This trip was our honeymoon, and it was amazing.

    “This trip was our honeymoon, and it was amazing. From the moment we met our guide Yohn on day one (we were late due to the wedding) to the final day in Lima we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. This was due to the amazing activities and fascinating locations and extensive coordination and efforts of our guide(s) to make all the moving pieces come together - no small feat with a multi-national group bouncing (hiking, biking, kayaking, bussing and flying) around the mountains and cities and lakes of Peru. Our hike up the Lares Trail was perhaps our favorite part, and the surprise of a wedding cake after breakfast, baked in a tent by our cooks/porters way up in the mountains of Peru above the clouds and out in the middle of NOWHERE, was one of the highlights of the trip and just a small indicator of the efforts made behind the scenes by our guides, porters and cooks to make the trip truly special.

    Other highlights of the trip for us include the excursion into the jungle, Machu Picchu of course, visiting the floating Islands on Lake Titicaca, and then meeting and staying in a local home on one of the islands of the lake.

    Then there were the small things that we'll remember that can't be adequately described in any brochure, like meeting and seeing the children on the mountain as we hiked the Lares Trail, standing in the pitch dark on the island under a vast blanket of stars and seeing the Southern Cross for the first time, leaning out of the canoe to watch the piranhas feed on a piece of bread (and fingers!) in the water, tasting Alpaca in a delicious mushroom gravy, smelling the humid aroma of the jungle in the darkest dark of night as we hiked with our flashlights, walking through the farm in the jungle and tasting fruits we'd never even new existed, sitting on the top of the slowest boat on the PLANET as we made our way through the reeds and islands of Lake Titicaca, experiencing all of this with a truly fascinating group of people from all over the world and so many more small things that we will remember for the rest of our lives.”
    Daniel Swanson – APO/FPO AE, United StatesJune 2012
  • Fantastic Experience -- Highly Recommend.

    “We did the May 27th 2 week Jaguar trip on the Lares trail (or should I say trial?). We made wonderful friends, challenged ourselves, and saw the most incredible scenery. The Lares trail was a real challenge, not a flimsy substitute for the Inca trail. Bring warm clothes! Arturo was a wonderful guide. We were in terrific hands every minute. The food was terrific and oh so plentiful. Lodging was sufficient. A great value for the price. Highly recommend.”
    Esther Windmueller – Virginia, United StatesJune 2012
  • Fantastic Trip

    “Our recent trip with Active SA (Jaguar) was the trip of a lifetime. This company thought of everything and really made my first trip to South America wonderful. Arturo was amazing as a guide and our group of like minded people really made the trip special. I would (and have) recommend this trip to any of my friends!”
    Lauren Triebert – North Carolina, United StatesJune 2012
  • As someone who never thought they would take a group trip...

    “As someone who never thought they would take a group trip, I cannot recommend this adventure enough. Great trip, great people, extremely well organized. Arturo was a fabulous guide, balancing all the details, rerouting around problems, keeping everyone entertained and providing great insight into the culture and environs. Our trip was challenging, fun, tiring at times, always rewarding. We would definitely go with Active again and highly recommend Arturo Rojas as a guide.

    Our only quibble would be that more time in the jungle, less time traveling from Amazon to Cusco to Puno would improve the final leg of the journey. There must be a way to go directly from Puerto Maldonado to Puno and save a precious time for Amazon and Lake Titicaca.

    But really, a trip of a lifetime!”
    Kyle Nicholas – Virginia, United StatesJune 2012
  • Peru 2012 - physically challenging and mentally rewarding.

    “My wife and I had very rewarding experience on our Peru adventure. The trip was physically challenging and mentally rewarding.

    The two main components of the adventure were the members of our group and our tour leader, Arturo. Before leaving, Sue and I were a little uneasy with the fact we were twice as old as the youngest members of our group. However, age was not a factor. All members of the group were able to laugh at each other and ourselves. It was one of the most enjoyable groups of people we have ever encountered. The sense of accomplishment with each phase of the trip bound us together.

    Arturo is a extremely gifted individual. He is truly a "people person," fluent in both Spanish and English, knowledgeable of history, traditions, lodging, foods and his ability to coordinate the countless details of the trip was absolutely amazing. His sense of humor set the tone for an awesome trip.”
    Jon Jensen – Michigan, United StatesJune 2012
  • “Our Jaguar trip was awesome! We can't say enough about our guide Arturo Rojas. He made each day fun and willingly shared his insight as to the culture, customs, food and life in Peru. We couldn't have asked for more from him. What a treasure your company has in hiring Arturo.”
    Susan Jensen – Michigan, United StatesJune 2012
  • Phil's take....

    “Enjoyed it....something to remember.
    I will be doing Active Himalayas next year!”
    Phil Knott – ZA, South AfricaJune 2012
  • Adventure in Peru

    “This is an active way to see Peru. It was great to be doing activities such as extra hiking, cycling and kayaking that other groups did not get to do. We were very well cared for and maybe even spoiled! Get in shape before you go and follow the gear list to get the most enjoyment out of your trip.”
    Betsy Bohannon – Tennessee, United StatesMay 2012
  • Great trip!

    “We had a fantastic time on our trip...we loved the mix of outdoor and historical/educational activities, and the food was great. Even when we had to take some time away from the group for a short bit due to medical reasons, Active SA helped us sort everything out and get back with the group as quickly as possible. Also, we owe many thanks to Cynthia, who was such a friendly, awesome guide!”
    Alex Doody – Massachusetts, United StatesMay 2012
  • Awesome guide, mediocre orgainization

    “Although the guide was one of the best I have every had in his knowledge and love of the country, the organizational problems marred the trip. We had one day when we had to skip biking entirely because of logistics.”
    Daniel Harrington – California, United StatesMay 2012
  • “The Jaguar itinerary was great, we got to see so many different aspects of Peru. Yohn took care of everything and always had a great attitude, and the partners that Active works with were all excellent. Our only regret was that we couldn't stay twice as long!”
    Mark Olson – California, United StatesMay 2012
  • Peru - Jaguar Trip w/ Yohn

    “Absolutely incredible trip! The sites of Peru were amazing, really enjoyed the Lares Trail, Machu Picchu, Rainforest, and Lake Titicaca. As wonderful as the sites were, the people were even better. Yohn was a great tour leader and was so friendly and funny. Thanks for the great memories, Active and Yohn!”
    Patrick Lazatin – New York, United StatesMay 2012
  • The Pleasure of a Perfect Peru

    “I could write a thousand words about how exquisitely memorable my Peru trip was. I could write a million more about our trip guide, and the team of guides, cooks, porters and drivers he orchestrated like a Philharmonic conductor through the icy Andes... and the Inca wonderlands... Cusco, Pisac, Calientes, Puno and its Lake Titikaka. And and in the dripping Amazon dream-jungle. I could tell you about how this guide unveiled a mysticism and a beauty in everything he showed us, through his passion for his native Peru. But I'll keep it simple because you need to understand just one thing... the Jaguar trip is one of the things I will think about as I lie dying one day. It was simply that unforgettable. Thank you so much to Yohn!”
    Jeannie Ross – ZA, South AfricaMay 2012
  • Climbing Mountains

    “Our trip was everything I expected, and much more! Plenty of hiking & cycling all over the Andes..Machu Picchu is mind boggling - and the top of Machu Picchu mountain itself lent a perfect backdrop to propose to my now-fiance! Thanks Active! We'll be looking for you again somewhere else in the world!”
    Erik Ersser – Ontario, CanadaMay 2012
  • As a single person travelling alone I highly recommend this trip

    “Excellent trip! Peru is a beautiful country with fabulous people. An incredible culture rich experience.

    Our Jaguar trip was well organized with a fabulous tour leader. Arturo handled with ease anything that was thrown at him. Requests for doctor visits, requests to visit sites not included in the itinerary and even meal requests were all handled with good humour and a smile. He made the trip experience just that much better as we literally had nothing at all to worry about.

    As a single person travelling alone I highly recommend this trip.”
    Jacqui Nielsen – Ontario, CanadaMay 2012
  • A Memorable Adventure!

    “From the shores of Lake Titikaka to the Inca Ruins to the Amazon jungle, this was a well orchestrated, fun trip. I was hoping it would be active and it lived up to my expectations. The trip went oh so smoothly thanks to our fun loving, caring guide Arturo. He's the best!
    Thanks for the memories!”
    Steve Ivaniszyn – Florida, United StatesMay 2012
  • Not even traveler's diarrhea will stop us!!

    “We missed the Lares hike, but everything else was wonderful. Machu Picchu was the highlight.”
    Monk Mann – Nevada, United StatesMay 2012
  • “The trip was well organized and our trip leader, Yohn, was incredibly accommodating (I'm a picky eater and all he could say was "No problem!"). The itinerary was well balanced with some active time (hiking/walking), down time (shopping or down hill biking) and alone time (free days and time in between activities and meals). Peru is a gorgeous country with varied landscapes (I went on the 10 day trip so missed out on the Lake Titicaca portion) and delicious food. If there was one bit of false advertising in ASA's blurb about this trip, it would be the notion that we would return home energized and refreshed. In fact, I am currently experiencing post vacation blues and wish I was back in Peru! I consider myself an active person and I felt that this trip was perfectly balanced-- giving me some heart pumping days while not making me feel that I was in boot camp. All our guides (Yohn, Olga-Machu Picchu, Frank- Amazon) were knowledgable and provided fantastic insight. A perfect blend of learning a new culture/history and being active!”
    Sophia Jeng – Oregon, United StatesApril 2012
  • “The trip to the Andes, as well as the rainforest, was truly the trip of a lifetime. Our guide Arturo was a wealth of knowledge along the trip, and very friendly as well. It was like having a friend along that knew everything about the history, architecture, and culture of the area. The hike through the Inka Trail was especially difficult for me, just due to my incredible fear of heights. Our guide on the trail, Gerson, was amazing at trying to keep my mind of the the heights when we were walking along the steep ridges. He stayed by my side and never made me feel bad about my fear. I would never have been able to do it without him, and I'm grateful for that. The rainforest, and especially the lodge, were also spectacular. We were successful in seeing several species of monkey, pirhana, and countless large insects. Thank you all for a great trip!!
    -Matt from St. Thomas”
    Matthew Cring – Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands (U.S.)April 2012
  • Amazing experience!!!

    “Active adventures provided a challenging and educational experience. Our guides, especially Arturo, went above their job descriptions to make sure we had the full Peruvian experience. I am very grateful for that.”
    – , April 2012
  • Will be asking for commission for my rave reviews!

    “My Jaguar journey far exceeded expectations, was great value, educational, well organized and such a lot of fun. The Active guides were outstanding, Arturo went above and beyond the call of duty on every single occasion, mixing his finely tuned sense of humor with required empathy or support whenever required. He is indeed knowledgable and an impressive man of high calibre. Gerson impressed with his huge knowledge but even more admirable was his patience and support of team members whenever or wherever he was needed. ... One slight criticism ... Occasionally our guides were not totally prepared for the weather extremes and had to stand in t shirts in pouring rain or on the top of a hill in hail or howling wind... I realize probably not a ' do or die' situation but a $2 poncho works wonders. This is a very small flaw in an otherwise well oiled machine.
    Another slight annoyance, but who knows how it could be changed, the rare occurrence of a hot shower in our hotel in Cuzco, this hotel otherwise worked perfectly for our home away from home, however a hot shower, even a time limited one, is an essential wind down after a long physical day and more often than not someone had been there first, alas luke warm at best.
    Call me thick but I didn't totally understand the concept of leaving our larger bag in storage at our hotel and use our smaller sports bag for each individual 4 day journey. A friend who had earlier walked the Inca Trail ,explained the concept more fully and I was perfectly prepared and very happy with how the system worked. However, I didn't fully understand this concept from the website, maybe eliminate the information that we would use the porters special bags for the Inca trail, maybe this is too much info and makes the 2 bag concept confusing..... Or maybe it's just me!!!
    I was just so happy to have been so well cared for by such outstanding guides that I have already sold the Active South America to 2 kiwi friends and will definitely become a repeat customer.
    Cheers Jo-Anne Walker”
    Jo-Anne Walker – Auckland, New ZealandApril 2012
  • Peru - Jaguar trip 2012

    “Much, much, much more beautiful than I could imagine. Great country, great nature, great people!!!”
    Zeo Kurtovic – Illinois, United StatesMarch 2012
  • Lares Trail is phenomenal, highly recommended.

    “Great trip. Met wonderful people, guides and other travellers. Lares Trail is phenomenal, highly recommended. - TZ”
    Trip Zorn – Kansas, United StatesMarch 2012
  • Awesome trip

    “We had an incredible time and the weather was great. The only complaint I had was after I got home - Make sure the water is boiled :)”
    Mark Wiley – Kansas, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • An introduction that inspired me

    “Peru is one of the most beautiful, fascinating, adventurous, warm countries that i have ever visited. This was an introduction that inspired me to learn more about this country and explore the rest of South America.”
    Maria Rosenfeld – New York, United StatesFebruary 2012
  • Awesome

    “The people, the places, the things, all a great experience! Couldn't have had a better guide! Thanks Arturo!”
    Kirk Meier – Colorado, United StatesJanuary 2012
  • This was our second trip through Active

    “This was our second trip through Active, and we had a great time on both trips. Active really helped us out with reservation changes when our flight got cancelled to Lima on Friday night and our group was supposed to meet at 12 on Sunday, in Cuzco.”
    Ryan Howell – Kentucky, United StatesNovember 2011
  • Peru!

    “I had a fantastic time on the Jaguar trip. The activities were fun, the local guides were great... I saw far more on this trip than I ever would alone. The food in general was superb and outstanding on the trek, credit to the chef, way more than I expected. Made some good friends. A really awesome adventure!”
    Doug Kerr – New South Wales, AustraliaNovember 2011
  • I loved the places we visited in Peru on this Jaguar trip!

    “Machu Picchu was everything and more that I expected, and I loved all the towns and places we visited. I was particularly impressed with the Andes - I had not thought specifically about how impressive and beautiful they would be. The people were so colorful and industrious, warm and welcoming. The fumes from diesel fuel were difficult to deal with when walking around Cusco, Puerto Maldonado, Puno - most all towns with vehicles, but otherwise I enjoyed all of the exploring that we did. We were definitely kept active, and I enjoyed the variety of activities. I loved the Lares Trail, but would also entertain the Classic Inca trail if I do come here again. The altitude did have an influence on my appetite, sleep and energy levels - particularly by the end of the two weeks, so I would take extra measures in the future to combat my altitude fatigue! I would definitely recommend this trip for the adventurous, active soul!
    What made this trip so fantastic, besides the places we visited, was our guide!! Sally is absolutely the best and most top notch guide that I have ever had on a trip! She was not only so organized, patient, responsible, mature, active and in great shape, but she was so knowledgeable about all aspects of Peruvian culture, the traditions, the history, customs etc. She was fun, funny, always available, knew and was well-liked by everyone we linked up with on the trip - other guides, restauranteurs, hoteliers etc. etc. I cannot say enough about what a treasure and gem she is. She definitely made our trip even more worthwhile!”
    Gail Young – ID, United StatesNovember 2011
  • An Amazing Adventure!

    “I've been wanting to visit Peru and Machu Picchu for many years, and signed up for the Jaguar trip, which included Machu Picchu, the Amazon and Lake Titicaca. Active did not disappoint. Having travelled with a number of other companies before, this was the most well-organized and fulfilling trip so far! To begin with, the home office personnel were incredibly responsive and the information provided was comprehensive. Once in the country, I felt like I could not have been in better hands with our group guide as well as the other local guides along the way. Our group guide was not only highly professional and a complete pleasure to be around (for days on end!), but was also an absolute wealth of information -- from the history, culture and politics, to the incredibly diverse plant and animal life. I chose the Lares trail, which involved traversing through villages and over mountain passes where we encountered local people where they lived and worked their land. Our time in Lake Titicaca also involved a soccer game with the locals, as well as dancing in the local attire and a home stay. As a result of having more interactions with the local people in their environment, I enjoyed a more intimate experience compared with my other trips. I feel like I was able to connect with the Peruvian people and the country, and left more enlightened about both. Overall, nicely balanced in terms of activities and very well organized/professionally executed. I would do it again, and definitely recommend this trip to others! I only wish that I would have had the time to visit the Galapagos as well! Heartfelt thanks for an Amazing and Active Adventure!”
    Denise Graves – California, United StatesNovember 2011
  • Peru was a blast!

    “We spent two weeks hiking, biking and exploring all of the amazing things Peru has to offer. Our guide Carlos was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and fun. It was a great group and a great trip.”
    Jay Austin – Washington, United StatesOctober 2011
  • Jaguar - this was a fabulous trip.

    “I can't say enough good things about it. Peru is so beautiful. Sally was so knowledgeable and establishes such good relationships with all her clients and everyone she participates with. Everything was run right on time. All the activities and logistics were so well organized. I feel you go above and beyond in your service and will definately use you again for trips.”
    Donna Hiller – Idaho, United StatesOctober 2011
  • It was great, wonderful trip.

    “It was great, wonderful trip.”
    Dave Lindsay – Idaho, United StatesOctober 2011
  • Perfect Peru

    “Just finished the 14-day Jaguar trip. What an awesome time we had. Everything was well organized and where it was supposed to be when it was supposed to be there. I have done 2 other "adventure tours" before and the activities, food and accommodations on this one were by far the best. Can't say enough great things about our leader and substitute mother, Sally. She arrived every day with a big smile and boat load of enthusiasm about the days activities and her countries marvels, history and culture. She was always looking out for us and like all good mothers, had eyes in the back of her head. She even knew when we snuck out of the hotel late to get one more Pisco Sour and watch the Peru / Paraguay football game with the locals. Despite the fact our group of 8 came from widely different backgrounds, and 4 of us came on our own, we connected instantly. Everyone looked out for each other and I now consider myself to have 7 new friends. We are already talking about new adventures together. Great Job Active South America and Sally.”
    Guy Lamoureux – Alberta, CanadaOctober 2011
  • Peru is awesome so here are thoughts on making the trip awesome

    “It is a great trip and Peru is a magical country. I just feel there are a few things that need tweaking and possibly different levels need to be offered so everyone has an awesome time. Some of the hotels were very average (and I'm referring to the bigger cities like Cusco). As I had been solo traveling for three weeks before hand and often stayed in hostels, it would be good to have hotels that had comfortable beds. Excellent meals on the hike and we tried some very nice restaurants. It was nice not to be restricted to a tiny menu like some other tour groups were! I would recommend your trip to others, but I would give them more info on the level of activity on the tour. I know I am unusual in the amount of exercies I like to do and the amount I like to fit into a holiday, but I had hoped that this may have been the tour that could give me this, especially given the price of the tour. But please don't get me wrong, I did have a wonderful time with wonderful highlights like hiking to 4700m with my pack, seeing Machu and paddling Lake Titicaca.”
    Fiona Kemp – Western Australia, AustraliaOctober 2011
  • Where do I begin....

    “The way Cynthia looked after our group made a trip of a lifetime outstanding. Every aspect of the trip over delivered on my expectations... mountains, jungle, lakes and lovely people. My only regret is that now I know what is on offer and don't have the time or money to do more trips!”
    Terry Watts – Oxford, United KingdomOctober 2011
  • Inca Steps

    “A well-organised trip in amongst the chaos that is Cuzco. How all our bags made it from one trip to another never ceased to amaze us!! Must of been the well-oiled team at Active South America :) Peru is a beautiful country with stunning scenery and very passionate people, especially when talking about their ancestors. This was especially so with our guides, Julio, Cynthia and Paula in the Amazon, who were all very knowledgeable. For all the Incas' incredible masonry skills, with perfect joints and geometry, the "bloody Inca steps" (Julio's joke, which made us laugh) were a real challenge and will never be forgotten - a great holiday, thank you.”
    Sneeze Atkinson – Herts, United KingdomOctober 2011
  • The Great Escape

    “My roommate, Ethan, and I decided (very last minute!!) to travel to Peru together before we started first our full-time careers. We signed up for the Jaguar trip just seven days before it departed. We loved every minute of the trip, our guide, our fellow travelers and the culture of Peru. I would definitely go back and wouldn't do it without Active and their fantastic approach to adventure travel.”
    Chris Smith – Illinois, United StatesSeptember 2011
  • Great trip well organized; was a blast!

    “Great trip well organized; was a blast!”
    Ali Esmail – Ontario, CanadaSeptember 2011
  • Fantastic experience

    “Our Active South America trip to Peru was amazing. The scenery was breathtaking, the personal service highly appreciated, the planned activities loads of fun, the meals of high quality and delicious, and the experiences awesome. A big thank you to Yohn for making it such a fantastic trip.”
    Natalie Moore – New South Wales, AustraliaSeptember 2011
  • Good food, guides were excellent.

    “Was a great trip. Machu Picchu hike was beautiful. Liked 90% of the trip. Would change trip to Puno. I think flying there would be better. 7 hour drive is too long. Also bike riding is too short.”
    Cecil Bergen – Ohio, United StatesSeptember 2011
  • Bucket list and Beyond!

    “From arrival to departure - this trip was beyond expectations. Yes, it was active, but we were so well taken care of - thank you Arturo. Thank you for your sense of humour, understanding, knowledge and intuition. The biodiversity was incredible. The views forever imbeded into our memories; the people welcoming with an obvious belief in family and friends; the food an exceptional gastronomical experience we didn't anticipate. I miss ceviche and the opportunity to continue tasting over 2,000 potato varieties and pisco sours from the Amazon. Active does it best - thank you!”
    Ingrid Thompson – Ontario, CanadaAugust 2011
  • An Amazing Adventure

    “A wonderful experience. Arturo was lots of fun. The trip was well organized and we were spoiled beyond what we expected.”
    Kevin Thompson – Ontario, CanadaAugust 2011
  • All we had hoped for

    “Sally, our new mum, guided us through each part of the adventure. The trail was a fantastic one off my bucket list. The adventure began and did not finish for the whole trip. Each guide we had helped us and the local Peru people are very proud of their history. We met like people and made friends that we enjoyed sharing our adventure.”
    Mark Smith – Cheshire, United KingdomAugust 2011
  • Eco Tourism is a Way to Give Back

    “I fell in love with the people of Peru. They work hard to maintain their culture and language. In this fast paced technologically advanced world we are losing sight of what matters most: community, pride in our differences, family relations, hard work and a love of the land and what it gives back to us. On this trip I felt immersed in all of it. Several times I felt that "overwhelming feeling of well being" that makes you know that you are alive and involved. I've already recommended this trip to my ACTIVE friends.”
    Lynn Howard – California, United StatesAugust 2011
  • The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu were great.

    “The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu were great. Jualio our trail guide(spelling ?) was excellent and very knowledgeable. The bike ride to Cloud Lodge was great fun but concerned about safety for novices. The Amazonia visit was bit disappointing due to cold and wet weather. Very few animals. Need to cancel on Lake Titicacca was disappointing but appreciate reason (due to civil unrest). Yohn did a good job of finding alternate activities.
    People need to be aware and prepare for cold temperatures when in Peru highlands ... and Amazon basin as was our experience. Will recommend Active to others.”
    David Epp – British Columbia, CanadaJuly 2011
  • I will remember it for the rest of my life.

    “The trip was really awesome, and I will remember it for the rest of my life. The only reason that I gave it four instead of five stars is mostly due to my own personal preferences and chance occurrences. If we were talking about the trip to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail (and our guides), I would have to give it six stars--it was phenomenal! Now as for the rest of the trip, there was too much car travel. I am particularly susceptible to motion sickness and the trip to the jungle especially would have been a MUCH better experience if we had at least a flight back. Additionally, the bike ride was awesome, but way too long and probably not suited for the entire group. A shorter ride (2-3hrs vs 3.5hrs), better bicycle training, and an alternative option for the less experienced would help prevent a lot of grumblings and injuries. As for freak occurrences, the rain during the bike ride, the cold jungle, the sickness that followed, the raids in Puno that prevented us from seeing the ancient lake, and the snow and generally bad weather did not help the trip--but were by no means your fault. (Maybe having a more concrete back-up plan for each activity would be prudent, however). However, all in all, the trip was pretty amazing, with breathtaking views, physical challenges (see note below), and an intimate glimpse into a country's unique culture.
    Sidenote: As for the "activeness" of the trip, I think maybe there could be an option for a more strenuous trip. I felt the amount of energy I exerted during the Inka Trail was what I would have liked to consistently have experienced the entire trip, but instead it felt like the rest was a piece of cake. Maybe this has to do with liability or with the age groups, but it's just a suggestion :)”
    Kat Sucic – Arizona, United StatesJuly 2011
  • This trip was one to remember.

    “As my semester abroad came to an early end in Chile, I was looking to go to Peru and see Machu Picchu. Active just sort of popped up and I went for it (with the help of the Active crew). I wasn't sure what to expect and I have been to some pretty cool places before, but this trip was one to remember. Yes, it rained AND snowed during the "dry season" but Sally didn't let it keep us down. She took care of any glitches before they even became glitches and was always there to answer questions or just talk to. Maybe one day when I grow up and actually have money I can come back and do another active trip...because I already know it'd be worth it.”
    Gabby Castro – Colorado, United StatesJuly 2011
  • Really good Jaguar trip

    “The Jaguar trip was really good. Unfortunately we had to make alternate plans for the latter part due to issues in Puno, but Yohn our guide did his best to fill in the gaps. Yohn was a great guide -- very personable and proud of his Peruvian roots. He made the trip memorable! I'd definitely travel with Active again!”
    Lisa Desimone – Pennsylvania, United StatesJuly 2011
  • Excellent Guides good accommodation and it was active.

    “Excellent Guides good accommodation and it was active.”
    Patrick Burke – Otago, New ZealandJune 2011
  • An Amazing journey with like minded people.

    “An Amazing journey with like minded people. At times the Inca Trail was extremely difficult but what a feeling when you reach the saddle on that 2nd day. The whole group has bonded and we all helped one another to fulfill the journey of a life time.
    Then the floating island and the people on Lake Titicaca - again nothing similar have I seen - a must see. The night on the Island was a challenge and you just realized how fortunate we are to be able to travel and learn about these people. They all so poor but extremely happy.”
    Ann Cowan – , New ZealandJune 2011
  • The trip was amazing and challenging.

    “The trip was amazing and challenging. The Peruvian people from the various cultures that I had the privilege of visiting were very friendly and gracious. The parts of Peru on this trip were quite varied in landscape, livelihood, food and people. I was impressed that all the guides were from the local area, very proud of their country, well trained, and very helpful. Places, activities, people, guides, and food were great.”
    Kathleen Robertson – Texas, United StatesJune 2011
  • Jaguar Trip

    “Active is what the company is called and Active is how the trip is best described. A lot of activity and a lot of adventure packed into 14 days. A great experience and certainly a lot of varied activities that make the trip special.”
    Ross Davidson – , New ZealandJune 2011
  • Our Awesome Guides!

    “I can not say enough about our awesome guides Cynthia Valladares and Yohn Grajeda. They are each very special individuals who shared not only themselves personally with us, but they did everything in their power to share the best of their beloved Peru with us. Thank you Cynthia and Yohn, you made the whole trip very special for me. Linda, Auckland”
    Linda Davidson – , New ZealandJune 2011
  • Peruvian Pride

    “We were blown away by Peru and its diverse cultures. The hikes were challenging, the food was amazing and the guides shared a love and passion for their country that made us fall in love with Peru. We'd love to return someday.”
    Craig Howard – Massachusetts, United StatesJune 2011
  • Peru - a remarkable place!

    “Trip to Peru with Active South America was fabulous! Hiking the Inca Trail, visiting Machu Picchu (and other Inca sites), seeing Cusco, biking in the Andes, seeing the rainforest, canoeing in Lake Titicaca and visiting the Uros and other islands in the lake were all remarkable opportunities to see unique and beautiful places as well as getting the know the remarkable Purevian people. Wish I could have stayed for a month!”
    Marcel Quimby – Texas, United StatesJune 2011
  • Jaguar - A good overall experience for sure.

    “A good overall experience for sure. One thing I do appreciate about Active, is the type of people who travel. I enjoy the strong personalities and no bull-shit approach. Everyone meshed very well. You guys are lame to think that we should hike the Lares (Lazy trail). Liz spoke up for the group since we were all pissed that we were not given the Incan trail option. You led on prospective customers in believing that was possible. After purchasing the trip, you then did a bait and switch. I will be frank, that was the impression on us all. So, you might want to be CLEAR in letting people know that you need at least 6 months advanced notice for people to do that option. AND, if you do have the Lares trail for people, give them the option of the springs or REAL hiking. Hire two guides if people don't feel the need to be active; separate the groups. As much as the hike was brutal for me, it was worth it because we saw the most breath-taking beauty.
    As far as the hike, there should have another guide with Arturo. What happened? Sick or no show is no excuse. He was overwhelmed with taking care of all of us. Get someone who is solid. Period. Arturo worked his butt off.
    This trip definitely was not like New Zealand. Having one guide made it more fly by the seat of your pants experience. Arturo needs a satellite phone or some walkie-talkie. AND ANOTHER GUIDE to help him. And your city tour was an utter joke. We paid 80 bucks to have some woman sit in a cab (ok, a personal driver. It felt like a cab) with us. She had very little to offer in terms of knowledge of history and culture. She was polite however.”
    Kim Kadish – New York, United StatesJune 2011
  • This was a perfect trip for Helen and myself.

    “This was a perfect trip for Helen and myself. We are keen travellers and we like to think of ourselves as being "active". This trip was certainly active and suited us down to the ground. To be able to travel, in the knowledge that the trip has been well planned and that our guides are always on hand made for a stress free experience. The mix of walking, sight seeing, cycling and even a dose of kayaking resulted in a brilliant introduction to Peru. Thank you for the opportunity!”
    Colin Maber – Notts, United KingdomJune 2011
  • Jaguar - Worth the Thirty Year Wait

    “I have dreamed of going to Machu Picchu for thirty years and I am so glad that my dream was fulfilled with Active Adventures. What a bonus to also go to the Amazon Jungle and Lake Titicaca. The whole trip was a visual banquet and Sally, our guide, made evey step of the way an utter delight. Every detail was taken care of. All we had to do was get up each day ready for adventure!
    I am already excited about choosing my next trip with Active!”
    Michelle Hook – New York, United StatesJune 2011
  • An Awesome Experience

    “The Jaguar trip exceeded our expectations in every way!! Sally, "Mama" is an amazing tour leader - friendly, calm, competent, knowledgeable, organized and attentive to every detail. Each aspect of the trip - hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, experiencing the Amazon rainforest at Refugio Amazonas, and the beauty of Lake Titicaca with its unique islands and people - was filled with amazing sights, activities, and friendly guides. We would be remiss not to mention the wonderful Peruvian food we enjoyed everywhere we went! It is delicious! Active South America really takes care of its clients and we thank you for a trip of a lifetime!”
    Dennis Lampson – Nevada, United StatesJune 2011
  • awesomeness

    “Well this is the second great active trip for me. Weka in New Zealand Nov 2010 was awesome with an O. To meet up with 2 friends I made on that trip on this Jaguar was incredible. You can really make friends for a lifetime. we are alreay planning out 3rd trip together. Thanks Active”
    Rachel Niccoll – New York, United StatesJune 2011
  • We would definitely take another trip

    “This trip was a gift to my 22 year old daughter upon her graduation from college. Just the two of us went and we both had a blast. We both enjoyed the trip immensely. Sally our guide was the best. Machu Picchu and the Lares trail were a definite highlight. The Peruvian Amazon river trip was a very close second. We would definitely take another trip with Active South America or New Zealand!”
    Dan Woods – California, United StatesJune 2011
  • Jaguar, as usual, up to the best in standard.

    “As usual, up to the best in standard. Great new friends, well organised and very informative. Food was to die for while the contrasts within Peru have to be seen to be believed.”
    Michael MacNevin – Queensland, AustraliaJune 2011
  • Great way to see all Peru has to offer!

    “Our trip with you in Peru was one of our best ever! We were so lucky to meet new friends, share tasty and authentic meals, and hike and explore the nature and wonders of Peru!”
    Erika Zabler – Minnesota, United StatesMay 2011
  • Macho Machu Pichu

    “Overall a fantastic holiday with a good diversity of activities and cultural education. Well organised with nice little touches thrown in that added value to the whole experience.”
    Russell Capel – , United KingdomMay 2011
  • Jaguar trip to Peru was awesome

    “Of course, I wanted to take this trip to see Machu Piccu, and it was amazing! However, I didn't realize how much fun I would have visiting Cusco, the jungle and the family on Amantani Island in Lake Titicaca. Staying with the family was an eye opening experience - an opportunity of a lifetime to spend time with people who are not of my world. Unforgetable!”
    Susan Halpern – Massachusetts, United StatesMay 2011
  • May 1-14, 2011 Jaguar Adventure

    “Where do I begin? Every part of this wonderful adventure offered through Active South America was fantastic. I have dreamed of visiting the various sites in Peru since I was a teenager (30+ years ago); this trip surpassed all my expectations.

    Arturo was a phenomenal guide: I feel that I speak for everyone in our group when I say that we truly appreciated his historical knowledge, technical prowess, infinite patience, positive attitude, and most of all...his choices in restaurants! Arturo is a definite asset to his profession.

    We were fortunate to have beautiful weather the entire trip. Machu Picchu was even more magical and magnificent than I had ever dreamed. Julio, our little group's Classic Inka Trail guide was a joy to be with. His infectious laugh and in-depth knowledge of the trail and surrounding areas made our trek interesting and fun. The side trip to Paulo's traditional Inka-style home was a pleasant surprise appreciated by us all. It helped bring history to life, and his hospitality warmed my heart.

    I must mention the outstanding service provided by the Porters and Cook: they made this trek so enjoyably relaxing. There was always much merriment in the camp and on the trail. Gourmet meals and snacks (minus the parakeet seed trail bar, that is ;-) were a definite delight on the trail.

    Having tea and hot wash water delivered to your tent was another luxurious treat that they spoiled us with. How will I ever be able to camp on my own again?? For me, the trek ended all too soon on Day 4 at the Sun Gate at dawn. I remember thinking...how can they possibly top this experience? I was about to find out.

    The Amazon Jungle portion of the trip gave us accommodations that were extravagantly relaxing. Once again, we had beautiful weather, which helped bring about our numerous monkey, parrot, caimen, and insect/spider/scorpion sightings; including several javalina and capybaras.

    The greatest thing of all, and the least expected, was our jaguar sighting and subsequent photo opportunity! The big cat sat on the riverbank long enough for us to get numerous close-up shots of it. Arturo was as happy and excited to see it as we were. What a fantastic experience to see this beautiful cat in its natural surroundings!!

    On the final leg of our journey we traveled to Puno and Lake Titicaca where we once again enjoyed beautiful, mild weather. The boat trip and kayak outing to the various islands helped emphasize just how large the lake is. After a long Upstate New York winter, it felt great to be out on the water again. I was literally and figuratively on top of the world!

    Regarding our family stay: both Jennifer and I were pleasantly surprised that our family accomodations were so luxurious. We had our own beds, in a cozy second floor room with a balcony that had the most spectacular view of the lake. Julian and Lucia's house was warm and welcoming...and provided us a cultural experience that we will never forget.

    Another experience that touched my heart and warmed my soul was when Arturo took my "toy bag" on our hike to Pachemama mountain. The two of us had such fun handing out the pencils, paper, and various toys to the little kids. They truly appreciated our little gifts of friendship.

    I would be remiss if I didn't mention the food experiences throughout our trip: They were awesome!! We visited a variety of local restaurants and markets. I can't say enough about the amazing variety of dishes that comprise Peruvian cuisine. Fresh fruits, vegetables and meats/fishes. There was something for everyone. Portions were good sized, and always served with a smile. The chicken and Alpaca in Cusco was outstanding...the trout and kingfish in Puno: fantastic...the seafood in Lima was scrumptious. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful their desserts were! If you are a bread-lover, beware: their breads are so delicious and tasty...BUT are usually only served at the morning meal! They had a sweet bread that we tried in a market in Cusco that I could have eaten all day long...it was SO good!!

    From the tastly cuisine to the phenomenal scenery, friendly people, and spectacular wildlife sightings...this trip most certainly surpassed all my expectations. My thanks to: Arturo, Julio, Daniel, Frank, Oswaldo, Julian, Lucia, and everyone else who made this the trip of a lifetime! May all your travels be filled with sunshine and gentle breezes!

    Colleen Drenckhahn”
    Colleen Drenckhahn – New York, United StatesMay 2011
  • Beautiful Country, Company rough around the edges.

    “We are so glad we decided to explore Peru. The country was beautiful and our tour guide, Arturo was wonderful. The views of Machu Picchu and on the Lares Trail were wonderful. Some things like people getting sick, thus slowing hiking progress and a washed out campsite causing us to have to hike into the dark to find a new campsite could not have been prevented, but were handled well by our guide. Some other areas that could have been better managed were disappointing. We were supposed to have 2 guides, but had only one for the whole trip since someone called in sick and there was no back-up plan. I thought an established company should have a protocol for this, and even if there was a delay, a second guide should have been provided by the second day of the trip. This would have helped a lot during the unavoidable situations listed above. Another issue was that we originally signed up for the Inca Trail, but were put on the Lares Trail due to limited permit availability. We did agree to the Lares Trail, which has several routes. When talking with Active SA planning the trip we made it very clear that we wanted a challenge and beautiful scenary. We were not notified of our trail route until 8 pm the night before leaving on the trail. At that time, it was explained to us that we would spend half of the first day waiting around at some hot springs in a small town before starting the short trail to the first campsite. So, in effect, giving us only one full day of hiking. When asked why that route was chosen, our guide said it was the easier route. This was an unacceptable reason seeing as how we flew all the way down to SA for the primary purpose of an amazing hike, not an easy one. The good thing was that our guide, Arturo, accomodated our wishes and changed the route at the last minute to a more strenuous first day hike that would take us through some amazing terrain. The next day was an amazing and worthwhile hike, but was flawed due to our porters going to the wrong site for lunch since they had not been effectively informed of the switch. We were able to eat our trail bars for lunch and another hiking group gave us some bread and soup. This situation could have been avoided if our initial concerns and motivations had been considered when planning the route and then again prevented by explaining the trek plan to us before the night before the hike. I also think that staying in Aguas Calientes an additional night to see more of Machu Picchu would have been great since that place is soooo amazing you can't see all of it in one day. Ollantaytambo is a beautiful little town that we just slept in and left, but there are some beautiful hill ruins that I would have loved to venture around in rather than spend a free day in Cuzco, which is a hectic loud city. Our time in the amazon was great. We loved the lodge, and our guides were very skilled. Overall, we had a great trip, but there were things that went wrong that could have easily been prevented by better communication and back-up plans. We do want to go to Peru again, but will research other guide companies as well.”
    Betsey Runnberg – California, United StatesMay 2011
  • May 1 2011 Jaguar Trip

    “This trip was AWESOME. Arturo is a great guide! We also had Julio as our guide for the Classic Inka Trail who was also incredible!”
    Jenn Wurl – Texas, United StatesMay 2011
  • Awesome, but needs some tweeks

    Sheila Tansey – Michigan, United StatesMay 2011
  • Cynthia was a fabulous trip leader.

    “Cynthia Valaquez(sp) was a fabulous trip leader. Our group of 10 met up in Cusco, a delightful city and after a few days of exploring, hiking and biking we went on to climb the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, an amazing journey in itself. It took 3 nights and 4 days...the porters were incredible and the food was delicious. Machu Picchu is a dream city in the clouds of the Andes mountains. No picture does it justice. Now I understand the word "mystical". We also went to a lovely jungle lodge in the Amazon Basin and to Lake Titicaca where we visited several islands, kayaked, and spent time with a family on Amantani Island. The Uros reed floating islands were like nothing I have ever seen. I have a real feeling for the country of Peru and its wonderful people after this trip with Active South America.”
    Carol Gates – New York, United StatesMay 2011
  • Jaguar....Trip of a lifetime

    “Cannot say enough about how well organized and thought out this trip was. Cynthia was the most amazing guide and we grew to love her. Hope we can return the host role and have her come to Canada and stay with us. I have over 1000 pictures and will share them and some of our experiences”
    Susan Walsh – Prince Edward Island, CanadaMay 2011
  • Peruvian Paradise

    “The Jaguar trip was an awe inspiring journey through one of South America's jewels. From Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail to staying with the locals on Lake Titicaca, this voyage to Peru was outstanding!”
    Mike Verdirame – New York, United StatesApril 2011
  • Fabulous Trip!

    “An incredible journey with a great group of people!”
    Denise Lauerman – Idaho, United StatesApril 2011
  • Many challenges, many adventures, awesome guide, lots of fun!

    “It was a great trip. Many challenges, many adventures, awesome guide, lots of fun!”
    Karen Jokinen – Ontario, CanadaApril 2011
  • This trip took the guess work out of everything.

    “This trip took the guess work out of everything. It was completely well organized, down to the smallest detail. Our guide was amazing and worked so hard to make everything perfect. I would reccomend this trip to anyone who enjoys being active in the outdoors and has a passion for culture.”
    Christyn Gaa – Washington, United StatesApril 2011
  • The best thing I have ever done!

    “I signed up for this trip as a single, which both excited & terrified me as I had never travelled abroad alone. Upon arrival in Cuzco and after meeting our guide & the group I would spend the next 2 weeks with, I was immediately put as ease. This was an awesome experience! The people were great. The trip was so well planned. And the experiences were once in a lifetime. I will definitely recommend Active to friends & family and I hope to join Active again on another trip!”
    Kristy Woodward – California, United StatesMarch 2011
  • A responsible company which has something great to offer.

    “Hi, My trip to Peru (Jaguar trip) and Galapagos (Tortugua trip) were EXCELLENT
    from all points of view.
    1- great guiding
    2- great exploration
    3- great ACTIVE rhythm
    4- great group dynamic
    and I should say that the staff, mainly Sally (Jaguar trip), care a lot. At beginning because of the altitude with a negative physical reaction I ended up dehydrated, in addition I lost my luggage. The Cusco staff of Active and Sally took very good care of me and what could had been disastrous turn up to be great. I owe much to Sally. Muchas gracias. I wish I would be thirty years less! The Galapagos part was more smooth, mind you I had much difficulty with the snorkeling at first.
    I received the proper help and guiding. I have learned to love snorkeling. At Galapagos Pablo and Ted and the office staff (a young women) were very nice people. Pablo was also very knowledgeable. Nothing but the best! I am working at Parks Canada as a guide interpreter and I can recognize competent people in the field of guiding. I am coming back with the strong impression that Active South America and its staff is a responsible company which has something great to offer.
    Raymond Girardin – Manitoba, CanadaFebruary 2011
  • Amazing experience

    “The trip was fantastic.”
    Mark Hanson – Massachusetts, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Change of plans - Jaguar comes thru!

    “Politics being what they are around the world, we found ourselves on a Friday night in Argentina redirecting our Condor trip at the very last minute to the Jaguar excursion. A strike prevented travel to southern Chile, but Active South America did a superb job of redirecting our itinerary to join the Jaguar group in Peru. We had a great adventure exploring Peru, particularly the Lares Valley in the company of our passionate and fabulous guide, Sally. It was an entirely different trip - and equally as great as we expect Patagonia to be on our next trek to South America!”
    Dal Hunter – Nevada, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Peru with Sally ROCKS!!

    “This trip lives up to its billing. It was active, very do-able, made the culture accessible, VERY well organized by the guide Sally and just really fun!!”
    Sara Costello – Maryland, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Peru! Que Chevere!

    “They say that in Peru you become awakened. I must say I have seen what they mean. From the moment you step off the plane, you cease to be an American or an Aussie, or wherever you are from and become a Peruvian. The people welcome you as one of their own. The culture makes you want to be a part of it. Our guide, Arturo was the best. When my luggage was lost, he himself became as tenacious as a jaguar to get it back.”
    Tyson Stagner – California, United StatesFebruary 2011
  • Amazing Peru

    “Peru was nothing short of amazing. The same can be said for our guide, Arturo, who is everybody's best friend and can go from full crisis-solving mode to telling wonderful jokes and back again in the blink of eye whenever needed. The trip put together a whirlwind tour of the great and diverse offerings of the country. This is certainly one of our greatest family adventures.

    My only complaint is that this literally was not the tour that we ordered. We decided on and paid for the family trip, but that was canceled due to too few participants. With non-refundable tickets to Lima in hand, we were offered and accepted an abbreviated alternate tour, which had a few special challenges for kids such as a bicycle several sizes too large and nights that were altogether too short. That said, the challenges were overcome and the awesome experience remains.”
    Thomas Parker – Tennessee, United StatesJanuary 2011
  • A mystical experience

    “It was a really wonderul experience. We thoroughly enjoyed participating in all the activities. The highlight was the trek to Macchu Picchu. I also thoroughly enjoyed the kayaking. The jungle trip was enjoyable, not exactly active, but rest and relaxation. The guides, particuarly Arturo, was outstanding. The bottom line is would I do it again - you betcha and with you guys. Thank you very much”
    Carol McConnell – Texas, United StatesJanuary 2011
  • a wonderful experience

    “I completed this trip with my wife, Carol, and I endorse her comments entirely. Arturo is a unique individual and everyone in our group loved him and respected him. He was the key essential to the overall success of the trip”
    Michael McConnell – Texas, United StatesJanuary 2011
  • Active does it again.

    “After having an awesome time on our Active New Zealand trip we were anxious to do another trip with Active. We eventually decided on the Active South America Jaguar trip to Peru. Apparently we weren't the only ones happy with Active since the rest of our group had also selected this trip based on their New Zealand experience. We couldn't be more happy with our trip and our tour guide Sally. The level of planning and execution that goes into the trip is incredible. The food that was prepared while camping truly was a gourmet experience and all the local restaurants we went to were wonderful. Even though the locations we visited were trip of the lifetime type of places the thing I most enjoyed about the trip was the cultural immersion that our guide provided. Her passion for her home and her desire to show us the real Peru gave us a very special experience. We are already looking into out next Active trip.”
    John Ridgley – Georgia, United StatesDecember 2010
  • Our Peru Adventure

    “We made a video of our trip

    Jennifer Ridgley – Georgia, United StatesDecember 2010
  • Wonderful Jaguar Experience

    “This was truly an awesome trip. Not only did we see beautiful scenery but we felt like we experienced life in Peru. Our guide, Sally, could not have been better. She was amazingly organized and took extremely good care of us. We loved every minute of our adventure. Thank You Active South America!”
    Emilie Corcoran – California, United StatesDecember 2010
  • The trip was fantastic!

    “The trip was fantastic! Our guide was wonderful - definitely a trip of a lifetime!”
    Angela Fenwick – Ontario, CanadaNovember 2010
  • Like living for 2 weeks on the Discovery Channel

    “Our Active vacation was like living for 2 weeks on the Discovery Channel - we loved it!”
    Catriona McDonald – Quebec, CanadaOctober 2010
  • Awesome! Fabulous trip - Great place, Greater guide!

    “Awesome! Fabulous trip - Great place, Greater guide! All the people in our group were lovely and we all got on really well. I was a bit nervous that we'd not be up to the trip physically, but whilst we were challenged, we still had a great time. Best time ever!”
    Claire Howells – Kent, United KingdomOctober 2010
  • A huge smile appears on my face when...

    “A huge smile appears on my face when I think about the amazing things I experienced and the wonderful people I met in Peru.”
    Amy Legg-Rogers – Colorado, United StatesOctober 2010

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